Mephisto 2941 – Don Manley

Filled this one in without too much fuss, though looking over at the end I’m impressed by the larger blocks in this grid – there’s two 4×3 fully-checked regions of the grid and four 4×2 regions, while still having one unchecked letter in each answer. Recently I’ve been trying to create US-style grids that require big chunks of fully-checked cells (though you can get away with murder in those grids, crossing proper names and using abbreviations willy-nilly).

Away we go…

1 APEPSY: APE(animal) then half of PSYCHE
5 MASSIF: anagram of FAMISHES missing HE
10 ROSETTA STONE: ROAST(slate), ONE(I) found outside SETT(badger’s burrow)
11 GUTTA: double definition
12 CLAY: C, then LAY(put down)
14 TARPON: NO, PRAT all reversed
16 HAULT: U(superior) in HALT(an incomplete railway station)
17 SEA TROUT: SEAT(country abode, mansion), ROUT(a fuss)
21 ENSHEATH: ENS(being), HEATH(countryside)
24 CUSUM: US inside CUM(with, Latin)
27 HIPPIC: HIPPIE(dropout) mising E, then C. Was this DM’s tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Human Be-In?
28 ACATER: anagram of CREAM,TEA missing ME
29 EMIN: half of EMINENCE
30 ATONY: A, TONY(simpleton)
32 TREBLY: TREMBLY(quivering) missing the M
33 RECTUS: R, ECT(shock treatment), U/S(unserviceable)
1 ARGANS: SNAG(trouble) and RA(Sun) all reversed
2 ESTER: the book of ESTHER missing the symbol for hydrogen, H
3 PETSIT: PETIT surrounding S
4 STATE: ESTATE(property) missing E(arl)at the beginning
5 MALTHUSIAN: MAL(sickness), THUS(so), IAN(Scotsman)
6 STYRAX: the river STYX containing RA(member of the Royal Academy of Arts)
7 SOLPUGA: PUG inside SOLA(spongewood)
9 FEINTS: sounds like FAINTS
12 CANONICITY: CANON(cleric), I, CITY(Durham, say) – a term used commonly now to refer to episodes of TV shows
15 BEGUILER: anagram of RUE, BILGE
18 AUSPICE: AU(gold), SPICE(relish)
19 SCHIST: CH,IS inside ST
20 SUPERB: REP inside BUS, all reversed
22 ENATIC: ENA, TIC – the wordplay is clear, but I had a bit of a moment just now – I looked it up in Chambers and it is nowhere to be found. ENATE is, as an adjective. Collins has ENATIC as an alternative to ENATE.
23 HERYES: he wants to hear HER YES (unless he is proposing to another male)
25 SCARE: S(ecure), CARE
26 STOAT: or S TO A T

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  1. A very gentle offering. When you finish with no workings out scribbled across the page its a sure sign it wasn’t too difficult.
  2. Just got round to this, a week late, and found it straightforward enough to solve in one go, in about half an hour. That’s about as easy as I ever find these, and it was noticeable that I was putting far more answers in without consulting Chambers than usual.

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