Mephisto 3237 – Paul McKenna

I found this one tricky, particularly as I was looking to confirm everything in advance of writing up the blog – there are a few biffable from definition.

I am not 100% on what is hidden in the top row, but I think it is a pun on something that my bicycle seems to specialize in (well not at the moment, I need a new tube for my front tire.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions (the most direct of which I have underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Batter’s inclination is to bound along (5)
SLOPE – ‘S, LOPE(bound along) with two definitions
5 Clinch with dear buckaroo (7)
PUNCHER – PUN(clinch – 6th definition of pun as a noun) and CHER(dear)
10 Restaurant’s exciting duck treat? Hearts moved (11)
EATING-HOUSE – HEATING(exciting), O(duck) and USE(treat) with the H(hearts) moved
12 Unsupported appeal for more sporadic visits? (8)
STAYLESS – if you wanted visits to be more sporadic, you might ask someone to STAY LESS
13 Fret loads on the way back (4)
STOP – POTS(loads, large amounts of) reversed
14 Repeat search has bewildered (5, two words)
AT SEA – hidden inside repeAT SEArch
16 God, one’s ripped (8)
IMMORTAL – I’M(ones), RIPPED(mortal, drunk)
18 Investigative methods jade back in old Argentina (6)
ORGANA – NAG(Shakespearean term for jade) reversed inside O(old), RA(Republic of Argentina)
19 Now disused “loads with fat” sadly means embracing recipe (6)
ENARMS – anagram of MEANS containing R(recipe)
21 Society root out source of poison? (6)
SPURGE – S(society), PURGE(root out)
23 News article about uniform being motty? (6)
STOURY – STORY(news article) containing U(uniform)
24 Old grey, one on gluttony say, gets trattoria’s nibbles (8)
GRISSINI – GRIS(grey), then I(one) after SIN(gluttony, say)
26 Gods of the north found by a westerly tower (5)
AESIR – A, then RISE(tower) reversed
28 Swindle lieutenant being a plonker (4)
DOLT – DO(swindle), LT(lieutenant)
29 Honest female borders on literally becoming a pest (8)
WHITEFLY – WHITE(honest), F(female) and the external letters of LiterallY
30 Answer comment unfavourably with licentious loopiness? (11, three words)
A SLATE LOOSE –  A(answer), SLATE(comment unfavorably) and LOOSE(licentious)
31 I’ll push along reforming his merry minstrels (7)
RHYMERS – remove I from HIS,MERRY and anagram
32 Getafix’s second secret spell about to serve some use (5)
ENURE – second letter of gEtafix and RUNE reversed. For those that missed the reference, Getafix makes the magic strength potion in the Asterix the Gaul comix
1 Sibling that’s cut down, well, outsize trees (7)
SISSOOS – SIS(sibling), SO(well), OS(outsize)
2 Who checks on president opening from suggested text? (11)
LETTERPRESS – LETTER(checker, hinderer), PRES(president), and the first letter in Suggested
3 Part for hot plug having excessive holes? (5)
P-TYPE – PT(part) replacing H(hot) in HYPE(plug). Referring to a semiconductor doped with a low-valent species
4 Fuels for Scots I singled out (8)
5 Cougar possessing born spirit (6)
PNEUMA – PUMA(cougar) containing NE(born)
6 Muso, eg, rolls up being no more disgusting (6)
UGSOME – anagram of MUSO,EG
7 Damage abandoned seashore? (4)
COST – double definition
8 Local barrel organ’s to be busily active above Queer Street (8)
HUMSTRUM – HUM(to be busily active) then RUM(queer) with ST(street) above
9 Small organ’s preposterous wallop (5)
REGAL – LAGER(wallop) reversed
11 Forcibly overwhelm via more stellar changes (11)
15 With no new agony left, finally Peggy is in a feverish way (8)
AGUISHLY – remove N(new) from ANGUISH(agony), then L(left) and the last letter of peggY
17 Eagerly expecting subject to lean towards English (8, two words)
ON TIPTOE – ON(subject to), then TIP(lean) TO(towards) E(English)
20 Small yard near kind architect’s upright structure (7)
SYSTYLE – S(small), Y(yard) and STYLE(kind)
22 One of two is confused here admitting ne plus ultra? (6)
EITHER – anagram of HERE containing IT(ne plus ultra, the ultimate)
23 Son pins down old euphemistic outburst (6)
‘SNAILS – S(son), NAILS(pins down)
24 River south of Mediterranean city produces stiff fabric (5)
GAZAR – R(river) after GAZA(Mediterranean city)
25 With God in agreeable concert hall (5)
ODEON – DEO(with God) inside ON(agreeable)
27 One heading for mosque before noon (4)
IMAM – I(one), first letter of Mosque and AM(before noon)

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  1. Yep, very tricky. Admittedly I don’t do Mephistos regularly but I only finished this one this morning, after a week of what you would call hunting and pecking, George.

    I thought 1a had something to do with cricket until I saw your comment that there were 2 defs, the I realised I knew batter as the slope of the opposing sides of a dry stone wall. I went on a course a few years ago, then made my own “batter frame” to get the slope right and built a bit of wall in our garden.

    Thanks for the blog, needed to understand LETTERPRESS, ENURE and ORGANA.

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