Mephisto 3055 – Don Manley

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I found this trickier than most recent Mephistos, and solved it largely from the bottom up – I think at one point the entire bottom half was full, but only 7 down was in place in the top half.

Definitions can be confirmed in Chambers.

The first definition in each clue is underlined.

Away we go…

1 As before, observe flood in which fish flips over (9)
SPECULATE – SPATE(flood) containing LUCE(fish) reversed
10 Word of appreciation by fellow for meat dish (6)
TAMALE – TA(word of appreciation), MALE(fellow). Tamales don’t necessarily contain meat, and are delicious.
11 Fibrous plant in very small area east of heath (6)
MOORVA – V(very), A(area) after MOOR(heath)
12 Money pursued by academic sharks (8)
RHINODON – RHINO(money) then DON(academic)
13 Follower of Jesus in Chinese city (4)
XIAN – Double definition, XIAN being short for Christian
14 A story about the old man that took astronomical measurements (7)
ALIDADE – A LIE(story) surrounding DAD(the old man)
15 Language of old group of people enthralling a number (5)
TEMNE – TEME(old form of TEAM, group of people) containing N(number)
18 Growing as twins at home beset by rage (6)
BINATE – IN(at home) inside BATE(bait, rage)
19 Invalid sadly losing pounds — protein required (6)
AVIDIN – anagram of INVALID minus L(pounds)
24 Unpopular doctor with pained expression, college type (6)
FELLOW – FELL(unpopular doctor) with OW(pained expression). The first part was new to me, from “I do not like thee, Doctor Fell”
25 Spiders one’s found in region (6)
ARANEA – AN(one) in AREA(region)
28 Spots patterns (5)
MOLDS – double definition
29 Vessel making speed interrupted by bar (7)
PINNACE – PACE(speed) with INN(bar) inside
30 Playwright’s run (4)
BOLT – The playwright is Robert Bolt, best known for A Man For All Seasons
31 Time to face mistake about charge — legal resolution needed (8)
TERMINER – T(time) with ERR(mistake) containing MINE(depth charge)
32 American food in small East End home we fancy? (6)
OMELET – American spelling of OMELETTE – or ‘OMELET
33 What could be boring for Scot? Terrible English — no good! (6)
ELSHIN – anagram of ENGLISH minus G(good)
34 Record chief troublemaker in Greek province (9)
EPARCHATE – EP(record), ARCH(chief), ATE(troublemaker)

1 Vagrant in street, exhausted person (5)
STRAG – ST(street), RAG(exhausted person)
2 Old characters in NZ settlement with toilet on island (7)
PAHLAVI – PAH(Maori settlement), LAV(toilet), I(island)
3 Satire performed receives stick? The opposite (7)
CANDIDE – DID(performed) inside CANE(stick)
4 This old language sounds dull (6)
LEDDEN – sounds like LEADEN
5 A second degree restricts one ultimately — one doesn’t have much of a life! (6)
AMOEBA – A, MBA(second degree), containing the outside letters of OnE
6 I’m in a financial scheme with others — there’s money in cosmetic stuff (8)
TONTINER – TIN(money) inside TONER(cosmetic stuff)
7 Proper friend in the first place (8)
PRIMALLY – PRIM(proper), ALLY(friend)
8 ‘ampshire town as before (5)
AVANT – The town is HAVANT, remove the aspirant
9 Cheese in cake always (6)
PANEER – PAN(cake), EER(always)
16 Is everything found in a last resort? (8, two words)
PIS ALLER – IS, ALL(everything) inside PER(A)
17 Position of soldier that’s horrible without support — start to panic (8)
FIRE-STEP – FIE(“that’s horrible”) containing REST(support), then the first letter of Panic
20 Polish nails inappropriately inside quiet hotel (7)
PLANISH – anagram of NAILS inside P(quiet), H(hotel)
21 Invention with one not quiet showing vanity (7)
CONCEIT – CONCEPT(invention) with I(one) replacing the P(quiet)
22 Flog WI produce maybe — second-rate/satisfactory? (6)
JAMBOK – JAM(of Jamaica), B(second-rate), OK(satisfactory)
23 Some viewers’ areas had planned activities time set up (6)
TAPETA – ATE(had), PAT(Planned Activities Time) all reversed. Areas of the eye
24 Less inclined to show bias as female broadcaster? (6)
FAIRER – F(female), AIRER(broadcaster)
26 Big old footballing boy keeping order (5)
ROOMY – ROY of the Rovers containing OM(order)
27 Old soldier, a bit of a nut left to pass away (5)
KERNE – the KERNEL of a nut missing L(left)

7 comments on “Mephisto 3055 – Don Manley”

  1. ….was scarcely a boy – by the time he finally hung his boots up he must have been pushing 60 ! I resisted the urge to biff “stray” at 1D, but was undone by biffing “sidestep” at 17D.

    TAPETA is one of the artificial surfaces used in horse racing (Newcastle is an example course), and I didn’t know it in any other context – at 71 I’m still enjoying my misspent youth !

    1. I did fall for STRAY at 1d, justifying it to myself as ST = ‘street, exhausted’, and RAY as the name of a ‘person’. Feeble, but it seemed to make sense at the time.
    2. Roy =?= boy
      One Chambers def for boy is “man with a particular skill”, and another is “(in Ireland and elsewhere) a man”, so in Mephisto he is …

      Edited at 2019-03-25 05:59 am (UTC)

  2. I didn’t share George’s difficulty because I was fortunate enough to get 1A and 1D straight off, which opened up the top nicely

    But, like George, didn’t know Doctor Fell

    1. I did, and it didn’t help!
      I do not love thee, Dr Fell;
      The reason why, I cannot tell;
      But this I know, and know full well,
      I do not love thee, Dr Fell.

      love, not like

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