Mephisto 2967 – Paul McKenna

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I found this one more tricky than recent Mephistos, and filled in the grid largely from the bottom up. As is typical with Paul McKenna’s Mephisto puzzles there is a pun in the top row (this time on FORTNIGHT) but knowing there was going to be a pun didn’t help me finish the grid.

I was held up a little by guessing a different anagram at 20 down (ECRUITE) but the long across answers eventually took care of that.

Away we go…

1 FOUGHT: opposed in courts – F, then OUGHT(owed)
6 KNIGHT: K, NIGH, T(his)
13 REJONEO: E(very), J(ouster) in RONEO(copying machine)
14 TINGE: TIN(money), G(grand), E(ntertainment)
15 URES: another name for URUS – SURE(stable) with the S moved to the end
17 MATRIC: MAT(dull) and RIC(h) – when I saw this I figured it was an abbreviation for MATRICULATION but according to Chambers it is only used for the exam meaning of the word
18 PUTURE: PURE(clean) containing UT(as)
19 LEATHERHEAD: LEATHER(clobber, clothing), HEAD(crisis).
I was surprised by this one because in the US it refers to a policeman
25 RECTOR: sounds like WRECKED(whistled, drunk), OR(once, before)
26 NUANCE: remove IS from NUISANCE
29 FEIS: FEISTIER missing TIER(stage)
30 SAICS: I,C(see) inside SAS
31 ASTILBE: anagram of IS,ABLE outside of ‘T
33 SKEELY: EEL(foxy fellow) inside SKY(empyrean)
1 FORUMS: FOR(in spite of), UMS(hesitant interjections)
2 OVERALLED: sounds like how a Cockney may say OVERHAULED
5 TRENCHER CAP: TRENCHER (one digging deep) and CAP(Capiat, let her take)
8 ILIA: AIL,I all reversed
10 TEEMED: TEE(start of a golf hole), MED(holiday region)
12 COPPER NOSES: sponge being a drunk
16 IRASCIBLE: IRA Levin,’S, C, then an anagram of BILE
20 EUCRITE: anagram of TRUE,ICE
21 BRISES: the left hand letter in B(ell), RISES(towers)
22 DOSSAL: DO(rob) then LASS reversed
23 BUTTLE: BUT(without), then an anagram of LET
24 SESELI: anagram of SELFIES missing F
27 NELIS: IS after PANEL(bit of fence) missing PA
28 ACRE: hidden reversed in Plough-joggER CAnnily

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  1. Things have calmed down a bit at work and I had 8 hours on a flight to Raleigh last week, so I am all caught up with my Mephisto solving. Perhaps because it was the third or fourth I did on that flight I found this one pretty straightforward.
    I still have a significant Azed backlog, but I will be on holiday soon.
  2. A steady solve for me top to bottom with no issues

    I was also surprised by LEATHERHEAD but for a different reason. I don’t remember coming across the “plonker” meaning before for a well known Surrey town. I looked it up on Wiki and the name derives from its location near to a ford across the river Mole – nothing to do with leather or idiots!

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