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I found this one of about average difficulty, though the leaderboard seems to suggest a consensus of a bit harder than that. Some interesting constructions, e.g. in 8A, 14A, and 11D, a number of four-part charades (which for some reason always tickle me), and a couple of unknowns, one of which (40D) was my LOI.

Definitions are underlined, * = anagram, {} = omission, dd = double definition, cd = cryptic definition

1 Garments made initially out of loose dresses (5)
SOCKSS{m}OCKS (SMOCKS (loose dresses) without the M (made initially))
4 What comes next when learner enters game (7)
CURLINGCURING (What comes next, i.e. the answer to the next clue, i.e. remedying) around L (learner). Linked clues – especially when the link isn’t even explicit – aren’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but I’d already solved 8A and had most of the checkers to 4A when I got here, so I guessed the answer and then saw the parsing.
8 Applying treatment, concerned with evidence of my own mortality (9)
REMEDYINGRE (concerned with) + ME DYING (evidence of my own mortality)
13 Really bad actor messed up what Shylock required? (9)
ATROCIOUSACTOR* + IOUS (what Shylock required – a reference to the moneylender Shylock in The Merchant of Venice)
14 In due course, how one might clue galleon, perhaps? (3,2,4,4)
ALL IN GOOD TIME – you can construct the word galleon from ALL in G (good) + EON (time)
15 No child wants dress finished with runs in (5-2)
GROWN-UPGOWN (dress) + UP (finished) around R (runs)
16 Unprincipled behaviour of fellow with years around university (7)
ROGUERYROGER (fellow) + Y (years) around U (university)
17 Group of agents around the City (7)
SPECIESSPIES (agents) around EC (the City)
18 Long-term soldier developed rather toned figure (7,11)
REGULAR TETRAHEDRONREGULAR (Long-term soldier) + (RATHER TONED)* Nice surface.
21 Returning friends’ buffet (4)
SLAP – reversal of PALS (friends)
23 Now‘s a time to give (2,7)
AT PRESENTA + T (time) + PRESENT (to give)
25 Never to turn back on meeting an islander (6)
TONGAN – reversal of NOT (Never), + {meetin}G (back on meeting) + AN
26 Old papers are of benefit with school subject, including piano (6)
PAPYRIPAY (are of benefit) + RI (school subject, i.e. Religious Instruction) around P (piano)
28 Smooth superhero, I reduced area for energy barrier (5,7)
EVENT HORIZONEVEN (Smooth) + THOR (superhero) + I + ZON{e} (reduced area)
30 Mix with kind soldiers in a street (10)
ASSORTMENTSORT (kind) + MEN (soldiers), in A + ST (street)
33 Sent crying when suffering tough treatment (10)
34 Food wrapper that’s smelling bad around rubbish (6,6)
JACKET POTATOJACKET (wrapper) + POO (that’s smelling bad, as an interjection) around TAT (rubbish)
37 Bright and breezy, only initially showery (6)
BRAINYB{reezy} (breezy, only initially) + RAINY (showery)
39 Relating to capital of Salafis’ caliphate (6)
FISCAL – hidden in SalaFIS’ CALiphate. Though it’s irrelevant to solving the clue, Salafis are adherents of Salafism, which is (Chambers): “A movement within Islam whose aim is to restore the purity of the faith in its early generations”.
40 Keeping daughter out of school punishment after resistance (9)
RETENTIONR (resistance) + {d}ETENTION (daughter out of school punishment)
42 Big laugh from Bard uncovered (4)
ROAR – {f}RO{m} {B}AR{d} (from Bard uncovered)
43 Engaging war perhaps is a threat to neutrality (8,2,8)
CONFLICT OF INTEREST – if something is engaging then it is of interest, so an engaging war could be a CONFLICT OF INTEREST
46 Elder sometimes seen in front of monument (7)
ANCIENT – dd, the second one slightly cryptic in that an ANCIENT monument is (Chambers): “An old and historic building, etc scheduled for preservation, esp if in the care of the government”
47 Endlessly fearful about slate percussion instrument (7)
TIMPANITIMI{d} (Endlessly fearful) about PAN (slate)
48 Region of note air pilot regularly visited (7)
ONTARIO – alternate letters of O{f} N{o}T{e} A{i}R {p}I{l}O{t}
50 Peculiar arrangement of dictionary is by chapter (13)
51 Noted piece in article chap can ring (9)
ANDANTINOAN (article) + DAN (chap) + TIN (can) + O (ring)
52 Irregular worker finding gold in river unplanned (9)
EXTEMPORETEMP (Irregular worker) + OR (gold), in EXE (river)
53 Carriage, see, with English railway buffet (7)
CARVERYCAR (Carriage) + V (see) + E (English) + RY (railway). The best of the four-part charades.
54 Set down near place driver can stop (3-2)
LAY-BYLAY BY (Set down near)
1 Stick with military gangs we care about (7,4)
SWAGGER CANE – (GANGS WE CARE)* I’m more used to seeing this called a swagger stick.
2 Canton invested in company to produce strange item (5)
CURIOURI (Canton, i.e. one of the cantons of Switzerland and supposedly the home of William Tell) in CO (company). I didn’t know this canton or in fact any Uri other than Mr Geller, who would have fitted nicely into the surface reading.
3 Temporarily transfer place that renter’s after for soldier (6,10)
SECOND LIEUTENANTSECOND (Temporarily transfer) + LIEU (place) + TENANT (renter)
4 Failure of policeman protecting queen (7)
CROPPERCOPPER (policeman) around R (queen)
5 Rising again after short break, demanding attention (9)
RESURGENTRES{t} (short break) + URGENT (demanding attention)
6 Opening in a month: upper-class allotment (12)
INAUGURATIONIN + AUG (a month, i.e. August) + U (upper-class) + RATION (allotment)
7 Elizabethan ship long hidden is broken up (6,4)
GOLDEN HIND – (LONG HIDDEN)*, to give Sir Francis Drake’s ship which circumnavigated the world in Elizabethan times
8 Manage money regularly after losing capital like water (5)
RUNNYRUN (Manage) + {m}{o}N{e}Y (money regularly after losing capital}
9 Apollo mission perhaps uncovers seat, radioactive (8)
MOONSHOTMOONS (uncovers seat – ha!) + HOT (radioactive)
10 Chap failing to work on field (6)
DUDLEYDUD (failing to work) + LEY (field)
11 For beginners, how to read Faust, usually not for fun? (9)
INITIALLY – if you read F{aust} U{sually} N{ot} INITIALLY then you get FUN
12 What actors put on gains repeat in a new version (11)
19 Rent time is when student’s not around? (3,4)
GAP YEARGAP (Rent) + YEAR (time)
20 Lentil dish? Answer’s found in Bangladeshi capital mostly (7)
DHANSAKANS (Answer) in DHAK{a} (Bangladeshi capital mostly), to give (Chambers): “Denoting a dish of meat or vegetables cooked with lentils”
22 Altering stations with redesign of some insides (16)
24 Energy went up before days gradually grew shorter? (6)
ERODEDE (Energy) + RODE (went up) + D (days)
27 Bird breast taken by cat (6)
TOMTITTOM (cat) + TIT (breast), to give (Chambers): “The blue tit or other species of tit”
29 Most important to move slowly — and that is fine (2,5)
IN CHIEFINCH (to move slowly) + IE (that is) + F (fine)
31 Look at former area to excavate (7)
EXAMINEEX (former) + A (area) + MINE (to excavate)
32 Wager about every one of Santa’s reindeer being Prancer? (6,6)
BALLET DANCERBET (Wager) around ALL (every), + DANCER (one of Santa’s reindeer)
33 Man about town? (11)
SUBURBANITE – cd. I did wonder if there was an argument for SUBURBANISE/SUBURBANIZE, if you consider “man” as a verb, but I decided that was perhaps a bit too tangential.
35 What might show hooting lory in a particular order? (11)
ORNITHOLOGY – (HOOTING LORY)* and an extended definition
36 Metamorphic mica schist is tending to break up (10)
38 One seeking to destroy a bridge support is beginning on TNT (9)
ANARCHISTAN ARCH (a bridge support) + IS + T{NT} (beginning on TNT)
40 Remaining liquid fuel consumed when father’s not present (9)
RAFFINATE – {pa}RAFFIN (fuel … when father’s not present) + ATE (consumed), to give (Chambers): “Liquid left after a desired solute has been extracted”, from the French raffiner, to refine. Didn’t know this word and had to take the wordplay on trust as it didn’t seem to produce a very likely looking answer.
41 Instrumental line running on without us (8)
CONTINUOCONTINUO{us} (running on without us), to give (Chambers): “The bass part as written for a keyboard instrument, with or without an accompaniment”
44 Twelve in number working diamonds, certainly (7)
NOONDAYNO (number) + ON (working) + D (diamonds) + AY (certainly)
45 Things thrown out from planes over America (6)
JETSAMJETS (planes) + AM (America)
47 Rich cake — raced to eat tons (5)
TORTETORE (raced) around T (tons)
49 Make more concrete to repair when court is not used (5)
REIFYRE{ct}IFY (to repair when court is not used), to give (Chambers): “To convert into a material thing, to materialize”

