Mephisto 3291 – Robert Teuton

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Greetings barred-grid fans.

My brother is visiting from Australia so I am in a bit of a time crunch (and an alcohol haze).  I finished this in one go last Sunday morning and really enjoyed the surfaces.

A reminder that in Mephisto puzzles, definitions can be verified in Chambers, so I will focus on the wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Age-old principles of Cluedo: rooms, occupants, weapons and an element of murder (4)
CROW – first letters of Cluedo Rooms Occupants Weapons
4 Shrewdness, a capital thing in frank Shakespearean (8)
ASTUCITY – A, then UC(upper case, capital), IT(thing) inside STY(frank is Shakespearean for pigsty)
11 Midwife to feel remorse about returning to nab bed for examination (10)
ACCOUCHEUR – RUE(to feel remorse), CA(about) all reversed, containing COUCH(bed for psychiatric examination)
12 Defer humbly covering any point (5)
RHUMB – hidden inside defeR HUMBly
14 May’s predecessor vacated power in trouble (5)
APRIL – the external letters of PoweR inside AIL(trouble)
15 I effect fluid movement (without force) slipping one foot into left shoe (8, two words)
LIFT PUMP –  I(one), FT(foot) inside L(left) PUMP(shoe)
16 Toss head back in anger during row (5)
BRANK – last letter in angeR inside BANK(row)
17 Spun pike heading for such? (5)
KIPES – anagram of PIKE and the first letter of Such
18 Skilfully toil abroad drilling in a parched state (8)
ADROITLY – anagram of TOIL inside A, DRY(parched state)
22 Rumour about record close to electronic rock (8)
EKLOGITE – KITE(rumour or suggestion) surrounding LOG(record) next to E(electronic)
24 Throw out say, broken set (5)
EGEST – EG(say) and an anagram of SET
25 Who’s entertained by Sega, me right? (5)
GAMER – hidden inside seGA ME Right
27 I send around vessel to take funds from church? (8)
DISENDOW – anagram of I,SEND then DOW(dhow, vessel)
28 Language family curtailed, it’s a source of poison (5)
URALI – URALIC(language family) minus the last letter
29 Die right away from dagger (5)
CEASE – remove R(right) from CREASE(another spelling of KRIS, dagger)
30 It’s tense being involved in peacekeeping study (10)
MEDITATION – T(tense) inside MEDIATION(peacekeeping)
31 Busy getting sexually aroused, heading for encounter at close quarters (8, three words)
EYE TO EYE – EYE(busy, detective), TOEY(sexually aroused) and the first letter of Encounter
32 Golden yellow creature hiding in cornfield’s prime spots (4)
ORFE –  the prime number positions inside cORnFiEld
1 Buffalo, one chasing horse in Colorado (7)
CARABAO – A(one) after ARAB(horse) inside CO(Colorado)
2 Roguish journal coming out like the Eye? (6)
OCULAR – JOCULAR(roguish) minus J(journal)
3 Cut back yen for feminist females (5)
WOMYN – MOW(cut) reversed, then YN(yen)
5 Dire dipstick for hacking? (12, two words)
6 Nothing lacking from astronomic event that served up everything (12, three words)
THE FULL MONTY – remove O(nothing) from THE FULL MOON(astronomic event), then YT(that) reversed
7 Making merry before first sign of costs increasing (7)
CUPPING – first letter in Costs, then UPPING(increasing)
8 Suddenly intrude headlong to express pleasure in sex (6)
IRRUPT – reversal of PURR(express pleasure) inside IT(sex)
9 Terms set merit case of superior bubbly (10)
TRIMESTERS – anagram of SET,MERIT and the exterior letters of SuperioR
10 Sure about Labour Party quests (5)
YELPS – YES(sure) surrounding LP(Labour Party)
13 In confusion at Fettes Head’s left third year to prepare with year below (10)
HIRDY-GIRDY – remove the first letter of tHIRD, then Y(year), GIRD(to prepare) and another Y(year)
19 Horse reduced by hard impediment round middle of leg … this? (7)
OSSELET – HOSS(horse) minus H(hard) and LET(impediment) surrounding the middle letter of lEg
20 Gardener/retainer partly turned over earth (7)
TERRENE – hidden reversed inside gardENER RETainer
21 Source of oil tastes of similar essence mentioned before (6)
SESAME – first letters of Similar Essense, then SAME(mentioned before)
23 Instant messaging’s beginning to produce on screen craze (6)
IMPAIR – IM(instant messaging), the first letter of Produce and AIR(screen(
24 Elicit the devil’s daughter lowering (5)
EDUCE – DEUCE(the devil) with the D(daughter) lowered
26 Vegetable caterpillar ate, half of wort chewed (5)
AWETO – anagram of ATE and half of WOrt

7 comments on “Mephisto 3291 – Robert Teuton”

  1. I got most of this! Just wait till I get Chambers ! Ha.
    (Honestly, I need it. The only definition for KIPE I can find online is a basket, formerly used for catching fish. Is KIPES something else?)
    The full definition of AWETO is something else!

    1. Chambers says issued basket for catching pike. Aweto: the so-called vegetable caterpillar, the body of the caterpillar filled with fungus, used to obtain a pigment. Origin Maori

      1. Yes, I meant “something else!” not literally but as “far out!”

        Merriam-Webster’s definition, in particular: “ a composite structure that occurs in New Zealand, that when dried and burned yields a useful black pigment, and that is made up of the mummified body of a caterpillar killed by the attack of a parasitic ascomycetous fungus (Cordyceps robustus) together with the elongated fruiting body of the fungus which projects from the neck of the mummy.”

        It’s just a bit hard to see the basket in the clue for KIPES.

    2. I thought 17 ac. was a &Lit. Not that I’m ever sure that I can spot those.
      Per Ch. 13 Revised, to spin is to fish (with a swivel or spoonbait) and spun indicates an anagram of pike plus the S from spun and the whole, i.e. the basket for pike, is where the caught pike are heading.

  2. This week’s was was the first in the last 16 where I failed. I was tripped up by womyn. There were a couple of things I didn’t understand, so grateful to GLH for the explanations. Must note the YT=that. I knew yat, but that didn’t help. Also TOEY was unknown to me. Apart from the one hiccough, I managed this in one sitting, with a short snooze in the middle – well I have just received my flu and civic vaccinations so wasn’t feeling too good.

  3. I worked out WOMYN for 3d, but found that it’s not in my decrepit Chambers 11th edition. Should I get the recommended 13th edition (which is several years old now), or wait for the 14th?

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