Mephisto 3012 – Paul McKenna – hello, good evening and welcome

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Fairly easy puzzle. Some help needed with 18 Across and 24 Down please. Little trip down memory lane with the reference to That Was The Week That Was, wonderful watershed television that changed the political landscape.

In the blog, the definition in the clue is underlined and followed by the answer; the parsing; any comments

1 In short, academic equal once with daughter proposed (9)
PROFFERED: PROF-FERE-D; old word for equal=FERE;
8 Gather lug on east of beach (4)
HEAR: (beac)H-EAR;
11 Fijian with toothache tries this, somewhat soft on gargling (5)
TONGA: hidden (sof)T-ON-GA(rgling)
13 From island clubhouse near Wapping it is given the ‘eave-‘o (5)
14 Safe to project washout for May (13, four words)
OUT,OF,HARM’S,WAY: (washout for may)*;
15 Support is gone surrounding greasy spoon (8)
17 Husband of countess caught by taking off old freeman (4)
18 Cicero’s indefinitely put off function, role’s close to end (7, two words)
SINE,DIE: SINE-DI-(rol)E; a write-in but a guess on parsing – I can’t see how DI is clued. Or SINE-DIE but then why is “role’s” there?
19 Done up by difficulty submitting name to old squadron (7)
ADORNED: ADO-R(N)ED; reference Red Squadron in WW1;
23 Warn of / present time / prior to knowing (7)
PRESAGE: two cryptic elements, PRES-AGE and “prior to knowledge” is pre-sage;
26 Bind book of Scripture (4)
28 Coin term for recirculation blower? (8)
INTERCOM: (coin term)*;
30 Where HRH wings it a wary supplier must be appointed anew (13, two words)
PURPLE,AIRWAYS: (a wary supplier)*;
31 Magnum or similar holding age — a fearsome killer (5)
PERAI: P(ERA)I; TV series Magnum featured a Private Investigator;
32 Start off with aged bristles (5)
33 Self-pity could be felt with this game, if beaten (4)
I-SPY: (self pity – felt)*;
34 Agency’s on set for the sine qua non of certain blues (9)
CYANOGENS: (agency’s on)*;

1 Afterthought about card detailing cases of droop (6)
2 Pigment runs over WI’s meal once lid’s peeled off (6)
ROUCOU: R-(c)OU-COU; WI=West Indian not Women’s Institute
3 Heading in the right direction about raising sheep and grass (8, two words)
ON,TARGET: ON-(TEG-RAT reversed);
4 Female following English in rage dithered (6)
5 Hegel too is transforming behavioural studies (10)
ETHOLOGIES: (hegel too is)*;
6 Genuine reading not needing citation (4)
REAL: RE(cit)AL;
7 Check a note for bun known to biblical scholars (5)
DAMAN: DAM-A-N; bun=bunny=rabbit=hyrax;
8 Goose welcomes being with ganders finally (4)
HISS: HI’S-(ganger)S;
9 Mites billeted in first-class estate, say (5)
10 A feature of curse verse? Right pulp needing no intro (5)
12 Rite for those who’ll serve no longer beginning in race (10)
ORDINATION: ORD-I-NATION; old word for beginning=ORD;
16 Champion‘s trailer, very ordinary, and quaintly dainty (8)
20 Jolly sinister page supporting eccentricity (6, two words)
EVER,SO: E-VERSO; sinister=left hand side;
21 Kinnear, say, in bronze like, eg, Shakespeare’s Hector (6)
TROYAN: T(ROY)AN; reference Roy Kinnear from TW3;
22 One who may or may not be hitched in river sieves for some (6)
23 National Guard stopped from filming parachutes (5)
24 Usual ways to bin blunt old rakes (5)
ROUES: ROU(t)ES; not sure why “t” is “blunt”;
25 Courtly characters connecting Saul with iconolatry (5)
AULIC: (s)AUL-IC(onolatry);
27 This doctor flipping waffles (4)
SPAY: YAPS reversed;
29 A desperate chap tugged up zip (4)
NADA: A-DAN reversed; reference comic character from The Dandy;

7 comments on “Mephisto 3012 – Paul McKenna – hello, good evening and welcome”

  1. Morning Jim. 14ac I think is SIN + (rol(E) + DIE
    24dn is ROU(tin)ES, tin = blunt = money
    Thx for nice blog. Am in hospital at present and finding it hard to type!
    1. Thanks Jerry

      Sorry to hear about incapacity – almost par for the course sadly as we age. For years I never visited a doctor – now I’ve got a season ticket! Hope you’ll be up and well soon.

      1. Thanks Jimbo, though in my case I did help things along a bit. Below I have pasted a description of what happened that you may find entertaining. I am hoping to be discharged soon – today maybe – but some recuperation will be needed… that was written a few days ago for my walking group, the wrist is sorted now but typing still a one-finger process til the plaster comes off..

        “many of you will know by now,I had an accident whilst out walking in Snowdonia. I spent a lovely sunny day walking across the Carneddau range.. Then I started to descend a steep, rocky slope down to the Ogwen valley. To cut things short, I put my weight on a stone that rolled away. I slid 2 or 3 feet down and caught my foot on a stone that did not move, and so went head over heels down the mountain. They say I fell about 50ft. Fortunately I was able to contact The Ogwen Valley mountain rescue and they diverted a nearby coastguard helicopter to pick me up and take me to Bangor hospital. My injuries are not life-threatening ..I fractured a wrist, three lower back vertebrae and my sacrum (look it up!). The spinal damage is stable and will not need surgery but the wrist will, and I may need to wear a back support for a few weeks..

        Strange to say it, with 5 fractures and more bruises, cuts and abrasions than you would think possible, but I think I have been very lucky. There are plenty of places on that hill where the drop would have been 500ft instead of 50ft.

        All the hospital and emergency staff have been great, very professional and very supportive, as has Sue who was waiting in the car down in the valley and so able to watch her husband be whisked off to hospital in a helicopter!”

        1. Crikey, Jerry. That sounds horrendous! Glad you are being properly looked after and I hope things heal quickly. I’ve been out walking this weekend on a couple of Suffolk Walking Festival walks here, but the worst a trip could get you would be a fall on the face. Get well soon!
  2. About 2 hours for me needing more help than leafing through Chambers for TONGA and SINE DIE. Didn’t know CEORL and ORD or TIN for blunt. So thanks Jim and Chrios.
  3. 18a could be parsed as SIN+(rol)E+DIE, where SIN = abbreviation of sine (as in sin, cos, tan).

    Thanks for the blog, Jim, and wishing Jerry a speedy recovery!

    Paul G

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