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This was a puzzle of about average difficulty, I thought, with a couple of unknowns and partially-knowns to spice things up.

FOI 7A, LOI 52A, twin CODs to 28A and 24D for the surfaces.

Compliments of the season to all, and I shall see you next in 2019.

Definitions are underlined, * = anagram, {} = omission, dd = double definition

1 Limit firm replacing golf in area (11)
RESTRICTIONRE{g}ION (area) with STRICT (firm) replacing the g (golf)
7 Thwart European concealing British weakness (6)
FOIBLEFOIL (Thwart) + E (European) around B (British)
10 Foxtrot follows this contribution by fine choreographer (4)
ECHO – hidden in finE CHOreographer, with the definition referring to the NATO alphabet
14 One in black, Parisian mother briefly hugs old vessel (7)
MOURNERMER{e} (Parisian mother briefly), around O (old) + URN (vessel)
15 Protest with a thug defending work closure (7)
WALKOUTW (with) + A + LOUT (thug) around {wor}K (work closure)
16 Agitate to acquire right support in Derby? (7)
STIRRUPSTIR UP (Agitate) around R (right), with the definition referring to the English horse race
17 Men on board rave about Elizabeth’s old cavaliers (7-6)
KNIGHTS-ERRANTKNIGHTS (Men on board, i.e. chess pieces) + RANT (rave) around ER (Elizabeth)
18 Exact use oil rig might be put to? (9)
RELIGIOUS – (USE OIL RIG)* with an odd anagrind
19 Cardigan‘s gesture of indifference (5)
SHRUG – dd, the first appearing in Chambers as: “A usu woollen garment covering the arms, shoulders and top of the back”. I didn’t know the cardigan but it didn’t sound too unlikely.
21 A boy opens chart with another boy, poorly suited (10)
MALADAPTEDA + LAD (boy) in MAP (chart) + TED (another boy)
23 Like some dynasties at home with money, so I’ve heard (6)
INBREDIN (at home) + homophone of BREAD (money)
25 Phone about island rally (8)
MOBILISEMOBILE (Phone) about IS (island)
26 Opposite case that’s set out for customer in shop? (14)
COUNTEREXAMPLE – a shopkeeper displaying one of his wares might have a COUNTER EXAMPLE for inspection
29 Gold dish at front part of range? (7)
PLATEAUPLATE (dish) + AU (Gold), with the range referred to being a mountain range
30 Grass covers daughter with worker in flagrante (3-6)
RED-HANDEDREED (Grass) around D (daughter) + HAND (worker)
31 Romeo pursuing county’s first citizen (5)
MAYORMAYO (county – in Ireland) + R (Romeo)
32 Top Mediterranean island showing hostility (5)
ICILY – {s}ICILY (Mediterranean island), with “Top” in this case meaning to remove the head
34 Study involving apartment ten’s collapse (9)
DEFLATIONDEN (Study), around FLAT (apartment) + IO (ten)
37 Withdrawn do-it-yourself recipe for tongue (7)
YIDDISH – reversal of DIY (do-it-yourself), + DISH (recipe)
39 They convey good wishes regarding sects abroad (9,5)
41 Sick young conservatives having to stop passing round pot in camp (8)
BILLYCANILL (Sick) + YC (young conservatives or, rather, Young Conservatives), in BAN (to stop)
43 Carried round keys in the past (6)
BEFOREBORE (Carried) around EF (keys, in the musical sense)
44 Morph image grotesquely using this old copier? (10)
45 Invalidate yearbook’s missing article (5)
ANNULANNU{a}L (yearbook’s missing article)
48 Running this French cooker at home as before (4,5)
ONCE AGAINON (Running) + CE (this French) + AGA (cooker) + IN (at home)
49 Girl and boy defend sceptical doctor (13)
DIAGNOSTICIANDI (Girl) + IAN (boy) around AGNOSTIC (sceptical)
51 Shock sets back belfry every so often (7)
STUPEFY – reversal of PUTS (sets), + alternate letters of {b}E{l}F{r}Y
52 Change in Honduras reduced power in US city (7)
LEMPIRAEMPIR{e} (reduced power) in LA (US city), to give (Chambers): “The standard monetary unit of Honduras (100 centavos)”, with the origin given as “Lempira, a department of Honduras named after a native chief”. I must have vaguely known this, as it sprang to mind from the checkers even if I wasn’t quite sure why.
53 A bad habit masking a Republican’s cupidity (7)
AVARICEA + VICE (bad habit), around A + R (Republican)
54 Spot undercover agent (4)
MOLE – dd
55 Steer right round close to white plants (6)
OXEYESOX (Steer) + YES (right) around {whit}E (close to white)
56 New acting chairman, heading off visitor (11)
NONRESIDENTN (New) + ON (acting) + {p}RESIDENT (chairman, heading off)
1 Weeds, maybe, surround larger space for new versions (7)
