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Greetings, barred-grid fans.

There is a lot to enjoy in Robert Teuton’s offerings – tricky clueing, often topical, timely or modern references, and occasionally some smut or scatology. This took me longer than the last few, but I had a lot of fun.

A reminder that in Mephisto puzzles, definitions can be confirmed in Chambers so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Warrant curtains being returned right away (5)
SEPAD – DRAPES(curtains) reversed minus R(right)
5 Art movement listed works packing journal (7, two words)
DE STIJL – anagram of LISTED containing J(journal). Art movement popularised by Piet Mondrian, lots of lines and bright colours.
10 Exclusive clubs running short start to search hard (8)
CLIQUISH – C(clubs) then LIQUID(running) minus the last letter and the first letters of Search Hard
11 What a relief when taking Pakistan’s last wicket (4)
WHEW – WHEN minus the last letter of pakistaN, then W(wicket).
12 Bikers paced about being cross-examined in Scotland (11)
13 Scott’s shawl a hindrance around Australia (5)
TOZIE – TIE(a hindrance) surrounding OZ(Australia)
14 Grave words I draw upon following extreme pressure ending in death (7)
EPITAPH – I, TAP(draw upon) after EP(extreme pressure) and the last letter in deatH
18 Turn ashen? I would seeing snake (6)
ELAPID – PALE(ashen) reversed, then I’D(I would)
20 Encourage having day in religious school (6)
CHEDER – CHEER(encourage) containing D(day)
21 Somewhat inflamed I consult doctor (6)
MEDICO – hidden inside inflaMED I COnsult
23 Man from East London circumventing old Ohio ravine (6)
ARROYO – ‘ARRY(the man from East London) surrounding O, then O(Ohio)
28 Evacuated after noon before getting killed in World War One (7)
NAPOOED – POOED(evacuated) after N(noon) and A(before)
29 Confident army order to seize Russian plane (5)
AMIGO – AO(army order) containing MIG(Russian plane)
30 Foolish nattering is distressing (11)
31 Farm-worker putting duck in enclosure (4)
PEON – O(duck) inside PEN(enclosure)
32 Dock to preserve first-rate work unit on reflection (8)
CANAIGRE – CAN(preserve), A1(first-rate), then ERG(work unit) reversed. Dock referring to the plant.
33 Most close retreats established (7)
DENSEST – DENS(retreats), EST(established)
34 Heading to Snowdonia on stony trail (5)
SPOOR – first letter of Snowdonia then POOR(stony broke)
1 Maths I can do, complicated chem? Nasty (9)
SCYTHEMAN –  anagram of CHEM,NASTY. MATH can mean a mowing
2 Sharp turn passing back of pad — bowled out! (5)
ELBOW – remove the last letter of paD from BOWLED and form an anagram
3 See Margherita perhaps when spending afternoon in this square (6)
PIAZZA – margherita is a type of PIZZA(and a yummy one, too), insert A(afternoon)
4 Lowered head suddenly, caught out and punched (5)
DUKED – DUCKED(lowered head suddenly) minus C(caught)
5 Cut off payments to daughter — I grant that hurts (8)
DISENDOW – D(daughter), I, SEND(grant), OW(that hurts)
6 Arab leader sounds alarm (6)
SHEIKH – homophone of SHAKE(alarm)
7 X’s predecessor and in another sense successor chirping (8)
TWITTERY – X is the social media formerly known as TWITTER, and Y comes after X
8 Garment worn by Muslims 60 minutes in the morning? (5)
IHRAM – 60 minutes is 1 HR, then AM(in the morning)
9 Urge to whizz jack over bus in the Philippines (7)
JEEPNEY – YEN(urge), PEE(whizz), J(jack) all reversed
15 Clock-maker’s half-hearted fear carrying box (9)
HOROLOGER – remove one of the middle letters from HORROR(fear), and insert LOGE(box)
16 Parasites perhaps put nothing back into Dawn’s Society (8)
EPIZOANS – ZIP(nothing) revered inside EOAN(Dawn’s), S(society)
17 What can create scent of plants (climbing) (8)
SCANDENT – you can make scent using SC AND ENT
19 Will gives me something on a part of St Andrews? (7)
LEGATEE – LEG(on side in cricket), A, TEE(part of St Andrew’s golf course)
22 Magnum perhaps, not Colt the preference? (6)
CHOICE – Magnum is a brand of CHOC ICE. Remove C(colt)
24 Rainforest inhabitant inside cooling off (6)
OLINGO – hidden inside coOLING Off
25 Fringe benefit in cover from Association (5)
APRON – PRO(benefit) inside the external letters in AssociatioN
26 Fools mother leaving tomorrow with son (5)
NANAS – remove MA(mother) from MANANA(tomorrow), then S(son)
27 Trouble in the past about Greece (5)
AGGRO – AGO(in the past) surrounding GR(Greece)

9 comments on “Mephisto 3323 – Robert Teuton”

    1. Are we sure about that?
      Chambers has math = a mowing. (cf mowth in OED).
      I am not seeing “math (n.) = a plowing” anywhere.
      And a scythe is a tool for mowing (long thin curved blade). So a scytheman would be mowing rather than ploughing, I thought.
      (I don’t think any of the blades used for ploughing are called scythes).

      The more common related word is “aftermath”: the new growth of grass after the first has been mown, and hence the figurative use as the state of affairs following a significant event.

      1. Think I learned the relevant sense of “math” when I was wondering why the Rolling Stones called a significant mid-’60s LP Aftermath.

  1. Just finished this one! A fine way to start a Sunday. It was relatively easy to get into when I got started the other day, but now at the end I tally no less than 11 previously unknown words: SEPAD, BACKSPEIRED, TOZIE, ELAPID, CHEDER, NAPOOED, CANAIGRE, IHRAM, JEEPNEY, SCANDENT, OLINGO.

    1. Congratulations. Keep going! I’ve only been doing them since June last year. I’ve managed finish them each week since then thanks to this blog, which I studied for a few weeks before completing my first.


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