Mephisto 309 – Tim Moorey

Sorry about the late blog, I had a call time moved yesterday and that took away the time I had reserved for this. Im hoping I can get it up in time so that it is not out of order on the blog, though the date is going to be correct. I’m going to post and edit it, so do not be alarmed if you are reading just this section, the rest will be here soon.

I found this one pretty tricky, and there’s one clue where I think I have the correct wordplay, but I could be missing something.

First definitions are underlined…

Away we go…

1 Horse and dog in residence rejected (6)
STAGER – TAG(dog as in follow closely) inside RES(residence) reversed
6 Beetle, small vehicle on Autobahn (6)
SCARAB – S(small), CAR(vehicle), AB(Autobahn)
11 Abnormal growth coming from earth in part of garden, by gum! (8)
BEDEGUAR – E(earth) in BED(part of garden) and GUAR(gum)
12 Old pub fitter is a serious smoker (7)
INHALER – IN(form of INN), HALER(fitter)
13 Foxtrot turned out quick and slow in some places (4)
LASH – remove F(foxtrot) from FLASH(quick)
14 Cut down unknown number of same-aged lambs? Yes, cruelly (5)
FELLY – double your wordplay! FELL(cut down) and Y(unknown) then FELL(number of same-aged lambs), Y(yes)
15 Language being recalled, nothing in it (7)
SLOVENE – ENS(being) reversed, containing LOVE(nothing)
17 Most of lunch including religious education is forbidden (5)
TREIF – the lunch is a TIFT, remove the last letter in insert RE(religious education)
19 Drink retailers lacking space become cloth workers (10)
TEASELLERS – the drink retailers are TEA SELLERS, the space you have to remove is the one between the words
22 Following lines on abandoned site, enter from the east for Welsh town (10)
FFESTINIOG – FF(following lines), then an anagram of SITE, and GO IN(enter) reversed
27 Cheese in perfect condition, primarily upmarket Dutch one (5)
GOUDA – GO (in perfect condition), then the first letter of Upmarket, D(Dutch), A(one)
28 Where to find Mephisto that’s uncommonly tough (7)
INFAUST – Mephisto would be IN FAUST
29 Australian forward seen in public once (5)
APERT – A(Australian), PERT(forward)
30 One’s content to share cat and dog (4)
MONG – short for MONGREL – the middle (content) of oNe inside MOG(cat)
31 French philosopher thrived on European corruption (7)
DIDEROT – DID(thrived), E(European), ROT(corruption)
32 Support for a card game that can be spoiled? (8)
LOOTABLE – the card game could be played on a LOO TABLE
33 Poet’s lauded extract that’s familiar (6)
EXTOLD – EXT(extract), OLD(familiar)
34 Look inside inner Scottish room, furnished in old style (6)
BESEEN – SEE(look) inside BEN(inner room)

1 Modest housing provided on time? Dubious (6)
SHIFTY – SHY(modest) containing IF(provided), T(time)
2 A number on ecstasy prevalent in part of Spain (8)
TENERIFE – TEN(a number), E(ecstasy), RIFE(prevalent)
3 English felt hat’s too tight — common complaint with trilbies (12, two words)
ATHLETE’S FOOT – anagram of E,FELT,HAT’S,TOO. Trilbies are feet
4 They’re keen to save energy while around railway siding (7)
GOALIES – GO(energy), AS(while) around LIE(railway siding)
5 Go off elders, say when leader’s put down (5)
REEST – the elders are TREES, move the T down
7 Small spot about to be taken up in intestinal area (5)
CELOM – MOLE(small spot), C(about)
8 American opened plant in Mexico (5)
AGAVE – A(American), GAVE(opened, yielded)
9 Operation embodied in false surrender eg concealing cover of squadron (12, three words)
RUSE DE GUERRE – anagram of SURRENDER, EG containing S(quadron)
10 Menswear in Scotland commonly second-rate and stinks (6)
BREEKS – B(second-rate), REEKS(stinks)
16 Armstrong perhaps on the way up? Right (4)
LIEN – reversal of the astronaut NEIL Armstrong
18 What Catholic activists may do for sign of coming disease (8)
PRODROME – the acfivist may PROD ROME
20 Son no longer active, ends computer games (4)
SIMS – S(son) instead of A(active) in AIMS(ends)
21 A drilling can end in distress for caterpillars (7)
LOOPERS – PER(a) inside LOO(can, toilet), (distres)S
22 Nice daughter wraps a soft material (6)
FAILLE – FILLE(daughter in French), containing A
23 Conservative politician last to sleep when the news is on (6)
PATTEN(slee)P and the news is AT TEN – I guess this is Chris PATTEN?
24 Too much wallop and said Lord passes out! (5)
TANTO – TAN(wallop) and TOLD(said) missing LD(lord)
25 Bone up initially on lady supporting Judge (5)
JUGAL – U(up), GAL(lady) under J(judge)
26 Unit set up intensive campaign on the radio (5)
STILB – a unit of brighness – and sounds like BLITZ reversed

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  1. I picked up and put down this puzzle five or six times, but the South West corner refused to yield.

    Just one query : I agree totally with your parsing of RUSE DE GUERRE George, but where/how does the N disappear from the anagrind ?

  2. To me, 9dn looks like USE (operation) in *((S)URRE(N)DER EG), ie an anagram of surrender eg with the first and last letters of squadron concealed. Def. presumably to be the &lit.
    You did not specify which clue you were uncertain about George, was this it?

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