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A fun and fairly straightforward puzzle with a few odd words and constructions to spice things up. Though it’s not something that necessarily affects the solving experience, there did seem to be a larger proportion of clues than normal where the definition was at the beginning. FOI 1A, LOI 27A, COD 4D for the smile.

Definitions are underlined, anagram = *, omission = {}, double definition = dd, cryptic definition = cd

1 Mutton stew from heated container served in churches (10)
HOTCHPOTCHHOT (heated), + CH + CH (churches) around POT (container), to give (Chambers): “A kind of mutton-broth with vegetables of many kinds”. Can’t say I knew this meaning but it wasn’t an enormous leap from the perhaps more common “confused mass” definition.
6 Failing in tense Irish leader meeting cricket side (12)
IMPERFECTIONIMPERFECT (tense – in grammar) + I{rish} (Irish leader) + ON (cricket side)
14 Muscle that’s required on farm vehicle (9)
RETRACTORRE (on) + TRACTOR (farm vehicle)
15 Very cold, as eels may be, roughly speaking (5)
GELID – approximate homophone of JELLIED, with jellied eels being a thing (a dish often associated with people from the East End of London)
16 Vanity of one replacing conductor finally in Prom? (7)
CONCEITCONCErT (Prom?), with I (one) replacing the r (conductor finally)
17 Situation regarding barrister’s least successful action? (5,4,8)
WORST CASE SCENARIO – kind of a cd
18 Prepared to make money (5)
READY – dd
19 Catastrophic game in old America (7)
RUINOUSRU (game) + IN + O (old) + US (America)
21 Incisive magazine once taken by youth leader (6)
PUNCHYPUNCH (magazine once) + Y{outh} (youth leader)
22 Nit-picker in Paris who the French resistance provided with books (8)
QUIBBLERQUI (in Paris who) + BB (books) + LE (the French) + R (resistance). We see B for book quite often, but BB is also in Chambers as meaning books – though even if it wasn’t, we could interpret books as B + B.
24 Madcap result of strike at end of match? (7)
HOTHEAD – if you struck a match then it would have a HOT HEAD, though the setter has tried to mislead us into thinking of a match in the sense of a game rather than an item for, say, lighting candles
26 Time to abandon the human condition for ethical conduct (8)
MORALITYMOR{t}ALITY (Time to abandon the human condition)
27 French island you ultimately aren’t going to (6)
USHANT – {yo}U (you ultimately) + SHAN’T (aren’t going to). I hadn’t heard of this island but it’s off the north-west coast of Brittany.
30 Itinerant agent returning, one sad to abandon husband (11)
PERIPATETIC – reversal of REP (agent), + I (one) + PAT{h}ETIC (sad to abandon husband)
32 Study of wrongdoing, or logic, in my broadcast (11)
33 Widespread longing to follow Republican in charge (3-8)
FAR-REACHINGR (Republican) in FARE (charge), + ACHING (longing)
35 Edged forward with courage, like some dolphins (6-5)
BOTTLE-NOSEDBOTTLE (courage) + NOSED (Edged forward)
37 Continue to have part-time soldiers in control (6)
RETAINTA (part-time soldiers, though they’re now called the Army Reserve) in REIN (control)
38 In Irish county, loon regularly belted farm animal (8)
GALLOWAYL{o}O{n} (loon regularly) in GALWAY (Irish county). Belted Galloways (black but with a white stripe around the back and belly) are a type of Galloway cattle.
39 Diplomacy originally improving Civil Service procedures (7)
TACTICSTACT (Diplomacy) + I{mproving} (originally improving) + CS (Civil Service)
42 Ill-mannered urchin drunk in Dover from time to time (8)
IMPOLITEIMP (urchin), + LIT (drunk) in {D}O{v}E{r} (Dover from time to time)
44 Growth more than once of old college irrational (6)
POLYPIPOLY (old college, i.e. polytechnic) + PI (irrational, as in number), to give the plural of polypus, which Chambers defines as: “a pedunculated tumour growing from the mucous membrane”
46 Blushing politician touring Borders? (7)
CRIMSONCON (politician) around RIMS (Borders)
48 Stabbing sword held by toughest occupant (5)
ESTOC – hidden in toughEST OCcupant. A Mephisto escapee but clued as gently as possible.
49 Settle extortionate charge, using the beak as go-between? (3,7,3,4)
PAY THROUGH THE NOSE – kind of an extended definition, perhaps hoping to make you think of beak in the sense of magistrate rather than nose
51 Immortal Oriental bird beside a lake (7)
ETERNALE (Oriental) + TERN (bird) + A + L (lake)
52 Half a dozen mostly supreme sensations (5)
VIBESVI (Half a dozen, i.e. in Roman numerals) + BES{t} (mostly supreme)
53 Remove bird dipping into cream (9)
ELIMINATEMINA (bird) in ELITE (cream)
54 Nab treasure finally seen drifting beneath the waves (12)
SUBTERRANEAN – (NAB TREASURE + {see}N}* This is defined in all the usual sources as being underground rather than under the sea but, as ~70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, an arbitrary point under the ground is more likely than not to be underwater too. Or am I missing something more obvious?
