Mephisto 2962 – by Don Manley

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A straightforward puzzle distinguished by two excellent clues at 35A and 20D.

2 Invader beginning with cunning movement that brings protest (11, two words)
HUNGER,MARCH; HUN-GERM-ARCH; Jarrow for example
11 Chief scoundrel we found in Glasgow (5)
RATOO; RAT-OO; “we” in West Lothian = OO
12 Part of plant offering unusual camouflage, fine silver being invisible (7)
CAULOME; (camouflage – f – ag)*;
14 River with a road round that has bench in recess (6)
EXEDRA; EXE-(A-RD reversed);
16 Old cat is what to expect by valley (7)
17 One border in which copper is seen to be tetchy (7)
18 Looking back, some children accepted cruel teacher? (5)
CANER; hidden reversed (child)REN-AC(cepted);
19 God about to become irritated (4)
SORE; EROS reversed;
21 No longer endure a run on the field (4)
ABYE; A-BYE; cricket reference BYE=a run;
23 Retrospective month for acting establishment (4)
RADA; ADAR reversed;
25 Weak and knowing defeat (4)
WHIP; W-HIP; weak=W in particle physics;
26 Grandparent’s member of a “lower” class? Lower no more (5)
AVALE; AVAL-E; of grandparents=AVAL; lowest social-economic class=E; old word for “lower”;
28 Break the law again, offering cry to hounds (7)
29 Style of court action that could bring penalty (7)
NETPLAY; (penalty)*; tennis term
32 Mother faces row for being more friendly (6)
33 Fuel provided by a firm given external mark of approval (7)
34 Life form assistant knocked over (5)
REDIA; AIDER reversed;
35 What makes creation get out of control, creating monsters? (11)
TERATOGENIC; (creation get)*; nice clue;

1 Fusspot cries out, interrupting someone at the keyboard (12)
PRECISIANIST; PIANIST surrounds (cries)*;
3   Arrangement (as it is mostly!) for trucks (4)
UTES; SETU(p) reversed;
4   Slight bow with formality indicates lack of success (6, two words)
5 Wheel embedded in soil — what it can’t do? (7, two words)
6   Fast female with name for pursuing lusty man (7)
7   Governor losing heart in desolate Scottish area (4)
MUIR; MU(d)IR; a moor for Clan Murray;
8 Daughter keeps calm? The opposite, morning and afternoon (6)
ALLDAY; ALL(D)AY; daughter=D;
9 Tree turning yellow and pale (5)
ROWAN; OR reversed-WAN;
10 Peter suffering with another bug (12)
HETEROPTERAN; (peter another)*;
13 Very much at home when entertaining a fellow from Ireland (8)
15 French poet-composer arranging overture (8)
TROUVERE; (overture)*;
20 Buffalo Bill stands on head clutching horse — nothing to it! (7)
CARABAO; AC =bill reversed surrounds ARAB – O; a buffalo not Mr Cody; nice clue;
22 Taxi reversing! Anxiety in old-fashioned warning to get back (7)
BACCARE; CAB reversed – CARE; old way of saying “mind your backs”;
24 Animal with something wing-like gathers speed shortly (6)
ALPACA; AL(PAC(e))A; wing-like=ALA;
25 Turn pale, being struck in congested metropolis (6)
WHITEN; W(HIT)EN; congested metropolis=WEN;
27 Oil — a sailor brings tons aboard (5)
30 Gents maybe getting tense — prize in sight (4)
31 Female attire / seen in the south of France (4)
MIDI; two meanings;

4 comments on “Mephisto 2962 – by Don Manley”

  1. Got all but UTES and RATOO, an unfortunate (for me) intersection. Although now that I look at it, I don’t see why I didn’t guess RAT, and from RAT UTES. Oh, well. I don’t see where the reversal in 3d is indicated. MUIR seemed inevitable, although I wasn’t sure how the clue worked. Guessed the E in AVALE.
  2. I didn’t see the wordplay for UTES which was the only question mark around the grid.
    1. I thought it might have been UT EST in Latin, “mostly”. But looking at Chambers that does seem rather difficult to substantiate!

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