Mephisto 2895 – Don Manley

I found this one pretty tough for a few reasons. There were two pieces of geography that were way out of my range of knowledge. I also confidently wrote in a few incorrect answers that seemed quite plausible at the time (I had three different entries for 1 across). The grid is of the type that divides the puzzle into four quarters, with really only one entry connecting two of them (the 10-letter entries). I tend to use the longer words as starting points in the grid, but they weren’t all that easy in this puzzle.

I think I have everything sorted out though. Better type this up before passing out.

Away we go!

1 BARBOLA: A LOB(lout) all reversed after BAR(counter). Took a lot of convincing that this wasn’t MANDALA after it was originally written in as TABBOYA
6 TAPIS: tricky clue – if you added NT(new testament books) to it you would get TANT PIS, every Australian schoolboy’s favorite phrase to shout out
10 MALABAR-RAT: A, BARRA(an Hebridean island) in MALT
11 TRONES: remove the H from THRONES
13 HO,GG
14 BHISTEE: BEE(busy person) containing HIST(quiet)
15 STILTY: remove the 0 from TOIL and put it in STY
17 BEDEMAN: NAME DEB all reversed – fortunately this appeared in another barred-grid puzzle recently
22 REGREDE: R(Rex, king), EG REDE(advice, counsel)
23 DIMER: ME in DIR(e)
24 SCIROC: anagram of CORSIC(a)
27 MOODILY: MOLY(magic herb) with ODI(one day international – cricket match) inside
29 DIT,A
30 FROWIE: rancid – FIE(expression of disgust) around ROW
32 HAYLE: double definition, one being a pretty-obscure seeming town
33 SPONDEE: SEE(understand) surrounding Ezra POUND without the middle letter
1 BATHS: double definition
2 ACROTERION: anagram of CREATION containing OR reversed
3 BANGLED: BANG, LED – was surprised that the singluar BANG meant a fringe, I’ve always heard it as BANGS
4 OLENT: VIOLENT(rough) missing VI
6 TA,LION: This had me head-scratching for a while, since my print-out made it look like the clue read “gratitude to Asian”, but of course it is “gratitude to Aslan”, C.S. Lewis’ lion
7 ARES: take the middle letter from ARIES
9 STRETTE: STREE(t) containing TT
17 BADMASH: Spoonerism of MAD BASH
18 ARALIAS: ALIAS containing RA
19 BRIDOON: a bit – BOON(blessing) containing RID(empty)
21 TRIUNE: anagram of UNITER
25 CUR,I,0
26 CAESE: sessa – CEASE with the middle letters jumbled
28 DAIL(y)

2 comments on “Mephisto 2895 – Don Manley”

  1. Must agree with you George about HAYLE – I live here and I’ve never heard of it either. I used C to give me “old hale (welfare)” and then Googled the place name

    Found the rest of it a reasonable challenge

  2. I actually found this relatively easy compared to some others of late, although I’ve never heard of HAYLE either.

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