Mephisto 2432/Tim Moorey – just glad to get it finished!

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This was the toughest Mephisto that I have had to blog – I’m not sure why.  Sometimes I just seem to struggle for no apparent reason, and this was the case here.  70-80% of the clues came to me fairly quickly, then I hit a wall.  I only just finished it this morning, and I’m not sure about a couple of the answers I have put in – see below.





1          BATT(L)ING – good surface


7          SMIT – (<=Tim’s) – in the online version, this is not as easy as it looks, because the setter’s name (Tim Moorey) is not given


11         ECHOIC – (CHOICE with the E “brought forward”)


13         DROGHEDA – (heard dog)*


15         HOD CARRIER – sure that this is right, but can’t quite see the wordplay – HARRIER is “runner”, DC for “police officer” (detective constable – not in Chambers 2003) – after that I’m lost


25         G(EMMY) – another nice surface


27         WAPENSCHAW – for me, a poor homophone of Wa-pens-SURE – SURE and SCHAW may sound alike to some, but not to me (nor Chambers if you look up the pronunciation)


32         LI(ER)NE – a cross-rib in vaulting


33         RA’s-P – why is RA = “head”?





2          (s)ACRED


3          TO-GO + LANDER


8          MA(RIG)RAM – marram is a seaside grass and a marigram is a read-out from a marigraph, a device that records tide levels.


9          INHERE – this one held me up because I wanted it to be ADHERE


10         T(h)E(f)A(i)R(w)A(y)W(e)A(r)Y – good surface


14         PROCREATED – (tape-record)*


17         A CA(RPO)US(e) where RPO = Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.  ACARPOUS means sterile, therefore “fruitless”


18         OPERCULA – OP(<=lucre)A – this took a while to parse, as I was trying to work out why LUC was money, thinking OPERA was “work” (d’oh!)


22         R-WANDA – as in A Fish Called Wanda


24         UNC(l)ES – Scottish word for “small amounts”


3 comments on “Mephisto 2432/Tim Moorey – just glad to get it finished!”

  1. No-one should have been able to understand the wordplay to HOD CARRIER due to an uncharacteristic slip on Tim’s part:

    Re 15 HOD CARRIER. My superbly reliable checker pointed out to me that the O was not indicated; I replied that it should have been an OLD copper and I still got it wrong in a corrected clue sent. I’m a brick short of a load evidently.

    He was also aware that SURE for SHAW (27ac) is an imperfect homophone but was assured that it would pass unnoticed – this mistake will not be repeated.

    33ac: RAS = head(land)

  2. Grateful for an explanation of 19 ac:
    Type of bandage wound around leg with no end of pus.
    My answer was pica?
    Many thanks,
    Adrian, Moscow
  3. You were correct with PICA (type(face)) = SPICA (bandage wound round limb (eg leg) minus S (end of pus).


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