Mephisto 3203 – Tim Moorey

Greetings barred-grid fans.

I filled the grid pretty readily, but I made a bunch of notes on my copy, so there are some tricky wordplay elements. Tim Moorey tends to drop in some popular culture and sports, and this time I was unfamiliar with the supermarket brand, which does not appear to be a presence in the USA, and the actress who appears in 25 across.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitons (the first of which is underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers, so I will focus on the wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Strikers threaten one dropping out? They can be dismissed on appeal (7)
BATSMEN – BATS(strikers), then MENACE(threaten) minus ACE(one). A little surprised to see the definition being the same headword in Chambers as part of the same headword, though there are bats that are not specifically cricket ones.
6 Picture of the Month challenge discontinued (5)
MOVIE – MO(month), then VIE(challenge)
10 Agitation in Unite upset with Old Bill (10)
EBULLITION –  anagram of UNITE,O(old),BILL
11 Weaker official about to admit abuse (7)
FRAILER – REF(official) reversed containing RAIL(abuse)
13 Free from rain, pretty good bazaar for charity (4)
FAIR – three definitions
14 Fate of Charlie on hold (6)
CLOTHO – CLOT(Charlie) next to HO!(hold)
15 Clever person coloured confectionery (7)
SMARTIE – double definition. In Australia (and I think in the UK), smarties are candy-coated chocolate ellipsoids. In the USA, there is a candy called smarties, and it is also coloured (or colored here), but it is more like little sherberts in a roll.
16 Guard in Arab stores ready for Jordan (5)
DINAR – hidden in guarD IN ARab
20 Cheese on grilled meat cut is a Japanese dish (7)
EDAMAME – EDAM cheese then an anagram of MEAT missing the last letter. I used to complain that Mephistos were full of the most disgusting sounding foods, but I quite like these steamed soy bean pods.
22 Dishonest Khan unexpectedly retaining power (7)
KNAVISH – anagram of KHAN containing VIS(power)
24 Heads to roll in favoured gatherings producing cases (5)
ETUIS – this type of clue is a Tim Moorey specialty – remove the first letters of PET(favoured) and HUIS(Maori gatherings)
25 Rough breathing in grammar school? It’s the fags! (7)
GASPERS – ASPER(rough breathing) inside GS(Grammar School)
28 British actress Jane seen in straw hat (6)
BASHER – B(british) and the actress Jane ASHER. She’s been in a few movies I’ve seen (Alfie, Masque of the Red Death) and done a lot of television series I have never watched, but I don’t think I could place her.
30 Maid, one indeed for a Sloane (4)
AYAH – A Sloane may say AY for one and AH for indeed – oops, as pointed out in comments it is A, YAH. I didn’t look it up.
31 Ruler’s traditional dress in Thailand not available (7)
TSARINA – SARI(traditional dress) inside T(Thailand) and NA(not available)
32 Experiences of migrants beginning with hope and ending with rescue at sea? (10)
NIGHTMARES – anagram of MIGRANTS with the first letter of Hope and the last letter of rescuE
33 Parts of ground in sporting venues not given a name? (5)
AREAS – ARENAS(sporting venues) missing N(name)
34 Avoid confronting stores about water parsnip (7)
SKIRRET – SKIRT(avoid confronting) surrounding RE(about)
1 Knocks from Bravo in short made it with Stokes (5)
BIFFS – B(bravo), I(in), FF(fecerunt, made it), and S(stokes, measurement of viscosity)
2 Academician’s ridiculous to hold up article concerning ink (10)
ATRAMENTAL – A(academician), MENTAL(ridiculous) containing ART(article) reversed
3 Italian cop succeeded getting little resistance in pen (6)
SBIRRO – S(succeeded), then R(resistance) inside BIRO(pen)
4 Issuing ecstasy, smuggler caught leading to fine (5)
MULCT – remove E(ecstasy) from MULE(smuggler) then CT(caught)
5 Laments idea oddly to cut European members (7)
ELEGIES – the odd letters in IdEa inside E(european), LEGS(members)
6 Old lady nursing sick daughter shows restraint across the pond (7)
MILLDAM – MAM(old lady) containing ILL(sick), D(daughter)
7 Man in house with line disconnected (4)
OTTO – LOTTO(house, the gambling game) missing L(line)
8 Energy seen around mount in the country (7)
VIETNAM – VIM(energy) containing mount ETNA
9 Replays concerning Hearts, it’s said (7)
ENCORES – sounds like ON CORES(concerning hearts)
12 Casement’s embellishment a spymaster in Special Branch linked with case of eventual uprising (10)
CHAMBRANLE – A, M(spymaster) inside an anagram of BRANCH, then the external letters of EventuaL reversed
17 President to prohibit one form of art from Japan (7)
IKEBANA – IKE Eisenhower(preident) next to BAN(prohibit), A(one)
18 Type of dog leads with special attachments getting interest as before (7)
SAUSAGE – first letters of Special and Attachments then USAGE(interest)
19 Sister in reverse outside wing halves (7)
BISECTS – SIB(sister) reversed containing SECT(wing)
21 Had snack prepared omitting cold dish (7)
DHANSAK – anagram of HAD,SNACK minus C(cold). Another tasty dish.
23 Slimmer in supermarket ends with veggie burger (6)
SPARER – SPAR(a Dutch supermarket chain) and the last letters of veggiE burgeR
26 Boat mostly around source of African river such as this one (5)
SHARI – SHIP(boat) missing the last letter surrounding the first letter of African and R(river)
27 Term for brass handle? (5)
SHAFT – an all-in-one. Wordplay is the last letter in brasS, then HAFT(handle)
29 Ditch husband with expression of pleasure (4)
HAHA – H(husband) and AHA(expression of pleasure)

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  1. I left the timer running on this so I don’t know how long it took me. It was about medium-difficulty if I remember rightly.
    The wordplay in 30ac is A, YAH. YAH (see also ‘OK yah’) is the stereotypical Sloane Ranger word for yes.
  2. SPAR is a very common supermarket franchise operation in the UK. I hadn’t previously realised that it was Dutch owned.

    As for Jane Asher, she is probably best known for being engaged to marry Paul McCartney, but: “On 20 July 1968, Asher announced publicly to the BBC that her engagement to McCartney had been called off, an announcement that shocked many people, including McCartney himself.” (Wikipedia)

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