Mephisto 2974 – by Don Manley – rising to the occassion.

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Another in a growing sequence of relatively easy puzzles requiring very few references to Chambers. I wonder what say Private Eye might have made of 25D – surely an opportunity to have a little fun?

In the blog, the definition in the clue is underlined and followed by the answer; the parsing; any comments


2 Suffering comes to nimble mover? One may go the wall (11, two words)
PAINT,ROLLER; PAIN-TROLLER; presumably “on or over the wall” was intended;

9 Stand up outside a cairn (5)

11 Like intimate combat that you’ve just seen here! (6)
ONE-ONE; reference the clue number 11

12 Part of body giving neural disorder (6)
ULNARE; (neural)*; a small bone near the ulna

13 Darling daughter marked with favour? (6)
GRACED; GRACE-D; Grace Darling (1815 – 1842) was the lighthouse keeper’s daughter, famed for participating in the rescue of survivors from the shipwrecked Forfarshire in 1838

14 Female energy with which Indian widow ensnares king (5)
SAKTI; SA(K)TI; Indian widow=SATI;

15 American head of society appears in ripped silk (7)
TUSSORE; T(US-S)ORE; S from S(ociety);

17 Women seen in foreign city station once (5)

19 Genius is leading Ireland, high-ranking woman (8)

23 House-to-house transporters bring me back into Bristol team? (8)
REMOVERS; R(ME reversed)OVERS; reference football team Bristol Rovers who Roy played for;

27 Wild tree hiding a plant (5)
REATE; (tree)* surrounds A;

29 Big organisation in financial trouble or still in good order as before? (7)
UNBROKE; UN-BROKE; BROKE=insolvent from the Italian “broken moneylender’s table”

30 Greek character maybe wanting lobsters, not cold (5)

31 In night of informality, see someone by river (6)
NILOTE; NI(LO)TE; somebody living near the Nile;

32 Title, something conveying meaning to the rank and file (6)
SIGNOR; SIGN-OR; OR=Ordinary Ranks;

33 Boy, one knocked over, showing no lumps? (6)
ENODAL; LAD-ONE reversed;

34 Top female taking time, getting about — behind as before? (5)
ARERE; (ER-ERA) reversed;

35 Depression, with restricted period at home a decisive factor (11)


1 Moving up with risk — mountaineer’s sling is the answer (6)
PRUSIK; (up risk)*;

2 Sort of webbed article carried by two friends (8)

3 One adequate factory closed off plant (6)
ISATIS; I-SATIS(factory);

4 Plant in square opened by Her Majesty (6)
NERINE; N(ER)INE; 9 is the square of 3;

5 Rascally old soldiers upset fellow (5)
ROGUY; OR reversed – GUY;

6 Each pig south of lake in pasture (6)

7 See farm animal, with river rising, in plant that makes it mad? (8)
LOCO-WEED; LO-COW-(DEE reversed);

8 Free advice no longer given to them (6)

10 Communication from Paris about to be taken to north European (6)

16 Capture man with bad habit, fellow with wicked wife (8, three words)
HIT,A,BLOT; (habit)*-LOT; to take a piece in backgammon;

18 Heathen god with imposing bearing, one to spoil the fun of old (8)

20 He is naughty nabbing two maidens put in a trap (6)
IMMESH; (he is)* surrounds M-M;

21 Quiet old character died, reduced to a minimum? (6)

22 Marched — and walked in step periodically (6)
STRODE; S(TROD)E; SE from S(t)E(p);

24 Poet or knight (6)

25 Drug — the classical way to swallow a grain (6)
VIAGRA; VI(A-GR)A; unimaginative definition;

26 Gentleman admitting love before end of the party (6)
SOIREE; S(O)IRE-(th)E; could have been linked with previous clue perhaps?

28 Rascal in danger, half hidden on top of tree (5)

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  1. I expect Jimbo has been solving barred puzzles for at least the 45 to 50 years that I have, so by now he will know a lot of the more obscure words. I sometimes solve Azed without reference to Chambers at all, and this is because of the very clear cryptic indications and a feel for words that seem plausible. The fact that I do this is no bad reflection on Azed, rather an indication of his excellent clueing that often enables me to enter and learn a new word with confidence. I’d be happy to be thought of as being in that tradition. Don Manley

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