Mephisto 3245 – Tim Moorey

Greetings barred-grid fans.

Don’t remember a lot about solving this last week, as it was through a Sunday morning fog after enjoying myself thoroughly (maybe a little too thoroughly) at a Renaissance Faire on Saturday.  I do remember some of the wordplay being tricky, hopefully I have it all together for the blog.  There’s a number of clues that Tim Moorey calls all-in-one in his book (they are also called &lit), where the entire clue is wordplay and definition.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions (the most direct of which I have underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Stuffed vine leaves and cheese back in sold out (8)
DOLMADES – EDAM cheese reversed inside an anagram of SOLD.  Delicious Mediterranean bite.
7 Hard disk unwanted ?— it’s fallen out of use (4)
SLID – SOLID(hard) minus O(disk)
10 Capital risk, second hundred goes missing in Scottish district (10)
PARISCHANE – PARIS(capital) then CHANCE(risk) with the second C(hundred) missing
11 Gathered little resistance shown by United (7)
RALLIED – R(resistance) and ALLIED(united)
13 Article on monster Indian tree (5)
AGILA – A(article) and a GILA monster
14 Teacher associated with learner’s close shave (6)
BARBER – BARBE(Waldensian teacher) and the last letter of learneR
15 Veteran’s gone astray in southern seaside town, as reported (5)
WRIED – sounds like RYDE (town in the Isle of Wight)
16 Criticise what’s put before me: famous oysters (7)
PANDORE – PAN(criticise) and the notes before me in the musical scale are DO and RE
18 Your chaps came out in a skin condition (7)
ECTHYMA – THY(your) inside an anagram of CAME
20 One about to get help at sea for swimmer (7)
ACALEPH – A(one), CA(about) and an anagram of HELP
23 One square metre area adopted by resort (7)
CENTARE – A(area) inside CENTRE(a resort)
26 About the start of restaurant meal, one’s given out? (5)
CARTE – CA(about), the first letter of Restaurant, and TEA(meal) minus A(one)
27 One tailless rodent in container for deadly snake (6)
KARAIT – A(one), RAT(rodent) minus the last letter inside KIT(container)
28 Bass missing in clear sound (5)
RIGHT – remove B(bass)  from BRIGHT(clear)
30 Forget about any drips with this whirling (7)
SPIN-DRY – remove A(about) from an anagram of ANY,DRIPS
31 Nothing’s in front of Nigel Havers that’s simple and straightforward (10)
NO-NONSENSE – O(nothing) in the first letter of Nigel and NONSENSE(havers, found under HAVER in Chambers)
32 Pieces of grievous anarchy Trump supported? (4)
GATS – first letters in Grievous Anarchy Trump Supported
33 Boiled Italian greens could make you retch as before (8)
STREIGNE – anagram of IT(Italian),GREENS
1 Indian grass showing up a redness (4)
DURA -A, RUD(redness) all reversed
2 Sadly no acreage accepted for type of evening primroses (10)
ONAGRACEAE -anagram of NO,ACREAGE,A(accepted)
3 Count on American from the south getting stick (6)
MALLET – TELL(count) and AM(American) reversed
4 Greek daughter in song finished loveless (7)
ARIADNE – ARIA(song) and DONE(finished) minus O(love)
5 End with academic course in French town (6)
DIEPPE – DIE(end) and PPE(Philosophy, Politics and Economics, academic course)
6 Credit filling hospital food (5)
SCRAN – CR(credit) inside SAN(hospital)
7 Gap got rid of stores back in September (5)
SHERD – SHED(got rid of) containing the last letter in SeptembeR
8 Old kilted plates a hit with the lads (7)
LAMBOYS – LAM(a hit) and BOYS(lads)
9 Loss of French corps in action (8)
DECREASE – DE(of, in French) then RE(corps) inside CASE(action)
12 The new primer is about pesticide (10)
PERMETHRIN – anagram of THE,N(new),PRIMER
15 What’s great with riding for pleasure? (8)
WHACKING – W(with), HACKING(riding a horse for pleasure)
17 Minutes are not including name for body of vassals (7)
MANRENT – M(minutes), AREN’T(are not) containing N(name). Found in Chambers under MANRED
19 Aberdonian shrink following origins of tiredness advised drug? (7)
TACRINE – CRINE(shrink) after the first letters in Tiredness Advised
21 More aware of the latest record in hot period (6)
HEPPER – EP(record) inside H(hot), PER(period)
22 Scholar’s call for truce as if in for trouble (6, two words)
FAINS I – anagram of AS,IF,IN
24 High cost includes first-class fare from Mexico (5)
TACOS – anagram of COST containing A(first-class)
25 Look north and south for clubs in Scotland (5)
AIRNS – AIR(look), N(north) and S(south)
29 Not entirely empty kennel for a dog (4)
TYKE – hidden inside empTY KEnnel

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  1. I only got 1 across and 4 downs on a first pass through the clues; in all this took me over 1 1/2 hours. But I got there in the end. I liked the 3 &lits and the wordplay for do re. Thanks Tim and George.

  2. I found this tricky, and opted for WRYED at 15ac. It’s an archaic word and there’s no indication in Chambers as to how to conjugate it so I went with what looked like the more olde worlde spelling. Harrumph.

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