Jumbo 722 – fairly tricky

Solving time (estimate): about 30 mins

Failed to keep my original copy of this so I’ve just done a re-solve, which suggests that the first go must have taken a fair while, and that quite a few clues need explaining.

15 EM=(printer’s) unit,MEN=blokes,THALER=old German coin – from which the word ‘dollar’ comes
16 RIO,J,A – ‘cards’ seems an under-used indicator
19 RIGIDLY – G.I. in Ridl(e)y – one of the bishops killed on the orders of ‘Bloody’ Mary, I think.
20 POSTM(ILLENARI=(rail line)*)AN – Pat = Postman from Postman Pat, the children’s book/TV character
22 SUP(p)ER,DUPER = fraud – in my mind, this phrase was “super dooper” – wrongly, it seems
25 AU,TO(p)
30 UNICYCLE = “Eunice, Ike ‘ll” for “woman president will” – outrageous, but it works for me
39 W1=Mayfair(RETAP=pater rev.),PER = by
43 PLAIN,SOFA,BRAH(A)M(s) – vaguely familiar as a place-name, possibly from reading about General Wolfe.
47 CHILDLESS – C.D. referring to Rachel in the O.T.
52 MOLLY=female,CODDLE=cook – still fresh in the mind from the championship final where it was a Spoonerised ideal dog.
2 THO’,ROUGH,P.I.N.=identification – inflammation of the hock joint, apparently
10 CO-HOS(t) – there’s a Pacific salmon called coho or cohoe which quite often gets setters out of a tricky corner
11 H,ELLEN,IS,TIC=”tick”
13 BORE – 2 defs
21 A JAC(C.I.)O(b) – Jacob = type of sheep
22 S(AM.)ARA – a port on the River Volga, known as Kubyshev in the Soviet Era. Apparently has the largest town square in Europe (it was chosen as a possible substitute capital city in WWII in case Moscow fell, and then used as a centre for huge parades afterwards)
24 NON-(GOVERN=”Govan” (district of Glasgow))MENTAL – a non-rhotic homophone to drive our Scots solvers mental, I should think
26 UNMAN(N.E.,R)LINESS – camp = unmanliness – a Times xwd first?
29 END,OGEN=gone*. Botany time – lilies are monocotyledons and monocotyledons are endogens. Both news to me …
36 AMBASSADOR – &lit. based on “In capitals he” = H.E. = His Excellency
40 ABSTAINER – (seat in bar)* &lit.
44 OPE,ROSE – operose = busy, ope = poetic ‘open’
46 T(HO.,UGH!)T – 40 = ABSTAINER = TT. Made a tad more puzzling in the on-line version, where the number 40 was converted to “fourty”.

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  1. Although Rachel was childless for some time, she did eventually (or ultimately?) have two sons.

    Therefore, would the clue “Like Rachel ultimately, having no issue to raise” make more sense if it read “Unlike Rachel ultimately,…”?

    Alternatively, if I have missed the blindingly obvious and the clue as published is valid, then what purpose does “ultimately” serve?


    1. I was kind of hoping no-one would mention this point but should have known better – I don’t understand this point either.

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