Monthly Club Special 20,255: Creme Brulzie

Apologies for the somewhat delayed blog – this slipped through the net in the 19dn that was 2021’s NYE celebrations.

The usual combination of excellent/unlikely-looking words and truly daredevil wordplay, needless to say I loved it. The long entries like 12ac, 20ac, 9dn and their laugh-out-loud cryptic acrobatics all tickled my fancy, but equally I loved the link pair of clues pertaining to Japanese martial arts movies, the surprising simple reversal of 18dn, and the clever Melvillean 4dn: excellent use of the double meaning of “galley”, that.

Many thanks to the setter and apologies once again for this taking a while to go up on the site! The best clues (and their parsings) come to those who wait…

Definitions underlined, (ABC)* indicating anagram of ABC, {} deletions and [] other indicators.

1 Critical of enclosure fencing developed westward isle (10)
PERIPETIAN – PEN “fencing” RIPE + reversed AIT. A peripeteia is a sudden change of fortune, i.e. a crisis point, in drama; hence this is pertaining to such a point.
6 Primeval giant with coat of frost returns (4)
YMIR – reversed RIMY. Norse mythology, the ancestor of all jötnar.
10 Selection of flaky theories to appear up north (5)
KYTHE – hidden in {fla}KY THE{ories}. Scots for “to show oneself, appear”
11 Creator of A Portnoy and everything one supplies sexual generations (9)
PROTHALLI – A{lexander} Portnoy was created by P{hilip} ROTH; + ALL + I. The gametophytes, or sexual generations, of ferns
12 The precise words wife recalled to affirm breadth in light beer (9,5)
14 Rest after cutting grass’s protective layer of salt (3,4)
PEA COAT – PEAC{e} OAT. Something a sailor would wear for protection
15 Rough rule of thumb’s last used in brief calm beset by raucous cry (4-3)
CLUB-LAW – {thum}B in LUL{l}, “beset by” CAW
17 Irishwoman turns to cross quiet battle site (7)
EVESHAM – reversed MAEVE “crossing” SH. Simon de Montfort’s last hurrah in the 13th century
19 FBI raid starts to look likely (3,4)
20 Cross old boyfriend: quarrel about name was all over fungus (6,5-3)
DEVILS SNUFF-BOX – X O BF + FUSS “about” N + LIVED, the whole reversed
23 What gives a bitter taste in brash films featuring such as … (9)
CHOPSOCKY – HOPS [what gives a bitter (as in beer) taste] in COCKY. A chopsocky film may feature the answer to 24, IAI-DO
24 … sword fighting in Japan or India getting one into bother (3-2)
IAI-DO – I + I “into” ADO
25 Uzbek may spend these years chasing tot (4)
SUMY – Y “chasing” SUM. I knew the currency of Uzbekistan was the SOM but this spelling and pluralisation was tricky!
26 Even parts of hair receding, badly affected by a certain hormone (10)
ADRENERGIC – ({h}A{i}R RECEDING*). Means “activated by adrenaline”
1 May predecessor out of ingredient for goulash … put in hare! (4)
PIKA – P{apr}IKA
2 An idea used in mechanical procedure for autogiro (9)
3 Edits Philip Roth, mostly changing lover of 11? (14)
PTERIDOPHILIST – (EDITS PHILIP ROT{h}*). A pteridophilist is a fan of ferns
4 Melville novel covering second time put into a galley? (7)
TYPESET – TYPEE “covering” S + T. A galley is a flat tray for putting type into, in printing
5 Not sensible to smell a vivid rose when resistance goes up (7)
ANOSMIC – A + C{r}IMSON [vivid rose, minus R(esistance)] reversed
7 After cycling, tense feeling in the cheeks? (5)
MALAR – ALAR{M} cycling its last letter to first position
8 Description of monsoon striking north and battling current holding of government land (10)
9 Revolutionary half of MI6 HQ’s location with great increase in spiky defences (7-2-5)
CHEVAUX-DE-FRISE – CHE + VAUX{hall}| + DEF + RISE. Anti-cavalry defensive spikes
13 Supplements come without hard cubes (10)
16 Grassy land distribution for grazing in the country (9)
LEASOWING – LEA [grassy land] + SOWING [distribution]
18 Deduct amount from wages to set up aromatic substance producer (4-3)
MUSK-COD – DOCK SUM, reversed
19 Bachelor that is hosting well-behaved shindy in Edinburgh (7)
BRULYIE – B + I.E., “hosting” RULY. An unlikely looking Scots words for a “broil” or noisy quarrel or confused disturbance
21 Rev noisily opposing unoccupied space (5)
VROOM – V(ersus) + ROOM
22 Vertical bar cut from doughnut-shaped Celtic neck ring (4)

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  1. With no takers, is this the final chapter of the Monthly Club Special? I do hope not! I managed a handful. Edwina
  2. Yet another puzzle that challenges with its unusual words and which provided me with much enjoyment albeit using a lot of aid from various dictionaries etc.
    Many thanks for doing the blog on this.

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