Mephisto 3261 – Tim Moorey

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Greetings, barred-grid fans.

After two weeks with new setters we are back to the familiar territory with Tim Moorey. This has all the hallmarks of the classic Tim Moorey puzzle – some sportsball, some recent cultural references, and precise wordplay. I found the down clues considerably more accessible than the acrosses.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions (the most direct of which is underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Partner, last out of ale-house hides endless urination? It’s the drink! (7, two words)
PALEALE – PAL(partner) and the last letter in ale-housE containing LEAK(urination) minus the last letter. I expect the clue was written with the surface in mind, but it is unfortunate that “ale” is in the answer and the clue but not actually part of the wordplay.
6 Sword guard found in a police raid rebuffed (5)
TSUBA – A, BUST(police raid) all reversed
10 Bond’s holding back fine image of Mr Big? (4)
EFIT – TIE(bond) reversed containing F(fine)
11 Dance company work in progress (8)
COTILLON – CO(company), TILL(work), ON(in progress). This is a really popular term in the USA, and if you haven’t watched it, I highly recommend Voyage of the Space Aliens, a movie where a cotillon is a major “plot” point
12 Rude person and hooligan to be approved (9, two words)
GO THROUGH –  GOTH(rude person), ROUGH(hooligan). Although it is confirmed in Chambers, as someone who in the late 80s would dye my long hair black, wear make-up and go to nightclubs to bum people out and shuffle to Tones On Tail and Bauhaus, I resent this use of GOTH
15 With a tendency to disappear, slightly mad about Penny (4)
FADY – FAY(slightly mad) surrounding D(penny)
16 Nameless Chinese contrived instability in harbour (6)
SEICHE – anagram of CHINESE minus N(name)
17 Sheep: yearling and two-year-old seen around another yearling (6)
HOGGET – HOG(yearling sheep) then TEG(two-year old) reversed
18 Old alphabet from elsewhere in eastern learning, half forgotten (10)
ESTRANGELO – STRANGE(from elsewhere) in E(eastern), and half of LORE(learning)
20 Match of the Day perhaps sets up on pitch (10)
SPORTSCAST – SPORTS(sets up) and CAST(pitch)
24 Henry and John raise an outcry (6)
HALLOO – HAL(nickname for Henry in King Henry IV) and LOO(toilet, john)
25 Storm caused by a spreading hospital mistake (6)
HABOOB -A inside H(hospital), BOOB(mistake)
26 Truce after dropping by to make advance payment (4)
ARLE – BARLEY(truce) minus BY
29 Mercenary freebooters having time for poet (9)
PINDARIST – PINDARIS(mercenary freebooters), and T(time)
30 Structures of common literature (8)
COMPAGES – COM(common), PAGES(literature)
31 The old mostly deny French cafe owner on TV (4)
RENE – RENEY(deny) minus the last letter.  This might be tricky for my fellow Americans, as I don’t think the show ‘Allo ‘Allo ever made a mark over here. It infected Australian TV in the 80s. Rene Artois was the owner of Cafe Rene.
32 Character shown by Earl Thomas (5)
ETHOS – E(earl), THOS(Thomas)
33 Quivery when winter in Paris? (7)
ASHIVER – AS(when), HIVER(winter in Paris)
1 Fish harpoon used by a South American (7)
PEGASUS – PEG(harpoon), A, S(south), US(American)
2 Scottish joint set fire to, hydrant found in the end (4)
LITH -LIT(set fire to) and H(hydrant)
3 Itches to change morality rules (6)
ETHICS – anagram of ITCHES.
4 Brazilian state measure (4)
ACRE – double definition.  Tiny state in Brazil.
5 They’d be watching a beauty by Spurs striker? (9)
LOOKERS-ON – LOOKER(a beauty) and the Spurs striker is the Korean national SON Heung-Min. I had no clue about the footballer, thankfully the definition left no other possibility
6 Cross long with Italian on the wing (6)
TIGLON – anagram of LONG and IT(Italian)
7 Sons for takeaway refuse dregs (6)
ULLAGE – remove S(sons) from SULLAGE(refuse)
8 Where you may find brass doorbells buzzed! (9)
9 Hot or sweet starter put out for Scot often serving (4)
ANDY – I hope I have this sorted out.  Hot would be RANDY and the sweet is CANDY. Remove the first letter of both of them to get the Glasgow-born tennis player ANDY Murray
13 Wobbly opera star gets the bird (9, two words)
14 Nothing emerging, poor choirs head axes (9)
RHACHIDES – anagram of CHOIRS,HEAD minus O(nothing)
19 Spacecraft is right inside by the way (7)
ORBITER – R(right) inside OBITER(by the wat)
21 Mark in greeting set up Irishman (6)
OLLAMH – M(mark) in HALLO(greeting) reversed
22 Fellow very much alto replacing tenor (6)
TOBIAS – TO BITS(very much) with A(alto) instead of T(tenor)
23 They could form force in Asti regularly (6)
SBIRRI – BIRR(force) in alternating letters in aStI
26 Directionless light cavalry soldier formerly up north (4)
ANCE – remove L and R(left and right, directions) from LANCER(light cavalry soldier)
27 Baldrick stokes remains of fire (4)
SASH – S(stokes, unit) ASH(remains of fire)
28 Time running out, outfit starts to employ venture capital (as before) (4)
KIEV – remove T(time) from KIT(outfit) then first letters of Emply Venture

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  1. I found this one pretty tricky, it took me nearly an hour and I got quite stuck a couple of times.

  2. I too found it a bit of a slog. Hadn’t realised Andy Murray was born in Glasgow: he’s more usually associated with Dunblane. Re. 15a: I remembered being reprimanded for using PENNY to signify D in a clue-writing competition. (Apparently I should have qualified it with OLD.) Wonder who the judge was.

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