Mephisto 2970 – Paul McKenna

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Harder than last week I thought – an enjoyable test. A slight query at 21 Down where the clue appears to be missing a deletion indicator. My thanks to Wiki for the ski champion.

1 Very good pop (4)
SODA; SO-DA; very good=SO; pop=dad=DA;
4   Present grass in need of immediate attention (8)
10 Mostly dip into pabulum being of a mind to get it? (10)
11 Water holder is the transformation of Riyadh (6)
HYDRIA; (Riyadh)*;
13 Greek department which wraps up term in willingly looking back (5)
NOMOS; SO(M)ON reversed;
14 Curlew with dislocated limb almost ruddy inside (7)
WIMBREL; W-(limb)* surrounds RE(d);
15 Gold spirit from the right growth promoter (5)
AUXIN; AU-(NIX reversed);
16 Poor pun is not often free from gloss or the suchlike (7)
18 Object for pot (7)
23 Fickle like a Spanish invader with heart of Nationalist (7)
MOONISH; like a Spanish invader=Moorish then change “r” to “n”;
24 In which Gromit goes about knitting cardies (7)
SIDECAR; (cardies)*; reference Wallace and Gromit;
27 Civilian legal expert (5)
MUFTI; two meanings;
28 Glide along like Stenmark finally in ____ (7, two words)
SKI,MASK; SKIM-AS-(Stenmar)K; reference Jan Ingemar Stenmark – ski racer;
29 Warning from Scots is not bound by it (5)
30 A girl with a wild sheep (6)
ARGALI; (a girl a)*;
31 Suffer insults each time our facetiously poetic cool flipped (10, three words)
EAT,THE,LEEK; EA-T-THE-(KEEL reversed); our facetiously=THE; poetic cool=KEEL; Waggledagger for suffer insults;
32 Faded crimson uniform thrown over one chancing along (8)
33 What poet calls one greater grips you, as recounted in canto (4)
DUAN; D(U)AN; you as recounted=U;

1 Schilling down, picked up special drink (8)
SCHNAPPS; SCH-NAP-(SP reversed); Schilling=SCH;
2 Round New York bad son left swarm of Scots mocking dismissal (10, three words)
ON,YOUR,BIKE; O-NY-(s)OUR-BIKE; swarm in Sterling=BIKE; Tebbit talk;
3   Macron’s to the right skilful benefit claimant (7, two words)
A,DROITE; ADROIT-E; E=marketing designation for those on benefits;
7   Samuel Butler’s first American dance (5)
SAMBA; SAM-B(utler)-A; my samba days are sadly behind me;
8   Queen in waders finds flower (6)
9   No more go off in public without three central characters (4)
GEAL; GE(ner)AL;
12 Pastor’s niche residence with English geezer outside (10)
17 Islander cheers witticism, say, over archetype Scotsman (8)
19 Second chef’s tool is something extraordinary (7)
20 Herbalist’s plant is relaxing on being ingested (7)
21 United Nations dismissed but power is not pushed (7)
UNURGED; UN-(p)URGED; deletion indicator for “p” appears to be missing – “not” can’t serve two purposes
22 Court caught by rising subsidiary orders (6)
EDICTS; SIDE reversed surrounds CT=court;
25 SNP’s peer picked up issues (5)
EMITS; peer in Perth=STIME;
26 Charlie, a poster icon or dull pain in reserve (5)
28 Has Paddy from the south rung? (4)
STEP; PETS reversed;

5 comments on “Mephisto 2970 – Paul McKenna”

  1. 21D’s deletion indicator is “but” = except.

    Ingemar Stenmark – best slalom ski racer in history!

    1. I have just gone to the ST site to access today’s Mephisto. What a mess you have made of it.

      I can’t find a way of printing the grid and clues. Can you help please.

    2. In answer to my own question, I came right out of the site and then went back in. The second time on the Mephisto button a “print” option appeared as well as a “play” option – it worked. For some reason it wasn’t there first time I tried.
      1. If you’re in the “play” version, the cogwheel icon leads you to a set of options including Print.
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