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Not sure how this happened but messages have been delayed via livejournal and I didn’t receive macavity123’s message that he was doing the blog. I am leaving the comments posted below but for the blog itself please see above.

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  1. Enjoyed this one which was on the easier side. Helped getting 1a straight off.

    Last in ODEON with favourite ADOPTIONS.

  2. 10:50 I took a while to get started today. My LOI became my FOI in the 15×15 – there is the same answer in both today! Nearly put MONTGOMERYSHIRE in for 4d before I realised it was too long. COD 24a, which took me too long before I saw it wasn’t as complicated as I thought. Nice puzzle. Thanks Felix and thanks Chris for the blog.
  3. Some clever clues and thanks to the blogger for explanations. Several that I could not parse until I had filled them in. My COD was Outro as the definition was so well hidden. I had hoped for a better explanation of Odeon and there seems to be a typo in the blog RE? I suppose that ON means about.
    1. You’re quite right – I’ve corrected Re to be On – see above.
      For 17dn the definition is cinema and the answer is Odeon – which is a cinema. Let me know how I can help further.
    2. The UK Odeon chain of cinemas was founded in 1928 by one Oscar Deustch. From Wiki: The original Odeons were the popular amphitheatres of ancient Greece. The name Odeon had been appropriated by cinemas in France and Italy in the 1920s, but Deutsch made it his own in the UK. His publicity team claimed Odeon stood for “Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation”
  4. Well done, Chris, for covering this one. On the easier side, I thought at first but there are one or two tricky words and usages.

    OUTRO is not a word I’ve come across very often but I never hear it without thinking of the Bonzo Dog Band’s ‘The Intro and The Outro’ from the 1960s – ‘and looking very relaxed, Aydolf Hitler on vibes…’!

  5. Yet another DNF – that’s at least 3 in a row. Today it was 14a and the 2nd part of 3d that defeated me (not sure I’ve heard the expression leave go before). I’m going to start sulking if this run doesn’t come to an end soon!!
    1. I agree that leave go sounds distinctly odd in comparison with, say, leave it, but it has to be to fit ad-options. You are right that we do seem to be in a run of tricky QCs though. Invariant
    2. I have found this week’s much harder than usual-nowhere near finishing any-I was doing quite well until now!
  6. A little surprised at the comments re “leave go” as it has its own entry in both Chambers and the Oxfords.

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