Mephisto 2471 – Tim Moorey

This one was a fast start and a very very slow finish. One of the words was well-hidden, not only in the clue, but in the wordplay as well. This puzzle did include a clue that stunned me in its condstuction, if I was a hat-wearing man I’d doff it to you, Tim Moorey for the brilliance that was 9d.

The rest of the puzzle was a tricky mix of Jewish, Scot and scat.

(Edit – thanks linxit for pointing out my errors and wordplay slip below)

1 CRAP,PITHEAD – A haddock’s head stuffed with a mixture of oatmeal, suet, onions and pepper, definition hidden in the second definition of “crap” in Chambers.
11 ANTI,QUE – QUE being the postal abbreviation for Quebec province.
13 OP,T(unnel)S
16 T,TART,ASS – Worried about this until I could get to a reliable computer, used to seeing this as just TASS, however the full name for the Russian News Agency is ITAR-TASS
17 (t)ERRORIST – why did I think of the current U.S. President while solving this?
19 STENT – SPENT with T instead of P.
20 TENONER – (TEN,POUNDER – PUD)*. A device for making chips off wood, I’d say this qualifies as an &lit
21 SABELLA – ALAS backwards around BEL. A tube-building seaworm
25 P(L)AST – Spenserian form of PLACE
27 CORBETTS – thanks, linxit, I had originally put CORSETTS here, fitting an anagram of SCOT+SET with R inside. But I was undone, it is CORBETTS
30 S(w)EEP
33 NAPLE(S)S – meaning without a hat. This came fairly easily, there was some controversy over a radio host using the similar “nappy-headed” as an insult
32 (s)HELL,(d)O – nicely put-together clue
35 SHITTAH TREE – Hebrew term for acacia, found in Chambers under the definition for “shittim”.
1 DIATESSARONS – anagram of SENT ROSA in SAID<=. This took a long time, it means a medicine containing four ingredients.
2 CAVORT – V in (ACTOR)*
4 PI,PI – these pods are apparently used in tanning
5 PAS,TIT – cute
6 INCASE – AS in (NICE)*, an alternative spelling of ENCASE
8 A,US(SI)E – I have the inside run on Antipodean clues
9 DESSERTSPOON – (NO,OP,STRESSED)=> that’s a terrific reverse construction. Junket as a dessert is a second unpleasant foodstuff for the crossword, but I’ll overlook it with the great wordplay.
12 FOREBEAR – not sure of the wordplay here. Edit – linxit again, anagram of BEFORE,A,R
14 TAN,NATES(=Latin for buttocks) – organic salts based on tannic acid deprotonates
18 MOLES,TER(n) – maybe a touch more than annoying
22 AKEDAH – had to google this for the definition, wordplay was pretty straightforward
24 ARRIS,H – a stubble field
28 (f)ECHT – FECHT being a Scots form of fight or fighter.

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  1. 27A is CORBETTS – a Corbett is a Scottish mountain of between 2500 and 2999 feet that has a reascent of 500 feet on all sides.

    Wordplay is R,BET inside SCOT*, with fit as the anagram indicator.

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