7 comments on “Jumbo 1330”

  1. I had 3 clues that I could not make sense of, and delayed filling them in until I could, until I decided the hell with it: CURLING, ROAR, INITIALLY. A great relief to come here to find the explanations. DNK RAFFINATE, of course, and it was my LOI, but at least I worked the parsing out at long last. COD to the somewhat rude 9d. On edit: For what it’s worth, I took POO to be a noun: that’s smelling bad.

    Edited at 2018-07-07 12:26 am (UTC)

    1. I originally had that explanation for POO but decided to change it as I thought the interjection interpretation was smoother – either works. That same kind of construction then cropped up in another puzzle I did today.
  2. Mach harder than usual, taking just under the hour and with one “wrong” (to go with a typo). I had DODGER at 10d, as a chap failing to work. As a player for Los Angeles, would be on field. Referee?
    Didn’t get the next clue bit for CURLING: went in on trust and hope. URI should have been Geller, or perhaps a beheaded Gagarin. Canton? Really? Who (apart from William Tell) knew?
    GALLEON a superb clue, for which I might forgive DODGER.
    1. Well,if the Dodger in question were an outfielder at least, his job would entail him being on the field, no? And I, for one, actually knew the name of one canton–1 for 26 is, perhaps, not that admirable a record, but it’s mine.
  3. FOI AT PRESENT, one error DODGER for DUDLEY just as z8. COD 1a.
  4. Thanks for explaining the parsing of quite a few clues including curling and initially, which used devices I’d not come across before. Linda L
    1. No problem. I couldn’t see the parsing of INITIALLY for the longest time and had even started Googling Faust in case that was somehow relevant!

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