Mephisto 3253 – Don Manley

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Greetings barred-grid fans!

If I have the dates and numbers correct this will be the final Don Manley Mephisto puzzle I will write up (vinyl1 will get the last puzzle at the end of the month).  Don joined the Mephisto rotation in August 2011 (Mephisto 2658). I hope we will continue to see him as Izetti, Pasquale and others into the future.

And maybe Don will smile a little, as he had the last laugh here, and I had two very silly errors in the grid, both words I was convinced were correct and should have checked in Chambers.

Away we go…

1 Tool — one’s kept in Jock’s shed (8, two words)
STONESAW – ONE’S inside STAW (stall, shed)
7 Washed in moving water reportedly (4)
TYED – sounds like TIDE(moving water)
10 Dish with a round shape given to soldier (6)
PEROGI – PER(a), O(round shape), GI(soldier)
11 Artist wearing hat in tree (5)
CARAP – RA(artist) inside CAP(hat)
13 A pair of similar characters at one time together — but not now (7)
ATTONCE – A, T and T(similar characters), ONCE(at one time)
14 Singer missing introduction must go back (5)
RENIG -anagram of SINGER minus the first letter
17 Buddhist community celebrated in this year (6)
SANGHA – SANG(celebrated), HA(hoc anno, in this year)
18 Get rid of chief troublemaker in military district (6)
BANATE – BAN(get rid of), ATE(troublemaker)
19 Certain lack of ability in adult, once little and spirited (9)
ALITERACY – A(adult), LITE(little), RACY(spirited)
21 Surgeon cheeky going round hospital, mostly doing nothing (9)
TREPHINER – PERT(cheeky) reversed, H(hospital), and INERT(doing nothing) minus the last letter
23 Tries to rival Eastern drug-carriers (6)
EMULES – E(eastern), MULES(drug-carriers)
25 King with the best possible fanciful thought (6)
REVERY – R(king) and EVERY(the best possible)
29 Old equipment rejected includes a drum (5)
TAIKO – O(old), KIT(equipment) reversed containing A
30 Darlings with obligations to old simpleton (7)
DAWTIES – TIES(obligations) next to DAW(simpleton)
31 Attention needed in the French lesson — not now (5)
LEARE – EAR(attention) in LE(“the” in French)
32 Intersection made with one entering gap (6)
CHIASM – I(one) inside CHASM(gap)
33 Expert police investigator keeping anything but quiet (4)
DEFT – DET(detective, police investigator) containing F(anything but quiet)
34 Like old art — against including modern? (8)
TRECENTO – TO(against) containing RECENT(modern)
2 Communications system used in remote travel (5)
TETRA – hidden in remoTE TRAvel
3 Fruit — there’s nothing quainter somehow (9)
ORTANIQUE – O(nothing) and an anagram of QUAINTER
4 Beginner? Nay — old boy! (4)
NOOB – NO(nay), OB(old boy)
5 So vehicle is certainly old-fashioned (6)
SICCAR – SIC(so), CAR(vehicle)
6 A European said to be bitter (5)
ACERB – A, then sounds like SERB(European)
7 That referee shows what is forbidden (4)
TREF – hidden inside thaT REFeree
8 Record valuable material in letter (7)
EPISTLE – EP(record), ISTLE(valuable material)
9 Message to Verges maybe amounts to this: “Riders go by in order with little male behind” (11)
DOGBERRYISM – anagram of RIDERS,GO,BY then M(male). Reference to the two policemen in Much Ado About Nothing
10 Permit the last word to be given to rebellious youth bedecked like a hippy? (11)
PASSAMENTED – PASS(permit), AMEN(the last word), TED(rebellious youth)
12 South of region revolutionary had briefly seized once (8)
AREACHED – AREA(region) on top of CHE(revolutionary), ‘D(had, briefly)
15 For that time cathedral city closed early (8)
THEREFOR – T(time), then HEREFORD(cathedral time) minus the last letter
16 Gem that could be displayed by Claire and Ann (9)
CARNELIAN – anagram of CLAIRE and ANN
20 Attack misery in farming festival (7)
LAMBALE -LAM(attack), BALE(misery)
22 Part of book (not the middle) in old-fashioned print (6)
PREACE – PREFACE(part of book) minus the middle letter
24 Welshman possibly upset when daughter interrupts formal meal (5)
SEDER – REES(Welshman) reversed containing D(daughter)
26 Somehow cure tall plants, first to last (5)
REEST – TREES(tall plants) with the T moved to the end
27 Go round on ice, not finishing game (4)
SKAT – SKATE(go round on ice) minus the last letter
28 Good person that is given rise? Not these days! (4)
STIE – ST(good person), IE(that is)

10 comments on “Mephisto 3253 – Don Manley”

  1. I didn’t finish this one, by hook or by crook, largely because I had TREPANNER for the NHO TREPHINER… (seeing my mistake in your blog, I stopped right there to work on the grid a bit more before returning). Seemed to me that TIED fit perfectly well both definitions (thinking of “washed” as “tied” in the sports sense, since coming out even is a “wash”…? Oh, well…). I don’t have Chambers yet (online… it’s not that I’m cheap!) but I’ve found backup online for most everything I didn’t know (except LEAR with an E). I think REEST was in another Times puzzle not so long ago… I got CHIASM from knowing “chiasmus” as a rhetorical device, but there were a good number of words never before encountered, and always a pleasure.

    I don’t see an anagrind for RENIG…? I was actually hallucinating (-w)REN, “singer” and something-Mephistoish-yet-to-be-explained about IG. Ha. The definition seemed clear, if the spelling “nonstandard.”

  2. I had TIED too, and I’m claiming it as correct since TIE is an alternative spelling of TYE in the required sense. I looked it up in Chambers before submitting but I had already put in TIED. I’m not sure why I didn’t change it.

    1. And I’m another with a pink square for TIED. I looked it up too, but used the first of the definitions in the dictionary. I think it’s a little unfair when there are two possible answers that fir the clue equally well.

    2. Agreed. Chambers supports TIE as an alternative spelling of TYE, in the sense of washing. I chose the latter on the grounds that it was the primary reference, but would vociferously argue that TIED as equally correct.

  3. I am not sure that attempting to solve Mephisto Crosswords is good for one’s mental health.

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