Mephisto 3233 – Tim Moorey

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Greetings barred-grid fans!

I spent more time looking up things in Chambers than usual this week, not so much because of the wordplay, but there are some very odd words in the grid.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions (the most direct of which is underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Courier car is carrying a lot of cheese (9)
ESTAFETTE – ESTATE car containing most of FETa cheese
11 A large amount of horse mackerel (4)
SCAD – double definition
12 Dullards working in laundries not independent (8)
LURDANES – anagram of LAUNDRIES minus I(independent)
13 Crazy pass missing out both wings (4)
RAVE – TRAVEL(pass) missing the exterior letters
14 Absent girl seen by lake in Asian wood (8)
AGALLOCH – A(absent), GAL(girl) next to LOCH(lake)
15 River of Italian city (6)
TRENTO – TRENT river, then O(of)
16 A dish put out for paragon (5)
SIDHA – anagram of A,DISH
17 Second World War commando back in large town not unknown (7)
CHINDIT – HIND(back) inside CITY(large town) minus Y(unknown)
20 Help to bring about trick on leader (7)
CONDUCE – CON(trick) next to DUCE(leader)
24 I rejected original fancy Hindu decorations (7)
RANGOLI – anagram of ORIGINAL minus I
25 Foam on back of aircraft upfront (7)
AEROGEL – LEG(on side in cricket) reversed after AERO-(of aircraft)
27 Shout in depression after losing wife (5)
HOLLO – HOLLOW(depression) minus W(wife)
30 Three articles written about introduction of Nigella, a goddess (6)
ATHENA – A, THE and A(three articles) around the first letter in Nigella
31 Triumph over weedy stuff by Native American ending in waffle (8)
ORECROWE – ORE(weedy stuff), then CROW(Native American) and the last letter in wafflE
32 Charles Darwin’s forensic test (4)
ESDA – hidden inside charlES DArwin
33 Expecting enclosure that’s fortified (8)
ENCEINTE – double definition – this one gave me trouble since I was not familiar with either definition. It appeared in a daily in 2020 and caused a bit of a stir then
34 African encampment, authentic for retreat (4)
LAER – REAL(authentic) reversed
35 Marks right away covering gentle US terrain (9)
SCABLANDS –  SCARS(marks) minus R(right) surrounding BLAND(gentle)
2 Panic surrounding cat in minor fight (8)
SCARMOGE – SCARE(panic) surrounding MOG(cat)
3 English composer, one behind bars (8)
TAVERNER – double definition
4 Advertisement space connected with one Middle-Easterner (5)
ADENI – AD(advertisement), EN(space) and I(one)
5 Mock a Tesla that’s stalled at high speed (7, two words)
FLAT OUT – FLOUT(mock) containing A,T(tesla)
6 Tube journey not half taking long (7)
TRACHEA – half of TRAvel(journey) containing ACHE(long)
7 Only one large comprehensive in say, a London borough (6)
EALING – only one L(large) in ALL-IN(comprehensive), placed inside EG(say)
8 Trim Spaniards turned up (4)
SNOD – DONS(Spaniards) reversed
9 Counsel out of focus in college (4)
TECH – TEACH(counsel) missing the middle letter(the focus)
10 Hairy task ordered for Hindu warrior (9)
15 Food stocking said to be for old Virginians (9)
TUCKAHOES – sounds like TUCKER(food), HOSE(stocking)
18 Bishop blessed in old case long forgotten (8)
DIOCESAN – anagram of IN,OLD,CASE minus L(long)
19 One society owning estates is isolated (8)
ISLANDED – I(one), S(society), LANDED(owning estates)
21 Car picked up close to a fiddle (7)
CREMONA – MERC(car) reversed, then ON(close to), A
22 Moderate peacekeepers overlooking former Liberal party leader (7)
UNSTEEL – UN(peacekeepers) over former Liberal party leader David STEEL
23 Old dilapidated church, shortly before end of mass organ stops (6)
DOLCES -anagram of OLD, then CE(church) and the last letter of masS
26 Male learner in confines of Calcutta? (5)
CHELA – HE(male), L(learner) inside the exterior letters of CalcuttA
28 A certain rolling river in part of France (4)
ORNE – ONE(a certain) containing R(river)
29 Lewd desire of male chauvinist (4)
LECH – hidden inside maLE CHauvinist

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  1. Why are the clues in today’s online Mephisto so faint? Is there a way of remedying this?

    1. If you click on the little wheel to the top right of the grid you can resize the font on the clues.

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