Mephisto 3197 – Tim Moorey

Greetings barred-grid fans.

Took me a while to get into this one, and my copy is covered in notes (though I take more notes when I know it is my turn to blog), but no question marks, so all the wordplay fits. I thought there were some tricky anagrams this time around.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions (the most direct of which is underlined) can be confirmed in Chambers so I will focus on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Sharply critical fraud article written for money (8)
SCATHING – SCAM(fraud) with THING(article) replacing M(money)
7 Macintosh regularly getting his oats! (4)
AITS – alternating letters in mAcInToSh
10 Theatrical group associated with Journey’s End (5)
CAMPY – CAMP(group) with the last letter of journeY
11 Irish zealot on TV out to embrace the case for Eire (6)
VOTEEN –  anagram of ON,TV containing the outer letters of EirE
12 Yours truly’s so long with an injury in parts of foot (9)
METATARSI – ME(yours truly), TA TA(so long) and RSI(repetitive strain injury)
13 Tie up dispute without using technology (6)
LIGATE – LITIGATE(dispute) missing IT(technology)
15 Heartlessly pronounces sort of law (4)
SODS – remove the central letters from SOUNDS(pronounces)
16 Double energy used to cut very large West African trees (6)
OPEPES – PEP, and E(both energy) inside OS(very large)
17 Showing pretty duff reform legacy in plan? Not entirely (11)
CALLIPYGEAN – anagram of LEGACY,IN,PLAN missing the last letter
19 More than one railing at absurd Les being uncouth (11)
22 Note outside exhibition room for plant bodies (6)
THALLI – TI(musical note) surrounding HALL(exhibition room)
24 Local strike force on criminal charge (4)
FRAP – F(force) and RAP(criminal charge)
26 First person to enter names for flight (6)
STAIRS – I(first person) inside STARS(names)
28 Muscular spasms stir awfully deep thoughts (9)
TRISMUSES – anagram of STIR, then MUSES(deep thoughts)
29 Look on endless bad atmosphere for mythical monsters (6)
LAMIAS – LA(look) and MIASM(bad atmosphere) missing the last letter
30 Abbreviations recalled by some nostalgists? (5)
SIGLA – hidden reversed in nostALGISts
31 Throwing up is not wanted by relatives (4)
EMES – EMESIS(throwing up) minus IS
32 Fellow found sites for insects (8)
MANTISES – MAN(fellow) and an anagram of SITES (found is the indicator)
1 Lots of fish caught in southern headland unfenced (4)
SCUL – C(caught) inside S(southern) and MULL(headland) missing the exterior letters
2 Heroin seen around Brazilian port is for me? (7)
CARIOCA – CACA(heroin) surrounding RIO(Brazilian port)
3 Tonsils removed by a game lady (9)
4 Rainy habitually on vacation, recently from the south (6)
HYETAL – external letters of HabituallY, then LATE(recently) reversed
5 In short, no marks for citrous item gone off — it’s yellow (11)
ICTERITIOUS – I(in) then an anagram of CITROUS,ITEM minus M
6 Barbarian understood to be associated with heroin (4)
GOTH – GOT(understood) and H(heroin)
7 Foreign official accepted the bill for one (6)
ATABEG – A(accepted), TAB(the bill), EG(for one)
8 Witness canopy over bed with no end of cover (5)
TESTE – the canopy is a TESTER, remove the last letter of coveR
9 Tip shares above all in quick dialogue (8)
SNIP-SNAP – NAP(tip in racing) under SNIPS(shares)
11 Virginia gets very urgent incomplete hormone (11)
VASOPRESSIN – VA(Virginia), SO(very), then PRESSING(urgent) missing the last letter
14 News sources including fringe elements in Europe (9)
SPEERINGS – SPRINGS(sources) containing the exterior letters of EuropE
15 Congress included in artful caption (8)
SUBTITLE – IT(sexual congress) inside SUBTLE(artful)
18 Laura’s excited with hubbie’s finish most of the time (7, three words)
ASARULE – anagram of LAURA’S with the last letter of hubbiE
20 Scar formation for anyone to see indeed in Casualty (6)
ULOSIS – U(for anyone to see), then I(indeed) in LOSS(casualty)
21 Tense game after Australia declare (6)
ATTEST – T(tense), TEST(game) after A(Australia)
23 Husband has power to protect one getting a lot of wives (5)
HARAM – H(husband) and ARM(power) containing A(one)
25 Religious VIP heads off with obscure stuff (4)
IMAM – remove the first letters of DIM(obscure) and RAM(stuff)
27 Short spell in holiday places? (4)
SPAS – remove the last letter from SPASM(spell)

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  1. I found this pretty tricky, but it was less a matter of getting into it than finishing it off: the last quarter took me as long as the first three. The long anagrams were a particular problem, including BALUSTRADES: I kicked myself when I finally realised that I wasn’t looking for some obscure term for a critical tirade!
  2. Good to see Tim getting back to the scatological and the risque. I particularly liked the one about Laura and her hubbie’s finish.

    Just over an hour, but with one or two interruptions for more beer, and delayed by one wrongly-entered letter, and one alternative – HARIM – that fitted the clue, but not the crosser.

  3. Thanks – my slip. Chambers confirms LA

    la(2) interjection: Lo! See! behold! ah! indeed!

    Edited at 2021-12-12 04:18 pm (UTC)

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