55 Harsh line adopted by a hospital department (10)
ASTRINGENTA + STRING (line) + ENT (hospital department)
1 Idolise offender initially imprisoned by female judge? (4-7)
HERO-WORSHIPHER WORSHIP (female judge? – a reference to the honorific accorded some judges) around O{ffender} (offender initially)
2 Expression of impatience over heartless college teacher (5)
TUTORTUT (Expression of impatience) + O{ve}R (over heartless)
3 Grieving Scottish football team — or English? (9)
HEARTSOREHEARTS (Scottish football team) + OR + E (English)
4 Fugitives? The opposite to the spouse’s family, we hope! (7)
OUTLAWS – if the spouse’s family are the in-laws then the opposite might be the OUT-LAWS
5 Warning about right to increase distribution of booty (5-2)
CARVE-UPCAVE (Warning) about R (right), + UP (increase)
7 Habitually dejected, connecting fruit with abdominal pain, say? (11)
MELANCHOLIC – homophone of MELON (fruit) + COLIC (abdominal pain)
8 Last to invest, holding fourth of shares (6)
ENDUREENDUE (to invest) around {sha}R{es} (fourth of shares)
9 Dogsbody’s feat in setting up of corporation (8)
FACTOTUMACT (feat) in reversal of OF, + TUM (corporation)
10 Instrument graduate introduced to old Nicaraguan guerrillas, before long (13)
CONTRABASSOONCONTRAS (old Nicaraguan guerrillas) around BA (graduate), + SOON (before long), to give (Chambers): “A metal or wooden instrument, like a bassoon but sounding an octave lower, the double bassoon”
11 Face slipping in hostile part of glacier (7)
ICEFALLFACE* in ILL (hostile)
12 Practical details in Kitty’s rhymes? (5-6)
NITTY-GRITTY – two words rhyming with Kitty
13 Self-absorbed chap possessing energy and money (10)
EGOCENTRICERIC (chap), around GO (energy) + CENT (money)
20 Bury hamster, say, across river — and explain (9)
INTERPRETINTER (Bury) + PET (hamster, say) around R (river)
23 Popularly a TV series, to be completely accurate (8)
STRICTLY – dd, the first the common shortened name for the bafflingly popular British TV show Strictly Come Dancing
25 Do what Morse did, failing to get time for female (6)
DETECTDE{f}ECT (failing) with the f (female) replaced by a T (time), and the definition (and arguably the whole clue) a reference to Inspector Morse
26 New laic term describing some psalm translations (8)
METRICAL – (LAIC TERM)*, with the definition referring to a metrical psalm, which is (Collins): “a translation of one of the psalms into rhyming strict-metre verse usually sung as a hymn”
28 Characteristic of auditorium requiring sound judgement (9)
ACOUSTICS – cd, hoping to make you think of sound in the sense of well-founded rather than audio
29 Little creature retired doctor allowed to go around island (6)
PIGLET – reversal of GP (doctor) around I (island), + LET (allowed)
31 Relaxation of rules applying to linesmen? (6,7)
POETIC LICENCE – cd, hoping to make you think of, say, football linesmen rather than people writing verse
33 Pardon woman brought up in smithy north of loch (11)
FORGIVENESS – reversal of VI (woman), in FORGE (smithy) + NESS (loch)
34 Nice people, even, may suffer such national prejudice (11)
GALLOPHOBIA – a kind of extended cryptic definition, hoping to make you think of nice in the pleasant rather than city-on-the-Med sense
35 Doctor who used bay’s place of ill repute (10)
36 Dig up French art treasures initially displaying impartiality (11)
DISINTERESTDISINTER (Dig up) + ES (French art, i.e. one of the French words for the archaic version of the present tense second person singular of the verb “to be”) + T{reasures} (treasures initially). Corrected due to Paul G’s comment below.
40 Standard review by key writer ultimately upset no one (9)
CRITERIONCRIT (review) + E (key) + {write}R (writer ultimately), + reversal of NO + I (one)
41 Dotty drawer’s son, one who takes alcohol regularly (8)
STIPPLERS (son) + TIPPLER (one who takes alcohol regularly)
43 Paperback covering alternative source of flavouring, perhaps (7)
POTHERBPB (Paperback) around OTHER (alternative). Don’t think we very often see PB for paperback – it’s in ODO but neither Chambers nor Collins. Other possibilities are, of course, the chemical symbol for lead, plus Pharmacopoeia Britannica, Prayer Book, personal best, petabyte(s), Punjab, and Plymouth Brethren.
45 French painter’s entry (7)
INGRESSINGRES’S (French painter’s)
46 Start of terrible row after accountant becomes more spiteful (7)
CATTIERCA (accountant) + T{errible} (start of terrible) + TIER (row)
47 Living in woods, son left vehicle outside rear of bothy (6)
SYLVANS (son) + L (left) + VAN (vehicle) around {both}Y (rear of bothy), a bothy being (Chambers): “A humble cottage or hut”
50 Decorated knight on board leaving to make a speech (5)
ORATEOR{n}ATE (Decorated knight on board leaving)

