Monthly Club Special 20,218: Rogan’s Profanisaurus

Cripes, there were some rude looking words in this month’s grid, such that I was afraid to look a few of them up for fear of what I might find. The usual tough and satisfying cryptic workout though, with hardly any vocabulary, apart from 21dn, being found anywhere within a mile of everyday parlance. Excellent work setter!

1 Old fighter accompanying young boxer, maybe, after bribe (7,3)
SOPWITH PUP – WITH PUP [accompanying | young boxer (dog), maybe] after SOP [bribe]

7 Characteristic features of music: one used for article (4)
JIZZ – J{a->I}ZZ. Shame on anyone (me) who didn’t know that was the primary definition of the word.

9 Material’s singular wordplay variety (4,4)
SPUN SILK – S PUNS ILK [singular | wordplay | variety]

10 Exclamation from keen old chief I must go after (6)
OCHONE – O CH [old | chief], I [one] must go after

11 Variety of Norwegian meat sandwiches put out cold, to be returned (6)
BOKMAL – LAMB [meat] “sandwiches” KO [put out cold], the whole reversed

13 Scot’s used shares from public limited company — he had to involve Brussels (8)
PLEUCHED – PLC HE’D [public limited company | he had], to “involve” EU [Brussels]

14 Violent dance video played in six minutes in farming clubs (7,5)
MOSHVEI OVDIM – MOSH [violent dance] + (VIDEO*) [“played”] in VI M [six | minutes]

17 Air-arm, at manoeuvres, having the last word in medical equipment (12)
ARMAMENTARIA – (AIR-ARM AT*) [manoeuvres], having AMEN [the last word] in

20 Bulky jacket which at Crécy stops headgear being worn (8)
HAQUETON – QUE [which, at Crecy] “stops” HAT ON [headgear | being worn]

21 Day nurses run after the old, bringing nozzle (6)
TUYERE – TUE [day] “nurses” R [run] after YE [the old]

22 Rounds on warning from motorist that’s oversentimental (3-3)
TOO-TOO – O O [rounds] on TOOT [warning from motorist]

23 Armadillo, following short turning, passed water (8)
XENURINE – reversed NEX{t} [following “short”, “turning”] + URINE [passed water]

25 First being to emerge from heavens, spinning endless fire (4)
YMIR – reversed MY! [heavens, “spinning”] + {f}IR{e}

26 Rendered ineffectual, ultimately you and I need such regenerating (10)
EUNUCHISED – ({yo}U + I NEED SUCH*) [“regenerating”]

2 Egg carrier with sex appeal, lacking heart, huntsman likewise (8)
OOPHORON – OO{m}PH OR{i}ON [sex appeal | huntsman – each “lacking heart”]

3 Old letter that might have come from anywhere turning up (3)
WYN – hidden reversed in {a}NYW{here}

4 How do charges bundle up organic compound? (5)
THIOL – HI! [how do!] “charges” reversed LOT [bundle “up”]

5 Lottery going by other name involved in very quiet and uneventful draw? (7)
PAKAPOO – AKA [going by other name] “involved in” PP [very quiet] + O-O [uneventful draw]

6 Protective agent for body of racket, fitting on top (9)
PROPERDIN – DIN [racket], PROPER [fitting] on top

7 Trading concern once going places with approach briefly adopted by Yankee (4,7)
JOHN COMPANY – JOHN + PAN [(two) “going” places], with COM{e} [approach “briefly”] “adopted”, by Y [Yankee]

8 Spirit shown by fairy, loudly knocked off perch (6)
ZINGEL – ZING [spirit] shown by EL{f} [fairy, “loudly (=F) knocked off”]

12 Most of autumn, bather has to shift fat (5,6)
MAHUA BUTTER – (AUTUM{n} BATHER*) [“has to shift”]

15 Sort of dash by police line one sees normally (9)
EMMETROPE – EM [sort of dash] by MET ROPE [police | line]

16 Tart mixture interfered with catering (8)
CITRANGE – (CATERING*) [“interfered with”]

18 Having one spike most drinks acceptable — no going back (7)
MONAXON – MAX [most] “drinks” ON [acceptable] + reversed NO

19 Airline to fly Bristol to N America (6)
B.A. ZOOM [airline | to fly]. Bristol (City) is rhyming slang.

21 Shot in the arm and leg when captured by movement out of control? (5)
TONIC – ON [leg] “captured by” TIC [movement out of control]

24 Revolutionary fairy tale author, the first to leave music (3)
RAI – {l}IAR [“fairy tale” author, kinda], losing first letter and reversed

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  1. Well I thought this was easier than last month’s crossword, but still i managed to get one wrong.. i had ZANDER instead of zingel. It is a fish but how i managed to parse the clue is a mystery to me now
  2. Thanks for explaining how John Company worked. I originally had the definition as ‘Trading company once going places’ and Yankee as Johnny Rebel. The ‘going’ places was quite amusing.

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