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Greetings barred-grid fans!

Another wordplay tour de force from Don Manley, no question marks on my grid but a lot of notes in the margins.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions (the most direct of which is underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Mark has healthy food, starter for dinner (5)
BRAND – the healthy food is BRAN, then the first letter in Dinner
5 Total pain limiting old city society (7, two words)
PURSANG – PANG(pain) containing UR(old city) and S(society)
10 Vegetable blue? A lapse in what’s been said (9)
MARROWSKY – MARROW(vegetable) and SKY blue
11 Evil spirit making one scared (5)
AFRIT – A(one) FRIT(scared)
12 A number of grains companion found in whisky? (6)
DRACHM – CH(companion) nside DRAM(whisky)
13 Attempt is made to accommodate the Parisian sculptures (8)
STABILES – STAB(attempt) and IS containing LE(the, in French)
15 Naughty e-message in time of prayer (4)
SEXT – double definition… I’ll own up to knowing the first definition better than the second
16 Puts up with winter sportspeople disregarding rule (5)
SKIES – SKIERS(winter sportspeople) minus R(rule). Puts up as in sends high
17 Man’s parts in choral sessions with face hidden (9)
SHEADINGS – SINGS(choral sessions) containing HEAD(face). Man refers to the Isle of Man here
20 Enteric, as could be anatomical spaces (9)
22 Having joint, as you might say, for massage (5)
KNEAD – sounds like KNEED(having joint)
26 Friendly and powerful, exuding energy (4)
MATY – MEATY(powerful) minus E(energy)
27 Indication given to soldiers, one given by a governing body (8)
SIGNORIA –  SIGN(indication), OR(soldiers), I(one) and A
28 Read dictionaries? Your enthusiast gets stuck in! (6)
ADDICT – hidden inside reAD DICTionaries
29 Religious fighters beat their enemy (5)
SATAN – SA(Salvation Army, religious fighters) and TAN(beat)
30 Search in second-rate market, primarily for cheap rubbish (9)
BRUMMAGEM – RUMMAGE(search) in B(second rate) and the first letter in Market
31 Germany’s predominant in beer (7)
ALMAINE – MAIN(predominant) inside ALE(beer)
32 This Greek character is missing another one (5)
THETA – THIS and ETA(greek character) minus IS
1 Audacious saints invading vicar’s Thames-side location (6)
BRASSY – S and S(saints) inside the see of the Vicar of BRAY (an satirical poem or operetta)
2 Beams from gang subsequent to being caught (9)
RAFTERING – RING(gang) containing AFTER(subsequent to)
3 Charm of a supporter when receiving sign of love (7)
ABRAXAS – A, BRA(supporter) AS(when) containing X(sign of love)
4 Goin’ out with a member of a chivalric order (5)
DATIN – DATING (going out) with the last letter elided
5 Quiet car, old one moving suspiciously? (7)
PROLLER – P(piano,, quiet), ROLLER(car)
6 So pointed it out, being erudite? (5)
URDEE – remove IT from ERUDTE and form an anagram
7 Is weak potation finally ditched? Is that it? (7)
SWANKIE – anagram of IS,WEAK and the last letter of potatioN
8 Cells having one sort of code (5)
ASCII – ASCI(cells) and I(one).
9 Yarns from non-U fellows about politician (5)
GYMPS – remove U from GUYS(fellows) and insert MP(politician)
14 Agent into getting new deal? (9)
NEGOTIANT – anagram of AGENT,INTO, an all-in-one
17 Dramatic items sung at Mass I rearranged (7)
STASIMA – anagram of AT,MASS,I
18 Mystical interpretation of a horse I conjured up (7)
ANAGOGE – A, NAG and then EGO(I) reversed
19 A jar with ten crushed oranges? Only one (7)
NAARTJE – anagram of A,JAR and TEN
21 African people in US city with stories about the origin of jazz (6)
NYANJA – NY(US City) and ANA(stories) around the first letter in Jazz
22 King laid on a Syrian cloth in holy building (5)
KAABA – K(king), A, ABA(Syrian cloth)
23 Duke besotted over maiden at once (5, two words)
EK DUM – anagram of DUKE containing M(maiden)
24 Old council to recognise a knight (5)
WITAN – WIT(recognise), A, N(knight)
25 A Parisian group yet to be confirmed? (5)
UNSET – UN(a in French), SET(group)

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  1. ABRAXIS should be ABRAXAS. Title of an album by the great Santana, who, as a guitarist and musician, was miles ahead of his contemporaries.
  2. ABRAXIS should be ABRAXAS. Title of an album by the great Santana, who as a guitarist and musician was miles ahead of his contemporaries.
    1. Thanks – transcription error that crept in when I was entering answers. My paper copy has ABRAXAS.

      Edited at 2022-03-20 01:56 pm (UTC)

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