Mephisto 2922 by Don Manley – Body Parts from Grantsdale

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With 1D an easy anagram and both 2A and 7A write-ins this was a relatively quick solve. About 25% of the clues are full or partial anagrams.

Only one query – the definition at 34A

7 ONCUS – ON(C)US; dodgy down under;
12 ACCULTURAL – AC-CULT-URAL; bill=account=AC;
14 MESQUITE – MES-QUITE; old word for master=Mass=MES; pretty=QUITE; a tree;
15 TREMAS – (stream)*;
16 ONCER – (c)ONCER(t); slang for an old one pound note;
17 PERCIDAE – PER(C-IDA)E; fish;
19 ETAS – two meanings 1=Greek letter 2=lowest Japenese cast;
20 CICERO – ORC reversed surrounds ICE; Marcus Cicero 106BC-43BC, Roman polymath;
22 THYRSE – THY-R(i)SE; wand waved by Bacchus;
25 TSAR – RAST reversed;
29 BRESAOLA – (bar + so ale)*; meat dish;
30 ESKAR – (rakes)*;
31 AMTMAN – AMT-MAN; magistrate;
33 MIASMATA – (am I asthma – I)*; polluted air;
34 TEAR,GLANDS – (great)*-LANDS; what enable tears rather than make you cry (that’s down to onions and events);
35 NGANA – N(G)AN-A; horse bug;
1 SALTPETREMAN – (streamlet + pan)*;
3 SCLERA – (clears)*;
4 WURM – zwei Bedentungen 1=Fluss in Deutschland 2=Wurm;
5 ALMAINS – (animals)*;
6 MUSTACHE – MUST-ACHE; face fungus in Florida;
8 NAUNT – N(A)UN-T; old word for aunt;
9 CLICHE – C(LICH)E; old word for body=LICH;
11 STERCORANIST – (restrain scot)*; a person who believes sacramental bread is digested;
13 CURET – CU(RE)T; surgical spoon in Seattle;
18 DEER-PARK – PEER-DARK from the Reverend; doe=deer;
23 HOSING – HO-SING; grass=divulge=SING;
24 YUKATA – YU-KATA; precious material=YU; Japanese movement=KATA; kimono is definition;
26 SOMONI – I-NOMOS reversed; ancient Egyptian province=NOMOS; wonga in Tajikstan;
32 TRAP – PART reversed; concern=PART; fault in rock=TRAP-3;

4 comments on “Mephisto 2922 by Don Manley – Body Parts from Grantsdale”

  1. My pattern with Mephistos at the moment seems to be that I get badly stuck with a few left, and then need to come back to it a few times before I can crack it. It’s funny how the same clue can seem totally impenetrable the first couple of times and then it yields.
    One of the ones I was stuck on was 16ac, which now seems totally obvious. Sometimes with these puzzles I am looking so hard for something horribly obscure that I miss the commonplace.
    I had parsed 26 down as SOM for ‘one’ (where ‘one’ is another ‘foreign money’, in this case the currency of Kyrgyzstan), then O (old), NI (province), which makes no sense at all!
  2. According to Chambers, ‘ho’ as a noun is defined as cessation or moderation, though I don’t know how that’s justified.
    ‘yu’ is precious jade – I think I have come across that elsewhere, probably in a description of an antique.
  3. Why can’t you do this in the user-friendly format where we see the clue (with the definition underlined) and an explanation of the word play. Then we, who aspire to be as good as you might actually receive an education.

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