Mephisto 2965 – Don Manley

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I had to solve this twice – my usual thing is to have a couple of puzzles I’m working on (Listener, Mephisto, Azed, Spectator, a couple of US ones I do regularly) clipped together and carried in either my backpack or my satchel. On Thursday I could not find my puzzle pile in either my backpack or my satchel, so I think I must have left them somewhere silly. I checked the studio I had been rehearsing in last week but couldn’t find them there. It is highly likely someone at a bar is going to come across a pile of half-completed crosswords, printed on the reverse side of extra copies of chemistry assignments and be very very confused. Unless it’s someone I know who should know to give it back to me.

So the second time around was much the same as the first – left hand side filled in very quickly, had to poke and prod a lot more at the right hand side.

Away we go!

1 ETCH: bitter VETCH missing the V
11 POTATION: POTION containing A,T
12 AMTRAK: I was surprised to see this in Chambers, though a few UK rail systems are in – KART and MA all reversed
13 SMOLT: TOMS reversed containing L
14 BIEN ENTENDU: anagram of UN,NEEDN’T,BE containing I
15 COMER: COR(gasp of surprise) surrounding ME
17 SEAMER: SEA(English) and MER(French) for a one who sews
18 BASANITE: A, NIT inside BASE(support)
20 SUR-REY’ND: ND(no date) with SURREY(horse-drawn carriage occasionally with a fringe on the top)
25 UPSHOT: military salutes would involve arms rising rapidly
27 CLEVE: remove the last letter from CLEVER(able)
28 TEA EQUIPAGE: anagram of QUITE outside AE(aged) then PAGE
30 RANTS: TYRANTS missing T(he)Y
31 LAWING: double definition, one being a Scots bar tab
32 ETERNISE: N with ER inside E, SITE reversed
33 STEROIDS: remove A from ASTEROIDS
34 SNOD: DONS reversed
1 EPARCH: EP (extreme pressure), ARCH(cunning)
3 HAREEM: HARM containing two E’s
5 BIKEWAY: BAY surrounding I, KEW
6 SORNS: SOS containing RN
7 NEMEAN: NE(Sunderland area), MEAN(base)
8 IRON-MINE: I was surprised to learn this was hyphenated. IRON(decrease), MINE(what I have)
9 SILD: SLID with the middle two letters swapped
10 MATURE: MATE containing UR
19 SNAILED: (saloo)N in an anagram of LADIES
20 SUTRAS: remove B and E from ABSTRUSE and jumble
21 RHETOR: R then HECTOR missing C
22 FLAWNS: FLAW(something wrong) then the even letters in oNeS
24 LEGGED: LED containing EGG
26 TUTTI: add NG to get TUTTING
29 EAST: remove the first letter from FEAST

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  1. I actually completed this one, although I couldn’t find TOMBOC. The crossing of 22d and 31ac was a nasty one, with two totally unknowns, until I finally came up with FLAW.

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