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  1. This must have been an easier Jumbo, as I managed to complete it in less than an hour at 55:02. I did have to look up the totally unknown USHANT however. I was relieved to find that LICENCE was spelled the proper way. I guess that’s the clue Jack referred to last week. Never heard of an ESTOC either, so just as well it was a hidden. Enjoyable puzzle. Thanks setter and Mohn.
  2. I wonder what happened to those solvers who put in LICENSE? I’ve become totally confused over which side of the pond which letter is supposedly used. As usual, a couple of biffs (EGOCENTRIC, HERO-WORSHIP), a couple of DNKs (ESTOC, USHANT (LOI). But aside from the C/S, no real problems.
    1. I was always taught that license is the verb and licence is the noun this side of the pond, but there has been some leeway recently.

      Edited at 2019-03-23 10:56 am (UTC)

          1. Except that the ‘rule’ for ‘license’ isn’t a rule, and English isn’t special.
            1. It isn’t a rule, it’s just a spelling. In English English it’s generally LICENCE for the noun (see ODO, Collins, Chambers). I did raise an eyebrow at the unchecked letter but also felt pretty confident that it had to be a C. Or at least I’d have been very annoyed if it had been and S.

              Edited at 2019-03-28 04:21 am (UTC)

    2. Someone created a thread on the forum to point out this ambiguity at the time but it wasn’t replied to. The winner was from Manchester, so I won’t begrudge them a little light in their life.
  3. I thought the rule was simply LICENCE for the noun and LICENSE for the verb. Biggest trouble I had with this is after solving on paper, entering the answers online so I could enter the competition, I made a typo of one letter and failed to spot it in my proof-read. Second week in a row! I had similar misgivings to our blogger about SUBTERANEAN, and had to rely on wordplay for USHANT and ESTOC. I see I failed to parse CRITERION, so thanks for that. Possibly my fastest ever Jumbo. 31:40
  4. 36d should be French art = ES (2nd person singular) followed by Treasures initially = T.

    Paul G

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