Mephisto 3247 – Don Manley

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Greetings, barred-grid fans.

I got through this offering pretty readily, relying on wordplay and only looking a few answers up in Chambers to make sure they were words.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions (the most direct of which is underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Humourless youngster to appear suddenly (5, two words)
POP UP – PO(humourless), PUP(youngster)
5 Plants money, going to casino recklessly (7)
MANIOCS – M(money) next to an anagram of CASINO
11 University in Egypt’s province (6)
EYALET – YALE university in ET(Egypt)
12 One entertains adult church member (5)
UNIAT – UNIT(one) containing A(adult)
13 Girl between street and a railway in mining area (8)
STANNARY – ANN(girl) between ST(street) and A, RY(railway)
15 Form of government, cunning, invested in form of self-help (7)
DIARCHY – ARCH(cunning) inside DIY(form of self-help)
16 Using an electronic device, the French celebrate (6)
LASING – LA(the in French), SING(celebrate)
17 Monetary amounts majorities somehow got without exceptional merit (5)
JIAOS – anagram of MAJORITIES minus MERIT
18 One records muscular work — therefore little good having striker (8)
ERGOGRAM – ERGO(therefore), G(good), RAM(striker)
23 African insect — numbers will be eaten (8)
BENINESE – BEE(insect) containing NINES(numbers)
25 Book eventually shortened (5)
ATLAS – AT LAST(eventually) minus the last letter
26 Bullet in drawer (6)
TRACER – double definition – think of drawing and tracing a pattern
28 Society tea host appearing in break (7)
SHATTER – S(society) and the tea host is the mad HATTER
30 Workplace colleague, one bound to be in “lippy” mode (8)
LABIALLY – LAB(workplace), ALLY(colleague) containing I(one)
31 Hesitation at end of month to provide something boring (5)
AUGER – ER(hesitation) after AUG(month)
32 The first person, with holy books, one to sing in church? (6)
INTONE – I(the first person), NT(holy books), ONE
33 Picture wise men — in the East travelling round (7)
IMAGINE – MAGI(wise men) inside IN, E(East)
34 Bound to be good, getting on (5)
GAGED – G(good) and AGED(getting on)
1 They pulverise some insects maybe (left half crushed) (7)
PESTLES – PESTS(insects, maybe) containing half of LEft
2 Leaves maps — area for lake (5)
PAANS – PLANS(maps) with A(area) replacing L(lake)
3 Bone — a foreign article that gets left embedded (4)
ULNA – UN(a, foreign), A(article) containing L(left)
4 State of grandmother nursed by Margaret (6)
PENANG – NAN(grandmother) inside PEG(Margaret)
6 Evil spirit ruffled hair on fellow (7)
AHRIMAN – anagram of HAIR then MAN(fellow)
7 Presumed source of water, endless on island, for African animal (6)
INDRIS – INDRA(Hindu god of rain) missing the last letter, then IS(island)
8 I love cold kale, oddly? It’s food fit for cattle! (7)
OIL-CAKE –  anagram of I,O(love),C(cold),KALE
9 Homes for felines you put in containers (9)
CATHOUSES – THOU(you) inside CASES(containers)
10 Delays ship needing to cross river (5)
STAYS – SS(ship) surrounding the river TAY
14 Insatiable person in pub, a drone (9)
BARATHRUM – BAR(pub), A, THRUM(drone)
19 Rootstock found in country mostly — get wildly enthusiastic about it (7)
GALANGA – LAND(country) minus the last letter inside GAGA(wildly enthusiastic). An essential part of laksa
20 Once more find out about king and knight (7)
RELEARN – RE(about), king LEAR, and N(knight)
21 Held up after change of direction — put out, as before (7)
DERAYED – DELAYED(held up) with the L changed to R
22 Old woman hugs quivering pet, offering home support? (6)
HATPEG – HAG(old woman) containing an anagram of PET
24 Annoying one Queen and her partner? (6)
IRKING – I(one), R(queen) and KING(her partner)
25 Very foolish person, sloth (5)
ASSAI – ASS(foolish person), AI(sloth)
27 Number firm put on record (5)
COLOG – CO(firm) on LOG(record)
29 Despicable person atop a tree (4)
RATA – RAT(despicable person) on A

11 comments on “Mephisto 3247 – Don Manley”

  1. My first Mephisto! I’d never tried to finish one before, but Vinyl suggested I give this week’s a whirl.
    I don’t have Chambers, but I was able to find dictionary support for the words I hadn’t known before—except for the precise meaning given here for DERAYED, and for a while I was thinking I’d seen somewhere the whole word ASSAI as “sloth” (LOI)—AI is in all dictionaries, of course. AHRIMAN I knew, but I looked him up anyway and learned that in the 9th to the 12th century the name was frequently written upside down “as a sign of contempt and disgust.” “Homes for felines” didn’t look like the straight definition for CATHOUSES, which I thought should be something else! I’m sure M for “money” and ET for “Egypt” are two abbreviations we will only ever see in Mephisto.

    1. Hopefully you are hooked – though a copy of Chambers is a big help.

      You are correct – M for Money is in Chambers but not in Collins, so you won’t see it in the daily.

      IVR codes for countries are pretty common wordplay elements in Mephisto, which is where ET for Egypt comes in. IVR codes are in Collins, but I don’t recall them as regulars in the daily.

      DERAY is in Collins, but I don’t expect it to pop up in a daily

      1. Yes, I found DERAY in Collins, but with only these definitions:
        1. disorder; chaos; disarray
        VERB (intransitive)
        2. to act madly or in a disorderly fashion

        “Put out”? I take it that “as before” means “archaic.”

        1. Yes, “as before” means archaic and I believe any word denoted as such in Chambers needs an indication in the clue.
          The Chambers defs of deray are derange, go wild, tumult, disorder, and for put out there is disclocate.
          This was one I didn’t bother looking up before writing the blog, since the wordplay left no option. Mephisto is more a puzzle of wordplay than definition.

    2. Chambers is really essential for Mephisto. If you have a smartphone the app (which gives you the full dictionary) is only £8.

  2. I was shocked by how easy this was, given my experience of Mephistos, where I tend to give up. I don’t have a Chambers, and am not about to buy one, but Collins usually comes through when I have something to verify, like EYALET. Like Guy, I don’t think of feline homes when I see CATHOUSES. Are there cat houses?

    1. The Chambers entry for cathouse is great.
      1. A brothel (especially N Am slang)
      2. A place where cats are cared for.

      Make of that what you will

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