REMAKESRAKES (Weeds, maybe) around EM (larger space, i.e. an em dash as opposed to an en dash). I’m only an occasional gardener but I would have thought a hoe was more appropriate for weeding than a rake, though one of the definitions of rake in Chambers is: “A wheeled field implement with long teeth for gathering hay, scraping up weeds, etc.”
2 Country‘s small car with a first-rate lock in reverse (5,6)
SAUDI ARABIAS (small) + AUDI (car) + A, + reversal of AI (first-rate) + BAR (lock)
3 Farm managed cash margins (5)
RANCHRAN (managed) + C{as}H (cash margins)
4 Duff description of corpulent Santa? (9,7)
CHRISTMAS PUDDING – jocular interpretation, where a pudding is (Chambers): “A fat, dull or heavy-witted person (informal)” and a duff is (Chambers): “A stiff flour pudding boiled in a bag”. I would imagine that most Christmas puddings aren’t prepared like a duff, but no doubt some are – I’m usually too full of sprouts and stuffing to particularly care about dessert.
5 Secretly, for no special reason, suppressing new conflict (8)
INWARDLYIDLY (for no special reason), around N (new) + WAR (conflict)
6 Invalid sister keeps everyone up, free with 500 very old papers (4,3,4)
NULL AND VOIDNUN (sister) around reversal of ALL (everyone), + D (500) + V (very) + O (old) + ID (papers). Not sure what the word “free” is doing in the clue – perhaps it’s from an earlier draft version that was going to make use of the word DEVOID? Or am I missing something?
7 Bob‘s put forward (5)
FLOAT – dd
8 Mutually reliant nine pretended to work on time (14)
9 Stand on banks of Liffey to finish (6)
LASTLYLAST (Stand) + L{iffe}Y (banks of Liffey)
11 RAC put up a trophy designed to hold gallons for 25 Down (11)
CARTOGRAPHY – reversal of RAC, + (A TROPHY)* around G (gallons), with 25 Down being MAPPING
12 Sat after work and disputed (7)
OPPOSEDOP (work) + POSED (Sat)
13 Sort of creeper that gets stuck in pipe (8)
VIRGINIA – dd, the first (Chambers): “An American climbing plant closely related to the vine, bright-red in autumn”, and the second (Chambers): “A tobacco grown and manufactured in Virginia
20 Museum‘s good way to conserve rarities initially (7)
GALLERYG (good) + ALLEY (way) around R{arities} (rarities initially)
22 Asian animal genes turn up in Pennsylvania (5)
PANDA – reversal of DNA (genes), in PA (Pennsylvania)
24 Potential killer surprisingly delighted with a shandy (6,10)
25 Plotting software in China (7)
MAPPINGAPP (software) in MING (China)
27 Deserve to retain article made of clay (7)
EARTHENEARN (Deserve) around THE (article)
28 Academic colleague’s caught sitting topless for money (14)
PROFESSIONALLYPROF (Academic) + ALLY (colleague) around {s}ESSION (sitting topless)
31 Intend shortly to hide drab innards of plant (7)
MEDULLAMEA{n} (Intend shortly) around DULL (drab). I only knew this word in connection with kidneys, but it didn’t seem too much of a stretch that it might also have a botanical meaning.
33 Actually, posh learner hides answer, producing poor results (11)
INEFFECTUALIN EFFECT (Actually) + U (posh) + L (learner) around A (answer)
35 Acre yielded sisal for one (5)
AGAVEA (Acre) + GAVE (yielded), where sisal is (Chambers): “A Mexican agave whose leaves yield a fibre”
36 Anger as modern state conceals excavation (11)
INDIGNATIONIN (modern) + NATION (state) around DIG (excavation)
38 Motivate trendy one in TV scene I shot (11)
INCENTIVISEIN (trendy) + I (one) in (TV SCENE I)*
40 Endanger trio sheltering at noon (8)
THREATENTHREE (trio) around AT, + N (noon)
42 Preserve article in deep container (8)
MAINTAINA (article) in MAIN (deep – both words for the sea) + TIN (container)
43 Thrive with or without a couple of sons (7)
BLOSSOM – both BLOSSOM and BLOOM (blossom without a couple of sons, i.e. without its two esses) mean thrive
46 Easygoing fast time touring eastern part of UK (7)
LENIENTLENT (fast time), around E (eastern) + NI (part of UK, i.e Northern Ireland)
47 A rook getting stuck in cat’s throat part (6)
LARYNXA + R (rook), in LYNX (cat)
49 Male broaching party’s depressed state (5)
DUMPSDUP’S (party’s, i.e. Democratic Unionist Party’s) around M (Male), with the word usually seen in the phrase “down in the dumps”
50 Current TV quiz includes artist, one from Middle East (5)
IRAQII (Current) + QI (TV quiz, hosted initially by Stephen Fry and now by Old Girtonian Sandi Toksvig) around RA (artist)

