Mephisto 2935 – Tim Moorey

Not too difficult here, got through everything in one session.

You don’t often find a theme or a Nina in a Sunday Times puzzle, but if I’m not way off the mark, then there is something hidden in here and congratulations are in order to the Mooreys who are hidden in the grid.

Away we go…

1 MUDDER: a racehorse that prefers dead tracks – MUDDLER without the L
5 BICARB: CAR(banger) in BIB(short for imbibe)
9 ANNIVERSARY: anagram of DANNY,ARRIVES missing the D
11 ANGELICAL: ANGELICA(cake decorating),L
13 CANTAL: CAN’T, A, L(unch)
14 DOSEH: DOSH(money, ready) around E(gypt)
18 BRAINPAN: BRAIN(crown, hit on the head), P(rosecutor), AN
19 SHITTIMS: T inside an anagram of HIT and MISS
21 ELIAS: SAILED(left port) without the last letter, reversed
22 ONE-OFF: GONE OFF missing the G
24 GELDS: double definition
26 STRATONIC: anagram(criminal) of ACT,IN,SORT
27 CEMENTATORY: TAT(tap, 5th definition in Chambers) inside an anagram(blessed) of CEREMONY
28 MUSERS: remove the middle from MUSTERS
29 STATOR: remove the ends from STAR and TORY
1 MASA: two thirds of MASALA
2 UNCLOTHE: first letters of O(ur), T(hai), H(ostesses) surrounded by UNCLE
3 DIAPENTE: PAID reversed then ENTE(r)
4 REGO: Aussie for car registration – RE, GO
5 BRECHAMS: BREAMS(cleans the ship’s keel) surrounding CH
6 ISLAY: I SAY around L
7 ARCTOPHILE: anagram of CHARLIE containing POT(Mary Jane) reversed – a lover of teddy bears
8 BALLANTS: sounds like BALANCE
10 CASSIMERES: C, ASS then IS containing MERE(entirely, outdated)
15 GRIFFONS: OFF side reversed in GRINS(nets)
16 ANALECTA: anagram of CATALAN and E
17 TAPADERO: TO(against) containing an anagram of PARADE
20 AFTER: A, FT(Financial Times) then RE reversed
23 ANTS: PAGEANTS missing the top half
25 SKY,R

5 comments on “Mephisto 2935 – Tim Moorey”

  1. No problems here but not aware of any hidden messages. You may have to expand your thoughts George
      1. The first version of Tim’s how to solve book indicates that Mrs Moorey is Pamela. I can’t see her name in the grid, but it’s possible that something more subtle is there.
        1. Hmmm – well apologies to Tim (I was trying to remember the name and for some reason I had thought Angelica, I don’t have my copy of Tim’s book with me, and I didn’t think to email him and check – mea culpa).
  2. Late to this but I was puzzled by 10dn. Surely X ‘wearing’ Y has to indicate that X is inside Y, rather than the other way round?

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