Mephisto 2467 – Mike Laws

I found this one a very rewarding slog, took three sittings to complete and the last one was an extensive cross-referencing of Chambers to sort out the NE corner. As usual with the Mephisto, a lot of new words and phrases, but enough clever wordplay to make them guessable.

1 EVERY LAST – (try leaves)*, nice anagram, and we’re back to Mephistos just telling us how many words, which can make anagrams trickier
7 PEH – HEP(=with it) backwards. A reason to keep Chambers handy, I was so unsure this was wrong I had crossed it out to write in “Phi”. But it is indeed the 15th letter of the arabic alphabet.
10 AUXESIS – X in (AUSSIE)*. 2 Down was “exaggeration” giving the definition
11 ARENA = (AN,ERA)<=. An being “if” in an old style. This should have been easier, but it was one of the last two to go in.
13 OPHIURAN – (UP,HAIR,ON)*. A starfish (thanks, Chambers)
16 ELGIN MARBLES – sculptures removed from the Parthenon. FOr a long time one of them was in my little town of Asheville, North Carolina.
18 YARDS(=tall glasses)ALE – this one struck me as awkwardly clued, especially with sale being part of the answer.
19 CORDLESS – now this is some clever wordplay! SELD(=rarely once) reversed in CORS, where a cor is a Hebrew measure, the homer, 10 ephahs. Nice one, Mike Laws.
24 AS,AN(n)A – any of the positions taught in yoga. Another new word.
25 E(TIO=uncle)LATE – Tio made another appearance recently, I believe.
26 STOKE – OK in (SET)*
27 TEN(d) – unsure of “awarded honour” here, maybe an acronym?
2 EXAGGERATION – (EGG,AXE)<=,RATION(=quota). More tricksy fun, needed to get 10ac.
3 RE(=note),JOIN(D)ER – I liked this wordplay too, nice clue.
4 LIPOME – PO(=river) in LIMA. A fatty tumor. Sounds unpleasant.
5 ASH,LAR – lar is the god of a house, an ashlar is a dressed stone used in building a wall
6 SAIL – my last clue to go in, and it was really a case of looking up letter combinations in Chambers. SAIL means to project, and LIAS is the Lower Jurassic.
7 PERE LACHAISE – the famous Paris cemetery. I knew this from a good friend who studies French Philosophy. Maurice Mearleau-Ponty is also buried there.
8 (t)E(NAME)LLING – cute clue, well-hidden definition
9 H,AND,SET – the cordless was hiding elsewhere
12 SILHOUETTE – anagram of THE,OUTLI(n)ES
17 AC,QUEST – nice to see “current” not be I for a chance.
20 ETHANE (hidden) – I like it when there’s a few nice easy chemicals or elements
21 SO,FT(=Financial Times),IE – I liked this clue as well, fun construction.
25 ALAS – SALA(d) reversed.

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