Mephisto 3053 – Tim Moorey

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I found this one kind of a struggle and I’m not sure if I have everything 100% sussed out.

There are an unsually large number of clues that require reversal of wordplay components here.

The first definition is underlined in the clues. Definitions can be verified in Chambers, so I’m only going to comment on definitions if there is something unusual.

Away we go…

4 Certainly boring church conference, say — it reduces one to silence (9)
CHOKE-PEAR – OKE(certainly) inside CH(church) and a conference PEAR
10 Shock with bag — one should keep locks in order (8)
HAIRGRIP –  HAIR(shock) and GRIP(bag). This is given in Chambers as one or two words
11 Bury up north picked up — Hearts knocked out (4)
EARD – HEARD(picked up) missing H(Hearts)
12 Short service before mass presages rejoicing (8)
13 Gurnard in cans, Australian not English (4)
TUBS – the cans are TUBES, remove E(English)
14 Miss Right, very small (5)
PETTY – remove the R(right) from PRETTY(very)
15 Spotted swine without heads and hound without owner (6)
PIEDOG – SPIED(spotted) and HOG(swine) missing the first letters
17 No little following for gala occurring in Washington summer? (7)
ESTIVAL – remove F(following) from FESTIVAL(gala)
21 One mocks Stokes put in difficulty (7)
SCORNER – S at a CORNER(difficulty)
23 With openings say, around one, ring first (7)
OSTIATE – STATE(say) surrounding I(one) with O(ring) at the front
26 Prohibition covering liquor and one’s backing revolution (7)
INQILAB – BAN(prohibition) surrounding LIQ(liqur) and then I(one) – all reversed
27 Fine arresting extremes of opulent love poem (6)
EROTIC – ERIC(a blood fine) surrounding the outside letters in OpulenT
28 Opening line forgotten, almost disastrously (5)
STOMA – remove L(line) from ALMOST, then anagram
31 Berks doctor removed braces (4)
DUOS – the berks are DUMBOS, remove the MB(doctor)
32 Rachel disturbed about case of poorest in capital (8)
CHAPTREL – anagram of RACHEL surrounding P(oores)T – the capital of a column
33 Amateur move on and off the straight at Gleneagles (4)
AGEE – A(amateur) and GEE(move on)
34 Leaving railway, deliberate about getting drunk (8)
EBRIATED – anaram of DELIBERATE missing EL(railway)
35 Troops caught by night in preparation as before (9)
PARASCEVE – PARAS(troops), C(caught), EVE(night)

1 Endless cod for each individual and my charges are small (9)
CHAPERONE – CHA(p) (cod), PER ONE (for each individual)
2 Pressure-relieving pad rejected? Bin it! (4)
WASE – WASTE(rejected) missing ‘T
3 Description concealing rent out of date (4)
RIPT – hidden in descRIPTion
4 Charlie on brass is soft (6)
CRETIN – C(charlie, NATO alphabet), RE(on), TIN(brass)
5 Wild reveller, alternatively huge person getting a change of direction (7)
ORGIAST –  OR(alternately), then GIANT(huge person) with N changing to S
6 No speech impediment Earl picked up from Greek character (7)
EPSILON – NO, LISP(speech impediment), E(earl) all reversed
7 Fellow safe till down under (5)
PETER – three definitions
8 Did stuff on Emirates put over in pale-green colour (8, three words)
EAU DE NIL – LINED(did stuff, or stuffed), UAE(United Arab Emirates), all reversed
9 Gardens conveyed in painting first class (8)
ARBORETA – BORE(conveyed) in ART(painting), A(first class)
16 Soldier eats a blue biscuit (9)
GARIBALDI – GI(soldier) containing A, RIBALD
18 Absolute tenacity while ascending outside run in ice ridge (8)
SASTRUGA – A, GUTS(tenacity), AS(while), all reversed
19 Murphy holds very colourful skin marker (8)
TATTOOER – TATER(Murphy) containing TOO(very)
20 Changes brought about 100 enlarged vessels (7)
VARICES – VARIES(changes) surrounding C(100)
22 One square metre area adopted by resort (7)
CENTARE – A(area) inside CENTRE(resort)
24 Irritate transvestite turning around in colourful stripes (6)
VITTAE – EAT(irritate), TV(transvestite) all reversed surrounding I(in)
25 Lost? Take a satnav regularly when going north (5, two words)
AT SEA – alternating letters in tAkE a SaTnAv, all reversed
29 Enthusiasm’s shown up with no little energy in scraps (4)
ORTS – ESTRO(enthusiam) reversed, missing E(energy)
30 Moslem ruler is male, always (4)
MEER – M(make), EER(always)

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  1. I got there in the end but needed aids for a couple. I’ll have to remember ‘t for it (as in 4d) i’ for is (as in 24d). S for Stokes in 21a was a surprise, but now I look it up I see it is pukka. It has got me wondering in what context it is used, though. 29d was a complete mystery to me as an unknown clued by an unknown (NHO estro) and the answer isn’t in my edition of Chambers. Thanks for the explanations, George.
    1. ….but Stokes was new to me too. I agree with George about the level of difficulty, and am grateful for his parsing of no less than six biffs.
    2. The stokes is a unit of kinematic viscosity in physics, named after a Mr Stokes. That much is in your copy of Chambers under “stokes”. I’m certain about that because the absence of “ort” identifies your version as the initial printing of the current edition. In the previous edition, some words had grey highlighting to show that they were interesting, and somehow these disappeared in the production process. There is a document with all these words and their defs at:

  2. Of course I should have looked up stokes, but I didn’t expect a proper name to be in the dictionary. I’ll bookmark that missing words link. I never knew about that. Thanks!

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