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  1. Failed miserably with FRONT for FLOAT where I just couldn’t see the definitions. It wouldn’t have mattered if I’d got it right though, as I misspelled INTERDEPENDANT. Drat. 58:25 with 2 wrong. Thanks setter and Mohn.

    Edited at 2018-12-22 12:58 am (UTC)

  2. As I recall, I started off fairly fast, but it took forever to get the final few, like MAINTAIN and LOI LEMPIRA. (I remember thinking, irritably, “What the hell kind of GK is Honduran currency?”) I have a note at 6d, “free?”; I suspect that Mohn’s suspicion is right. DNK SHRUG or MEDULLA (other than the oblongata one). I didn’t realize (or perhaps remember) that AGAVE is the source of sisal; I did know that it’s the source of pulque and tequila (I think they’re different species of agave). COD to 15ac.
  3. Does anyone know where the blog for jumbo 1354 is? It took me about twice as long as this one, which only took me 1/2 an hour, and I did have some questions over the parsing…
  4. Finished in less than average time, but I did have to look up the Honduran currency, my LOI and had a few puzzled moments. I still don’t get Bob as a definition for FRONT and never knew SHRUG was a cardigan, nor that sisal was an AGAVE, but the wordplay was helpful for those. I was surprised to see MIMEOGRAPH – I don’t remember ever seeing one, although Banda spirit duplicators were commonly used in my school.
    1. I think bob isn’t a definition of front, but put forward and bob are two different meanings of float, as in bob about on the water, and float an idea. Wish I’d seen that when I was trying to solve it! Strange clue though.

      Edited at 2018-12-22 10:21 am (UTC)

      1. Ha ha. That’s because I got the answer wrong… and never spotted it reading the blog. Yes. I have 2 pink squares for FRONT instead of FLOAT.
  5. Compliments of the season to you too John. I’ve got 1355 set aside to take away on a week’s break in February. In the meantime I’m working on my blog for 1356.

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