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Greetings barred-grid fans.

Excellent puzzle here from Don Manley, with very clear wordplay for the more obscure entries. 20 in particulatly had me wondering if it was truly a word from the wordplay, but yes indeed it was.

In Mephisto puzzles, definitions can be confirmed by Chambers, so I will be focusing on wordplay here.

Away we go…

1 Support excellent social event (7)
AIDANCE – A1(excellent), DANCE(social event)
6 Relationship of power that restricts little American nerd (5)
DWEEB – DB(decibel, relationship of power of sound), containing WEE(little)
10 Movement in painting surprisingly rare with tight content (8, two words)
ART AUTRE – anagram of RARE containing TAUT(tight)
11 Rebellion in university — Paris trounced by Left (7)
UPRISAL – U(university), then an anagram of PARIS, L(left)
12 What sounds like containers made of fabric or paper (4)
SAXE – sounds like SACKS(containers made of fabric)
13 Witty remark about army officer (5)
SALTY – SAY(remark) surrounding LT(army officer)
14 Heroic struggling — one won’t succeed alone (6)
CO-HEIR – anagram of HEROIC
15 Some castle’s carpenter works in part of the fortifications (6)
ESCARP – hidden inside castlES CARPenter
20 French songstress coming to her conclusion with good moving on the spot (8)
PIAFFING – the French songstress is Edith PIAF, then FIN(conclusion in French), G(good)
21 No longer shining and fresh, having to admit fortune half gone (8)
RELUCENT – RECENT(fresh) containing half of LUck
25 Old Mark and Bill in horse-drawn vehicle (6)
CARACT – AC(bill) inside CART(horse-drawn vehicle)
27 Bed of no use whatever for fish (6)
COTTUS – COTT(bed), US(unserviceable, of no use whatsoever)
28 Old torch placed on a small support, we hear (5)
TEADE – sounds like TEED(put on a small support in golf)
30 Wild animal in grass rolling over, acting (4)
EYRA – RYE(grass) reversed, then A(acting)
31 Bishop involved in what could be Oxford dispute — it’s hairy (7)
UNIBROW – B(bishop) inside what could be a UNI ROW(Oxford dispute)
32 Mad ploys to divert from what traditional church choirs sing? (8)
33 Outrush of gum (5)
SALLY – double definition
34 Medical manipulator may want to get this plant (7)
BONESET – a medical manipulator might want to get a BONE SET
1 A goddess to beguile (5)
AMUSE – A, MUSE(goddess)
2 Gave lots of colour to former journalist’s claim (8)
IMPASTED – the former journalist might claim I’M PAST ED
3 Vibration of daughter, lass no good (4)
DIRL – D(daughter) then GIRL(lass) minus G(good)
4 Grandparent’s no longer adult very important (6)
AVITAL – A(adult), VITAL(very important)
5 Suffering more as athlete in the heat? Crowd support needed (8)
6 Always getting stick in lift when one isn’t working (6, two words)
DAY OFF – AY(always) inside DOFF(lift)
7 In Chinese practice not all show us humanity (5, two words)
WUSHU – hidden inside shoW US HUmanity
8 A tree tangled up, one with round fruit (7)
ETAERIO – anagram of A,TREE then I(one), O(round)
9 Busy type with hot temper in the drinks industry (7)
BEERAGE – a busy BEE with RAGE(hot temper)
16 Chap is able to perform, fading away (8)
MANCANDO – MAN(chap), CAN DO (is able to perform)
17 One acted in play providing pithy narrative (8)
18 Part of body in church in Tours (7)
TRICEPS – CE(church) inside TRIPS(tours)
19 See track with one left out on a wing (7)
ELYTRAL – ELY(see) and then TRIAL(track) missing I(one)
22 Worthless sort of cow (6)
CRUMMY – double definition
23 Church singer to quiver? Mass must be avoided (6)
TREBLE – TREMBLE(quiver) missing M(mass)
24 Evasive manoeuvre in miner’s working area? (5)
STALL – double definition
26 The first person about to be entertained by one bird or another (5)
TEWIT – WE(the first person) inside TIT(a bird)
29 Ploughs once used in part of Northern Ireland (4)
ARDS – double definition, the second being the North Downs.

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  1. I suspected a misprint or typo in 6d. ‘Stuck’ works better.

    PIAFFING was no problem to the father of a daughter who’s into horses. Never heard of MANCANDO. Morendo is more usual in music.

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