Minor Enhancements

The site has been open to all for a week now with no significant problems. Hooray! So now we can start thinking of enhancements. Thanks to all who have provided suggestions via the Enhancement Suggestions page or Contact Us Form. Today,  two of the most popular that were not too hard to do have been introduced…

    • The size of avatars for post headers and comments has been increased.
    • The size of the indent of comment replies has been increased. [Update 23/5 – now with different levels of indent depending on screen width]

Other popular requests include :

    • Providing email notifications of replies to comments and allow opt-out of notification of comments to posts – this is work in progress.
    • Post and comment “likes” – this requires some integration work.
    • The ability to change among different avatars – this is a fundamental change to how WordPress works and requires substantial development work of a new avatar sub-system so is unlikely to happen any time soon (if ever).

Other suggestions are welcome, but we have a limited development team. If there are WordPress/PHP/MySQL developers with CSS skills out there who would like to join the team, please let us know via the Contact Us Form.

22 comments on “Minor Enhancements”

  1. That was quick work! Love these enhancements, and look forward to more. Thank you!

  2. John, as a complete computer illiterate, I am in awe. Brilliant. Thank you.

  3. Many thanks for these updates, John.

    As you say, the first week has gone exceedingly well and with no major problems, which is really remarkable given the limited resources at the lead developers’ disposal and the short time-frame imposed by the knowledge that Live Journal could have been closed down at any moment leaving us without a working site and all our archives lost for ever.

    The email notification options when completed will be the icing on the cake.

  4. Thank you all yet again😊.
    On the subject of avatar size, I have just discovered that, on an I-pad, if you leave your finger on the picture for a few seconds it will blow it up.

    1. Even if you disapprove of Apple and all their works, blowing up one’s iPad is surely a bit dramatic?

  5. Great work on the site.

    Not an enhancement, but just to say thanks for the archive. I’ve been working my through “The Times Quick Cryptic #6” book, it was great to be able to do a search on a couple of answers and get a breakdown from when the puzzle was blogged.

    1. It would have been criminal not to migrate that wealth of information from LiveJournal. Glad you are finding it useful. Don’t forget you can click on “Quick Cryptic” under Post Categories and you will get all the Quick Cryptic blogs in reverse chronological order.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply.

        Unfortunately the book doesn’t reference when the QCs were published, only the setter. I wanted to check something for the next one in the book but it wasn’t published within a month when I went back and forth through the blog. Not a disaster with the Search available.

  6. Thank you John and team for all your work. You’ve pretty much answered all the queries I had and added another -the size of the indent for replies.
    Well done to all!

  7. Definitely agree with the indent size on replies – if that has been amended then bravo!

  8. Remarkably few teething problems, and the new site is an absolute credit to everybody involved in setting it up.

    1. It should be fixed now. Can you check it works for you and let me know if it doesn’t?

  9. Liking the new site – when I saw there was WIP to build it, I did suspect it would end up in WordPress, which is pretty much designed for absolutely what this site is about.

    I will add my tuppence worth to the features backlog in due course…..

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