Meetup with Verlaine in NYC – Sunday July 30 – 1:30 PM at The Ginger Man

As you may have heard, our esteemed Friday blogger Verlaine is going to be in New York City for a week.   We are trying to set up an afternoon get-together with those based in NYC, as well as anyone who can manage to get there on the day.    We plan to hold this in a public bar or casual restaurant, so we are able to invite anyone who wishes to come.

The organizer of this get-together is known locally as paul_in_london, who is now living primarily in New York.   To make this happen, he needs a rough estimate of how many people might show up.   So if you are wish to attend, please reply below AND send a private LJ message to paul_in_london with your email, so he can add you the email list.   I am asking you to do both because in the past we have had problems with the  LJ private messaging system, and if you reply here Paul can at least try to find your message.

Update – Thanks to Paul, we have gotten somewhat organized.   We will be meeting at The Ginger Man, 11 E 36th St, at 1:30 PM on Sunday, July 30.   Anyone who is not in the emails from Paul and me can reply to this post, or send us a LJ message.

6 comments on “Meetup with Verlaine in NYC – Sunday July 30 – 1:30 PM at The Ginger Man”

  1. Well I certainly plan to make an appearance! It’s not every day you get to be a guest of honour when you’re as generally dishonourable as me.
  2. I will actually be relatively close to New York on the 30th, but 350 miles is quite a long way to come for a drink. Have fun!
  3. I have to figure out how to send a message to paul_in_london(_in_New_York). I’m sure it must be cleverly encrypted somewhere on this page. In any case, the best email address for me is sandy “at”

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