Mephisto 2958 – Paul McKenna – Albert and Harold visit Walmington-on-Sea

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Fairly standard puzzle with some TV references from a bygone age

New blog format to possibly assist newer solvers


1   British and in Bordeaux, she’s a beaut (5)

5   Right to needle soldier’s pal being drier (7)
   WRINGER; W(R)INGER; soldier’s pal=WINGER

10 Cook’s tool put inside readily reduced something top-notch (9)

11 Wee bit of pencil, eg, is small, however, returned (4)
  STUB; S-BUT reversed

12 Bright Bishop, soft for some (6)
   BRAINY; B-RAINY; dialect for soft=RAINY

13 It wound up inclined (6)

16 Fire in Hubbard, Oregon (5)
   ARDOR; hidden (hub)ARD-OR(egon); US version of “ardour”

17 Bit of fun going round bronze left in hock (7)
   GAMBREL; GAM(BR)E-L; bronze=BR

18 Oddball or hippy clutching gold fowl (9)
   PORPHYRIO; (or hippy)* surrounds OR=gold; the swamp hen

21 With almighty indulgence I tried wrestling with Aga (9, two words)
   DEI,GRATIA; (I tried Aga)*;

24 Tub almost necessary once with a dessert (7)
    BACLAVA; BAC(k)-LAV-A; tub=back; necessary=old word for toilet;

26 Explain about constant aid to immunity (5)
    T-CELL; T(C)ELL;

28 Noted one harnessed by Spenser (6)

29 Letter used by Tsipras ahead of recess rejecting eastern city (6)

30 Sturgeon’s joke about universal obstruction (4)
    BAUR; BA(U)R;

31 Saying standard nonsense before prayer (9)

32 In a kind way knowing about wife and return of what curlers aim for (7)
    SWEETLY; SLY surrounds W and TEE reversed; what curlers aim for=TEE

33 An old word for consider is bear (5)
    STEEM; ‘S-TEEM; is=’S; bear=TEEM


1 Bird of abnormal size, socially acceptable for one acting (7)
   BUSTARD; of abnormal size=bastard then change “a=acting” to “u”;

2 Somehow endure tape wanting God of lyric poems (9)
   EUTERPEAN; (endure tape – d=deus)*;

3   Praises surrounding Newham’s first grassy areas (6)

4   City set up around a chap such as Charlemagne (7)
   EMPEROR; ROME reversed surrounds PER=a;

5   Welsh Alderman, sedate forest-ranger (9)

6   Attention-seeking call lifted crowd in a holy state (5)
   IHRAM; HI reversed – RAM;

7   Close to settler getting into marshal (6, two words)
   NEAR,BY; NE(ARB)Y; settler=arbitrator=ARB;

8   Network expecting to lose its central pair (4)
   GRID; GR(av)ID

9   Stag would be faithful under a different leader
  ROYAL; faithful=loyal;

14 Eg, Mainwaring’s leadership destroyed any pact I see getting in (9)
   CAPTAINCY; (any pact I)* surrounds C=see; reference Dad’s Army TV show;

15 I shall slip into something plunging and resort to night-light (9)

19 Boxers, say, not drinking in here in German section (7)
   HITTERS; HI(TT)ER-S; section=S;

20 Steptoe’s lane is over the hill one admitted — strange (7, two words)
    OIL,DRUM; O(I)LD-RUM; reference Steptoe and Son TV show;

22 Majesty in France heading to Grenoble on river there (6)

23 Parent left in charge of one similar? (6)

24 Annual treat, maybe, is behind empty promises (5)
    BUMPS; BUM-P(romise)S;

25 Advanced skills teacher adopting company tie (5)
    ASCOT; AS(CO)T; advanced skills teacher=AST;

27 Term for pain in uncapped passion is concerning in Pope’s language (4, two    words)
    IN,RE; (f)IRE surrounds (pai)N;

15 comments on “Mephisto 2958 – Paul McKenna – Albert and Harold visit Walmington-on-Sea”

  1. .. should help the short-sighted too Jim 🙂

    In 14dn I was not sure why c = see? They sound the same but that didn’t seem quite enough. and it can’t be from sc, which is an abbreviation of a single word..

    1. see=c=third letter of the alphabet

      I’ve had tremendous problems with LJ posting this blog. Sorry about size of print but once I got the thing showing on the blog I didn’t dare go in again and alter it!

      1. The third letter of the alphabet is c, it is not see. And nothing I could find in Chambers suggests otherwise. But let it pass.
        1. In C: see-1 = perceive by means of the eye; see-2 = the office of bishop; see-3=the third letter of the alphabet
  2. Thank Jim, this helps a great deal. As a “new” solver, I rarely get beyond a third of the puzzle, but I’m sure reading your blogs will help me improve.


  3. Why is oil drum S’s lane? Trying to think of rhyming slang but failing.
    1. Nothing to do with CRS. In the TV series the scrap yard was in Oil Drum Lane just as Tony Hancock’s radio house was in Railway Cuttings.

      All a bit obscure if you’re not of a certain age

  4. Bit behind on these, as usual.
    An ‘arb’ is an arbitrageur, not an arbitrator. How does this equate to ‘settler’? Seems loose at best, unless I’m missing something (quite likely).
    1. You’re absolutely correct – that will teach me not to assume. So now I’m with you – I don’t see how arb=settler either!

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