Jumbo 760 – placeholder

It’s my fault that this one was omitted. I haven’t searched for my original yet. For the moment, say anything you want to here, and I’ll respond to any queries.


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  1. This one gave me endless grief. I spotted the Shakespeare theme early on, so that helped a bit, but really there were too many unknown words and extremely convoluted clues for it to be an enjoyable solve. I’m sure it’s all very clever and others had a great time with it but it was not for me.

    I originally ended up completing about three-quarters with most of the remaining blanks in the SW corner. This morning I decided to polish it off with the aid an on-line solver but when I found myself presented with a list of words, none of which I knew the meaning of without further reference to a dictionary, I gave up and went to the on-line solution.

    1. You’ve been led astray by something you’ve probably never seen or heard …

      LA = “Community of Americans”, then “yon” is an archaic/dialect word for “that” – mainly in Scotland and Northern England.

  2. This was a very tough puzzle indeed, but absolutely satisfying when I persisted with it over a long period keeping away from looking at solution in the paper and going back to it all the time. Some very skilful and original manipulations in the wordplay and I went back to it to admire the clues. Solving time for me 2 hrs 20 mins (enjoyed it all the way).

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