Mephisto 2945 – Tim Moorey

I made a cracking start on this one and then slowed down to a crawl at the end having to trawl through Chambers for a few of the shorter words, and fix a few confident mistakes (having EGAD at 7 down really messed up the top right hand side fora while).

In the end I think I have everything worked out – hope you did too!

Away we go…

1 PREDIAL: P, RE-DIAL(call again)
7 EDDO: reversal of ODD(additional, left over), E
10 IMPEACHES: IMPE(l), then ACHES(hurts)
11 TIRL: hidden in sTIRLing
13 APORIA: PO(listed in Chambers as an abbreviation for pole, for when you just can’t squeeze in a four-letter word), inside ARIA (song, strain)
14 STONIED: STONED(drink), around I(reland)
16 DALT: DART(Australian plan) with the R changed to L
17 TRADE: TRAD jazz then E(llington)
18 APLUSTRES: an ornament on the stern of a ship – A, (shi)P, then LUSTRES(ornate results)
21 FORMATTER: FOR(in place of), MATTER(printed material)
24 MONER: MOANER missing A(about)
25 CAPO: I think the intention here is C(riminality), A(an), PO(Italian river) to make an all-in-one clue. You might also be able to read it as CA(circa), PO. Read it the wrong way and you could be tied to a cement block at the bottom of the Hudson river, capiche?
28 CNEMIAL: I’M and EN(Enrolled Nurse) reversed in CAL
29 ROMANO: the middle of erROpe containing OMAN
30 SNIG: GINS(traps) reversed
32 SPAD: DAPS reversed
33 ERINYES: remove the middle from ER(w)IN, then YES
1 POTSDAM: MAD and STOP(stay) all reversed
2 RAITA: RAI(Italian TV station – doesn’t seem to be in Chambers), (crumpe)T, A
3 ENROLLING: ROLLING after EN(d)(last, bar closing)
4 IMPIES: remove L from IMPLIES
5 LEAD-ARMING: ARM inside LEADING – not a term I’d seen before
6 CAPOTE: P(resident) inside CA and alternating letters in jOsTlEd – referencing Truman Capote, author of In Cold Blood
7 ECOD: remove all the R’s from RECORD
8 DEIDRE: anagram of DRIED containing RE(on)
15 CAPTAINRY: CRY surrounding an anagram of TAIPAN
19 PHOTO OP: HOT(most wanted) inside POOP(inside dirt)
20 BROLGAS: BR(British Rail), then O(rganise), L(ifting), G(ear), AS
22 ORKNEY: OR, then N in KEY
23 ANELLI: ILL, ENA all reversed
24 MARCS: SCRAM(go) reversed
26 PAINE: PINE(long) surrounding A, referring to Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense
27 WAFD: WAD(sandwich) containing F

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