Mephisto 3321 – Tim Moorey

Greetings, barred-grid fans.

I enjoyed this one – Tim Moorey always offers up precise and inventive wordplay and there is a lot of it to enjoy here. A reminder that in Mephisto puzzles, definitions can be confirmed in Chambers so I will focus on the wordplay here.

Away we go…

4 Practice with one flying hawk (9)
ACCIPITER – anagram of PRACTICE, and I(one)
10 Unconcealed single part of harmonic series (8)
OVERTONE – OVERT(unconcealed), ONE(single)
11 Smash hit’s number one, complete with soprano upfront (4)
DOSH -the first letter of Hit after DO(complete) and S(soprano). Chambers gives the definition of smash = money (slang)
12 Seasonal visitor put nothing over colouring matter (8)
SANTALIN – SANTA(seasonal visitor) and NIL(nothing) reversed
13 Cut two thirds of rough drawing (4)
ETCH – two thirds of skETCH(rough drawing)
14 Check place to get assistance (5)
PLAID – PL(place) and AID(assistance0
15 Anxiety shown by supporter of Democrat (6)
FANTOD – FAN TO(supporter of), D(democrat)
17 Fruit and nuts at soirée not started (7)
ETAERIO – anagram of AT and SOIREE missing the first letter
21 Spiders: jumping pair seen leaving back of garden (7)
EPEIRAS -anagram of PAIR SEEN minus the last letter of gardeN
23 Character from Rhodes hosting a dance (7)
LAMBADA – LAMBDA(Greek letter) containing A
26 Accuse falsely, according to some heartlessly (7)
ASPERSE – AS PER(according to), then the exterior letters of SomE
27 Go off defending government’s historic list (6)
REGEST – REEST(go off) containing G(government)
28 Head keeping mum gets stick (5)
CAMAN – CAN(head, military term for toilet) containing MA(mum)
31 Onset of rain stops wet Perth Test (4)
PREE – first letter of Rain inside PEE(wet, urinate)
32 Boundaries hit at last but not one ton (8)
ABUTTALS – anagram of AT,LAST,BUT minus one T(ton)
33 Israeli intelligence uncovered bones (4)
OSSA – MOSSAD(Israeli intelligence) minus the external letters
34 Network spy leaving tips for young female worker (8)
GRISETTE – GRID(network) and SETTER(spy) both missing the last letter
35 Peter started to get supplied with fuel (9)
PETROLLED – PET(the book of Peter), ROLLED(started)
1 Energetic person keeps a short time for evangelist (9)
GOSPELLER – GOER(energetic person) containing A, SPELL(short time)
2 No current benefit concerning grandad? (4)
AVAL – remove I(current) from AVAIL(benefit)
3 Indian army, one cowardly almost in retreat (4)
SENA –  A(one) and NESH(cowardly) missing the last letter reversed
4 Rather affected French explorer not the first to Canada (6)
ARTIER – Jacques CARTIER(French explorer) minus the first letter of Canada. Nice clue – there are many things named after him in Canada
5 American fellow leaving rough coalfield covered with dust (7)
COLLIED – remove A(american) and F(fellow) from an anagram of COALFIELD
6 Potential energy behind domestic gods (7)
PENATES -PE(potential energy), NATES(behind)
7 Short TV sequence shows missile missing Turkey (5)
IDENT – TRIDENT(missile) minus TR(turkey)
8 One staggering sum shorter after section removed (8)
TOTTERER – TOT(sum), then TERSER(shorter) minus S(section)
9 Fish casserole not completely cooked (8)
ESCOLARS – anagram of CASSEROLe minus the last letter
16 It gives out when pressed in correctly? (9)
18 Reluctant trustee initially making one cross (8)
TRAVERSE -AVERSE(reluctant) after TR(trustee)
19 Astronomical work, in essence an old tale of adventure (8)
ALMAGEST –  ALMA(essence), GEST(old tale of adventure)
20 Plodding students struggle endlessly? Hard cheese! (7)
SAPSAGO – SAPS(plodding students) then AGON(struggle) minus the last letter
22 Al’s quip being broadcast as satirical stuff? (7)
PASQUIL – anagram of AL’S QUIP
24 Man’s on top of a tough youth getting angry (6)
HEATED -HE(man), A, TED(tough youth)
25 Scottish storyteller showing real eccentricity in play (5)
LEEAR – anagram of REAL and E(eccentricity)
29 Friendly ex-PM accommodating leader of Tories (4)
MATY – the ex-PM is Theresa MAY. Insert the first letter of Tories
30 Sailor, head down rests as before (4)
ALTS – SALT(sailor) with the S moved to the bottom

11 comments on “Mephisto 3321 – Tim Moorey”

  1. Keriothe was right—much easier than the one before, and another I’ve finished! Since I have Chambers now, I’ve no excuse not to try, at least, every week.

    1. Thanks – in this case, tired. Usually I have time on Saturday afternoon to write up the blog, but my schedule got out of the way and I was at an event that didn’t wind up until well after midnight and I was (alas) stone cold sober.

  2. 4d. I remembered Tim Moorey’s use of “rather”, and your explanation of “more than otherwise” from 4 weeks ago – so that was a very nice clue.

    I also liked 29d, the “ex-PM” clue. Very like something you’d see in the Private Eye/Cyclops crossword – although the solution “maty” without an “e” is a more obscure Mephisto-type variant.

    Thanks for the blog: I couldn’t work out 25d LEEAR. I kept thinking of (King) Lear as the “play”, and wondering if “real eccentricity” was some mathematical term about “real” numbers.

  3. Much easier, but wasted time while I had ilia to 33 until I realised it had to be Ossa. I think you can argue ilia from the clue if you allow intelligence uncovered to be (C)IA but Ossa is undoubtedly more straightforward.


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