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I did this in one fairly long sitting, thanks to having a rare day off in a rainstorm. I found this one tricky, and had a few incorrect answers confidently written (I seem to have scribbled over them enough to not see what the originals were).

Paul McKenna has treated us to a number of puns in the top row over the last several months and this puzzle did not let me down. Next one I’m scheduled to blog is 2921 – maybe there will be a pun hidden somewhere else.

Away we go…

1 CELL: CULL (select, in a kind of a morbid fashion), with the U replaced by E
4 PHRASING: PHASING (electronic musical distortion) surrounding R
10 AS YOU WERE: AS is the Roman unit (third definition in Chambers), YOU and WE are second and first person, then RE(on)
11 LAIRS: RIAL reversed, then S(easide)
12 AMATION: AM then an anagram of INTO,A
14 FOLK: FOL(d) then K. I think I had RACE in here originally for GRACE less G
15 RIGHTO: RIG(dress) then an anagram of HOT
18 EDITORIALS: anagram of DAILIES containing ROT reversed
20 NOVA SCOTIA: anagram of VACATIONS surrounding O – I lived there from 1996-1997, highly recommend a visit
23 ECOMAP: anagram of CAPO,ME
25 CORRAL: COAL(char) containing R(olle)R
26 LUMP: SLUMP missing S(symbol for Siemens the unit)
28 ALLGOOD: a definition and two wordplays, for for ALL GOOD, and one for L and GO in ALOD(estate)
29 POGGE: EGG(mine or bomb) reversed after PO(gazunder)
30 SUBMARINE: BUS reversed then an anagram of I’M,NEAR – you rarely hear them called that here these days, sub, grinder, and hoagie are more common
31 ADHERENT: anagram of HE,DAREN’T
32 BLUR: BLUR(b)
2 LYING-IN: hidden in epecialLY IN GINormous
3 LORD: since it is DROL(l) reversed
5 REMINISCED: E, MINIS(motor cars), C inside RED
6 ARANEA: E inside A(ristophanes), RANA(frogs)
7 IDIOT: I’D then IOT(a) – you’ve got to read well into Chambers to find this definition of NATURAL
8 NEOLOGIAN: anagram (mortal) of NO,GENIAL containing O
9 GONK: GO(attempt), NK(Natural Killer) – strange some of the abbreviations in Chambers, this is justified as a cell biology term
12 AGORAPHOBE: long charade here – AGO(since),RAP(chat),HOB(lout),E(one on benefits)
13 RIDICULED: RID(clear),I, then an anagram of CLUED. Not the usual definition of “queered”
17 REAL BEER: anagram of BARREL,(som)E,(headach)E
19 STRIGIL: STIL(l) surrounding RIG(a well-boring plant)
22 COWPAT: this is tricky wordplay, especaially since TAP can mean cock, and COCK can mean dung – in this case the definition is COCK, and the wordplay is COWP(upset), AT(1/1000 of a Laotian Kip). Hopefully you spotted AT when you were looking up AS
24 OMLAH: an official’s staff – L(ife) in the first letter of OF, then HAM reversed
26 LAV,A: can being toilet in this case
28 SORB: BRO’S reversed

4 comments on “Mephisto 2915 – Paul McKenna”

  1. A steady middle of the road solve with no particular problems

    Beware 1A in today’s Mephisto 2916 where the anagram fodder doesn’t produce the required answer

    1. Thanks for the tip, Jim; I was double- and triple-checking this morning!
  2. I had CULL for 1A as I couldn’t decide between CULL and CELL as both seemed to be correct.

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