Mephisto 3275 – Robert Teuton

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Greetings, barred-grid fans!

I don’t remember having too much difficulty with this puzzle, but there were plenty of smiles to be had, as I was familiar with a few of the odder entries, particularly the first one.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions can be confirmed in Chambers (and I have underlined the one that I found the most direct in getting the answer), so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

3 Shake tops from empty libations, eg Harp on … this? (10)
LAGERPHONE – anagram of the first letters of Empty, Libations and EG,HARP,ON. I can vouch that this is a thing, I made and rattled a few of them in my misspent youth in Victoria.
10 Warp drive follows starship’s initial acceleration (8)
SAPROPEL – PROPEL(drive) after the first letter of Starship and A(acceleration).  A bit of a deep dive in Chambers, WARP can mean alluvial sediment
12 Break down, start to cry and shake (5)
CROCK – first letter of Cry, then ROCK(shake)
13 Staff cleared out garage round back of the equestrian centre (6)
MANEGE – MAN(staff) then the outer letters of GaragE surrounding the last letter of thE
14 Blue Peter pet missing quickly returned (6)
EROTIC – PETER minus PET, then CITO(quickly) reversed
15 Sturdy footwear that’s used to spur horse on (6)
GIDDAP – GID(sturdy, the sheep disease), then DAP(plimsoll, footwear). DAP was still in my mind from a recent appearance in the daily puzzle
16 Perhaps US mole turns moderate about United Nations (8)
TUNNELER – reverse of RELENT(moderate) surrounding UN(United Nations)
17 What’s caught by spectator — captain’s armband? (4)
TORC – hidden inside spectaTOR Captain’s
18 Jacket to go round chest (6)
PARKEE – PEE(to go) surrounding ARK(chest)
20 A name that’s English — Tom, Dick or Harry? (6)
ANYONE – A, N(name), YON(that) with(‘s, has) E(English)
22 Smack daughter not son for hoaxes (4)
KIDS -KISS(smack) containing D(daughter) for one S(son)
23 One’s careful taking runs forward (8)
IMPUDENT – I’M(one’s) PRUDENT(careful) minus R(runs)
26 One’s tern on flying from extremes (6)
NESTER – remove the outer letters from oNE’S TERn
28 Bunny boiler finally leaves Peter out — it’s over (6)
TAPETI – remove the last letter of boileR from TAPER(peter out), then IT reversed
29 Grease once regularly engaged Rydell High (6)
ENLARD – anagram of alternating letters in eNgAgEd RyDeLl
30 This month heralds a moon that’s an oddity (5)
CURIO – CUR(current, this month), and the moon IO
31 Taking a wee little dram finally seeing off day in a manner of speaking (8)
EMICTION – last letters of littlE, draM then remove D(day) from DICTION(a manner of speaking)
32 Transubstantiationalist damages an art piece (10)
1 Determined to elevate sports ground in area that’s sullied (11)
ASCERTAINED – reversal of REC(sports ground) inside A(area) and STAINED(sullied)
2 Vulture’s target arranged by US offshoot coming round (7)
CARRION –  ARR(arranged by) surrounded by CION(US version of SCION, offshoot)
3 Northern city briefly in league with Bath (5)
LPOOL – L(league) and POOL(bath).  This is in Chambers!
4 Rig bottling cloudy bitter (6)
ARCTIC – ARTIC(truck, rig) containing C(cloudy)
5 Gourmet to choose trimmed, aged ox after starter of escargot … (7)
EPICURE – PICK(choose) minus the last letter, and URE(ox) after the first letter in Escargot
6 one who previously had beef and leghorn perhaps with bread stuffing (8)
PLAINANT – PLAIT(leghorn) with NAN bread inside. I only knew the poultry definition of leghorn, but the plait comes first in Chambers
7 How to make her blow on pud? (6)
HANDER – you can make her with H AND ER. Well played, Robert Teuton, as pud had another meaning in Australia in the 70s (not found in Chambers) that makes this clue particularly ribald.
8 Due to marry having time away (4)
OWED – TO WED(marry) minus T(time)
9 New Age posturing about us dismissing small trifles (5)
NUGAE – N(new) then an anagram of AGE surrounding US minus S(small)
11 I’m taking leave of senses after case of dire blues (11)
DEPRESSIONS – remove I’M from IMPRESSIONS(senses) after the external letters of DirE
16 Gentler introduction to rugby after having entered ground (8)
TENDERER – first letter of Rugby inside an anagram of ENTERED
18 Astrophel: note mine is lacking in vitamin B1 (7)
PENTHIA – PEN(write, note), then remove MINE from THIAMINE(Vitamin B1)
19 Version of book, one I scribbled cribbing E Morse style (7)
EDITION – anagram of ONE,I containing DIT(in Morse code, E is one dit)
21 Power cut to last longer? (6)
OUTAGE – if you last longer you OUT-AGE
22 Golf shot past Ford model that’s conked out (6)
KAPUTT – PUTT(golf shot) after a Ford KA
24 Chins drop from Newcastle team struggling (5)
MENTA – anagram of the first letter of Newcastle and TEAM
25 Frightening female quits theatrical extravaganza (5)
EERIE – remove F(female) from FEERIE(theatrical extravaganza).  Fortunately FEERIE has come up recently.
27 Slide beer on the counter (4)
SLIP – PILS(beer) reversed

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  1. 20A: Strictly, “yon” just means “that”, and ’s = “has” is indicating that (A N YON) has E next to it.

  2. One oversight: 13a, it’s the last letter of THE – as you obviously knew, since you had EQUESTRIAN as part of the definition.

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