Mephisto 2975, Tim Moorey

I found this one far more difficult than the last few weeks, and there is one entry that I am not 100% sure I have parsed correctly. Tim Moorey tends to give us a number of figures from arts and culture and I was only familiar with about half of the ones used here.

On the other hand there is a very fun clue at 16 down and one of my favorite recent additions to the English language at 32 across.

Away we go…

7 ARBA: the island of ARUBA missing the middle
11 NUTS: NUT(buff, fan), and S(square) – second definition of MAST in Chambers
12 SPIDERY: anagram of DIRE inside SPY(mole)
13 ATLANTA: The runner is ATALANTA, remove an A and the Georgia is two states south of me
15 NOAH: double definition for the ark guy and the dictionary guy – sidebar, much like Chambers is the standard reference for UK variety cryptics, it is the current Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary (the 11th edition) in the US
18 DOLMAN: DOL(l), MAN(boy)
19 CONSCIENT: CONS(Conservative), then CLIENT(patron) with L removed
21 BARRACOON: BAR(saving), RACOON(fur)
24 SPENCE: double definition for a larder and the architect Basil Spence
25 ESTH: HEST(command) with the H moved to the end
27 CORACLE: CO(county), then an anagram of CLARE
30 MAYA: MANY(a great number),A(accepted) with the N removed
32 SEXT: SEXTON(church officer) missing ON. If you have trouble keeping track of your sexts maybe you need a sextretary
33 RESIANT: remove ST from RESISTANT(opposed)
1 FINANCE: FIANCE(engaged guy) holding N
2 ROUT: I think this is two definitions surrounding wordplay for R,OUT?
3 OUTLANDER: OUT(not in), LANDER(spacecraft)
4 BIONIC: BIC(a make of pen) containing ION(something charged)
5 TAPADERO: anagram of TORE surrowunding A, PAD(home)
6 GUIDON: anagram(cavalier) of the DOU(bt)ING
7 ANDY: remove the first letter from HANDY for what I presume is Andy Capp, a comic strip that is inexplicably still running
8 BERGAMOT: BERGAMO(Italian city), over (kuwai)T
9 ARYAN: A(acting) and then the actress Meg RYAN
16 OOSPHERE: the three round things are two O’s and a SPHERE- – my favorite clue
20 UNHEART: anagram of A,HUNTER – “cow” in this case meaning to subdue the spirit
22 ACK-ACK: two HACKs with the tops removed
23 ACROSS: A(one), CROSS(mad)
24 SERFS: ERF(garden plot) in two S’s(sections)
26 ERST: REST(all others) with the R moving down – “once” is the definition
28 LYON: L(line), with YON(that) underneath

4 comments on “Mephisto 2975, Tim Moorey”

  1. I agree George, harder than of late and none the worse for that.

    I also guessed Andy Capp at 7D

  2. I’m hugely behind on my Mephisto (and Azed) solving, but solved this one first when I got the chance just so I could use the blog and say thank you in real time! You’ve already cleared a couple of things up for me so thanks but I still don’t understand 2dn. I can see a definition (clobber) but that’s about it.
    1. You know – I wonder now if it was a typo, and the clue is really “Cap in really striking clobber”. That does seem more like a Tim Moorey clue.

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