Mephisto 2421 – Chris Feetenby

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Good mix of clues, clean surfaces, slightly easier than I might have expected, what more can I say?

Solving time – 20-25 minutes


5 A-BR(E)ACT – the “modified” in the clue had me of looking for anagrams of “leaf”, but I got there in the end. Abreaction is a psychiatrist’s method where the patient is forced to relive the event that caused their neurosis in the first place.

11 ALBURNOUS – A (soul)* containing BURN – relating to alburnum (sapwood)

13 E-CON-O(h)MIC – CON is often indicated by “study”, although I don’t recall ever coming across this use in “real life”.

17 QT-I-P – didn’t realise that this was in Chambers, until I looked it up.

19 SIT-HENCE – Shakespearean “since”.

22 S(N)OW – I was convinced that his was SCOW, with “a bit of nutrition” being C (calorie), but once I had 8dn in place, SNOW was the only possible answer. Checked Chambers, and yes, a snow is a vessel like a brig.

23 (p)HOT ON

25 WAGON-LIT – (long wait)*

27 AMYLOIDAL – (Aida Molly)* – I can’t find this in Chambers 2003, but I found it online (

29 TOLA (<= a lot) – a tola is a unit of weight in India (about 11.66 grammes).




6 BON(I FA)CE – FA = Football Association – St Boniface (675-755) was an English martyr, who is the patron saint of Germany and the Netherlands, and was once the patron saint of England.

8 ABACTINAL – (canal bait)*

9 COSMO-GO-NI-CAL – COSMO refers to Cosmo Lang, who was Archbishop of Canterbury between 1928 and 1942. NI is Northern Ireland and CAL California (both common crossword abbreviations)

10 TEST ON – a Henry VIII shilling

14 OMITTANCE – OM (Order of Merit) + IT + (cant)* + E

15 FENT-A NY L – a FENT is a slit or crack, and FENTANYL is a powerful analgesic.

21 EXOPOD – EX-OP-(<=do) – the outer branch of a crustacean’s limb.

24 (‘S)TELA – tela is a weblike tissue and STELA is an alernative for STELE – an upright stone tablet.

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