Mephisto 2980 – by Don Manley – He made the night a little brighter

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Reasonably easy Mephisto. Just the one query at 7D where I don’t understand the cryptic. I remember real lamplighters and have read Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, where they appear. Also know of the song by The Browns and Frank Serpico’s usage but none of that appears to help.


1 Fliers start to eject to land in lake and bracken (8, two words)

6 Dry zone of 100 square metres with minimum of grass (4)
AREG; ARE-G(rass); 100 square metres=ARE;

9 Twisted threads, old and not at all strong, we hear (5)
WEEKE; sounds like “weak”;

10 Insecticide in this place comes with a drink (7, two words)
HERB,TEA; HER(BT)E-A; insecticide=BT;

12 Snakes making eg Carl retreat (5)
NAGAS; (Carl) SAGAN reversed;

14 Monks said to be such curious people (6)
PRIERS; sounds like “priors”;

15 City rescues brought about by Jewish actor (10)
SEVASTOPOL; SAVES reversed – TOPOL (actor);

18 Headless spectre beginning to roam gets one looking (5)
OGLER; (b)OGLE-R(oam);

19 Short gripping stories having the most twists and turns (8)

22 Enough water maybe to cleanse graduate wicked before God (8)

24 Tree a long way off, first thing for adventurer (5)
AFARA; AFAR-A(dventurer);

27 Nothing in mined pit? Surely there’s a mineral (10)
PYROLUSITE; (pit surely)* surrounds “O”;

29 Airline sadly not ace — it’s rocky (6)
INLIER; (airline – a)*;

30 Speed-measuring device thus attached to gun (5)

31 Star, English drunkard turning sour (7)
ACETOSE; ACE-(E-SOT reversed);

32 Enjoyin’ duty in China (5)
LIKIN; Likin(g);

33 High note when giant is overthrown (4)
NETE; ETEN = giant reversed;

34 To youthful goddess art gallery may be dull (8)


1 More than one mum and dad maybe needing time to get lazy female up? (4)
TWOS; T-(SOW reversed); SOW is an abusive term for a lazy woman

2 As one in difficulty with EU, getting brassy as before? (7)
AENEOUS; (as one eu)*; a shining bronze colour;

3 Robber about to take cattle, as of old (6)
REAVER; RE-AVER (old word for cattle);

4 Son in extraordinary deed brings delight (5)

5 Metal article unserviceable — engineers no longer puzzle about that (8)

6 One believes in spontaneous generation — a being is to break free? (10)
ABIOGENIST; (a being is to)*

7 Lamplighter provides luminance so spooky (5)
EERIE; I don’t understand the cryptic here – see above.

8 This embryo eg could be seen in a repeated struggle (8)
GASTRULA; (a + a + struggle – eg)*

11 Set order ending in disarray (5)
TELLY; TELL-(disarray)Y;

13 Fan of the gods, eagerly lit up (10)
GALLERYITE; (eagerly lit)*

16 Old-fashioned language of judge in a closet (8)
ACCADIAN; A-C(CADI)AN; judge=CADI; closet=toilet=CAN;

17 SOS here — a struggling swimmer (8, two words)
SEA,HORSE; (sos here a)*;

20 Cherubic boy, player chasing others, in distress (7, three words)

21 Old horse left with protective coat (5)

23 Leap playfully joining a dance (6)

25 Guard criminal (5)
FENCE; two meanings

26 Property just beginning to hit the floor (5)
QUALE; EQUAL = just with first “E” moved to the rear;

28 Once upon a time they saw a German (4)
EINE; two meanings;

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  1. L (luminance) + eerie = Leerie, a nickname for a lamplighter north of the border.

    Many thanks for the blog.


  2. I didn’t find this one as easy as the last few weeks, QUALE and SEVASTAPOL held me up for a while
  3. Not too hard for me. I didn’t understand EERIE either so thanks to Midas for the explanation.
  4. Thanks Midas – I really should have got that because I know the word “leerie”

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