Jumbo 936 – Why Rabbit = Bird.

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Nothing much to report. Went in fairly smoothly, no absolute gimmes and no major hold ups (apart from the odd self inflicted one). Further (limited) statistical analysis would lead me to postulate that the variance in difficulty of jumbos is far less than dailies. This stands to reason with more clues evening things out, but I suspect that there is an editorial intention as well.

Quite liked the 34D & 2D pair of clues which manage to link RABBIT to BIRD via CHAT, 52A seemed nicely concise on both the cryptic and surface level.

1 CHAUCER – U=uni inside CHA(n)CER for the heartless opportunist.
5 MESSMATE – One of those “reverse” clues, where the answer is a “clue” to part of the clue, if you “mess up” MATE, you get TEAM. Def=associate on board.
9 ACQUIT – AC=bill QUIT=leave
13 ENIGMA VARIATIONS – another “reverse” where variations on ENIGMA might be IN GAME. def=sequence of pictures
14 ANDREW – A, N=knight, DREW=depicted
16 PORPOISE – (PO=river & IS) inside PORE= small hole
17 PLOT – Parcel as in of land. L inside POT.
18 INNKEEPER – slightly weak cryptic definition, because the real bit doesnt quite work for me, unless you are perhaps thinking of employees, but that is a stretch
20 MONOLITH – March=MONTH around O L I, for the monument
21 RUNNING HEAD – Not sure athletic leader equates to a RUNNING HEAD, but it had to be the answer (unless you repeat LEAD from leader). Didnt know the definition, but apparently it is a printing term for the repeated text in a book.
24 MARKETING – MARK=assessment, EG=say, around TIN=money
25 NESTLING – NET=trap by LING=heather about S=second, for the little bird.
26 ZENO – ZEN=religious school & O for the philosopher.
29 REMONSTRATE – RE=about MONSTE(r) eating RAT, for the two horrible animals, for the protest. I am sure people who keep RATs may quibble with the “horrible” monicker, however the assumed use for people I guess justifies this.
31 RECONNOITRE – (ONE CORNER IT)* for look around
33 SINGLE CREAM – SIN=something wicked, GLAM around (s)ECRE(t) for the food.
36 WATER PISTOL – (law I protest)*
38 AIDA – reversed hidden – r-ADIA-nt
39 CARPETED – PET=darling CARED=bothered around, for reprimanded
41 REDELIVER – RED LIVER = red meat around E=energy for once again provide.
45 INNOCENT – IN=favoured, NO CENT = no money, for “otherworldly”
48 PENTECOST – PEN=writer, CO=company inside TEST=international, for the festival
49 ARGO – ARGO(n) for the gas endlessly, long definition.
50 CLUELESS – double definition, a bit too similar, not a great clue.
52 TWENTY – Interesting little clue here, cryptic def with CARDINAL meaning just “number” and two crosses being XX, hence twenty. Surface works also.
53 POLITICAL SCIENCE – (clients CIA police)*
54 SUTURE – SURE=certain, around TU=trade union.
55 PROTEGES – PROTES(t) = object endlessly, outside GE for pupils.
56 DOG TROT – DOG=follow, TROT=communist.

1 CREEPY – PEER=lord, reversed inside C(it)Y = London? where “it” isnt allowed.
2 AVIARY – given that a CHAT is a bird, this would be the ROOM that it is in!
3 COMMODORE – OR=gold in COMMODE=sideboard for the officer, who will for me be always secondary to this.
4 REVISIONIST – (tries)* around VISION=dream, for the deviant communist
5 MARX – either Karl or any of Groucho, Harpo, Tompo, Dickpo, and Harrypo, or whatever they were called.
6 SMALL CHANGE – SMALL=minor, CHANGE=reorganisation def = “penny may be a part of this”
7 MOISTURER – cryptic def, perhaps not the best concealed one
8 TENSIONAL – (etonians l)* – seeing the def of stretching I was singularly unable to move away from ELAST… which held me up for a while. I wonder whether setters concoct these co-incidences as a second layer of misleading?
10 CONVERGE – C ON VERGE=boundary.
11 UNREPRESENTATIVE – (I present a venture)*
12 TOWERED – TO WED=get married, around R(ar)E for Rose (as a verb)
15 INDIANAN – INDIA=country, NAN=grandma, the definition is “statesman” not as politician, but as one from a US state.
19 DISGRACE – D(eception) IS GRACE=test cricketer (W.G.) for the shameful person.
22 AMBROSIA – BROS=brothers inside A MIA=woman, for the divine food
23 PROMENADE CONCERT – Is this a cryptic definition or a straight one? No idea! Fairly obvious from checkers, any insight appreciated.
27 OVERLORD – OVER=bit of cricket, LORD=fellow providing ground (Lords) for the top man
28 YOGI – I GOY(a) reversed
30 NILE – (line)* , definition = “crocodile here perhaps?”
32 CATERING – double definition
34 CHAT ROOM – I quite like this cryptic definition (for a change!) Rabbit as in gossip=CHAT. Tied in with 2D this made a fun pair of clues.
35 MATERIALIST – MATER=mum, I, A-LIST=top celebrities
36 WEDDING RING – cryptic def. hmm….
37 RADICALISED – (acrid ladies)* def=more extreme
40 PETIT FOUR – Play on the fact that FOUR=IV is smaller than V=FIVE. Not sure it works that well, unless I missed something.
42 LINGERING – LINGERI(e) = short undies, NG=not good
43 ANTEATER – T from insect, inside A NEATER=smarter, for the animal. I saw ANT for insect and checkers and bunged in ANTELOPE straight off, which slowed things a bit.
44 IMPETUS – (l)IMPET= one clinging on, without L=left, then US for encouragement
46 JENNER – JEER=unkind comment about (ma)N (bedridde)N for the physicist
47 ASSENT – AS=when, SENT=in a state of ecstasy.
51 BAAS – (a)B(r)A(h)A(m)S

10 comments on “Jumbo 936 – Why Rabbit = Bird.”

  1. 27:33 for me. Nice puzzle.

    I took 23dn (PROMENADE CONCERT) to be a cryptic definition, reflecting the fact that there are no seats in the Albert Hall Arena (the central oval) for the Proms.

    My interpretation of 40dn seems to be more or less the same as yours. However, PETIT FOUR being even smaller than “V small” worked for me.

    (You’ve a typo at 46dn: JENNER was a physician rather than a physicist.)

  2. Oops! Thinking about it, of course I’m being far too specific about 23dn. A PROMENADE CONCERT is a concert “in which part of the audience stands and can move about” (to quote Chambers (2003)). The term predates Henry Wood’s Proms, but since those are on at the moment, they’re what first crossed my mind. I don’t think this alters the reading of the clue significantly though.
    1. I think either way the clue still reads as a straight definition, as there is no real difference between the “surface” read, and the implied cryptic one.

      correct on the typo, but cant be bothered to edit

  3. For me the surface reading describes a standing ovation, making the clue a cryptic definition of a PROMENADE CONCERT.
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