Jumbo 1283

Again I cannot be absolutely sure at the time of compiling this blog that all are correct, but I can justify every entry.

Nothing to complain about – unless you are put off by the slightly risque clues to 46A and 34D. My vote for the best clue is 56A, although 24A runs it close.

I will try to reply to any questions, but my reply may be delayed by lack of internet access over the next week.

6 COCKATRICE – COCK = rooster, AT = attacking, RICE = grain
12 CONVICT – CONT(inued) around VIC(toria)
13 BOMBASTIC – BOMB = explosive device, A, STIC(k) = branch
14 NORMA – NORMA(l) = typical
17 PERIHELION – PER = for each, I = one, HE = male, LION = hero
19 TROPIC OF CANCER – TOPIC OF CANCER = medical subject (I might disagree aabout how often it is raised), around R(ight)
22 APOPLEXY – ALEX = boy, around, POP = fater, Y = unknown
24 MATTER – MA(d ha)TTER = tea party host. The letters removed are an anagram of had (i.e. unusually)
25 FALLACIOUS – FALLA = Spanish composer, ((n)O, (m)USIC)*
26 OFTEN – (s)OFTEN = become less severe
29 DUKE – DUE = outstanding, around K(ing)
30 PENTAGON – PEN = inscribe, TAG = label, ON = working
32 PROCEDURE – PRO = for, CURE = treatment, around ED = chap
34 MORSE CODE – MORE = greater numbers, COD = fish, around S(outh), then E(ast) at the end
35 EGYPTIAN – double definition
36 EPIC – E-PIC = electronic photograph?
39 RISER – RE = concerning, SIR = knight, all reversed
40 DESPAIRING – DES = lad, PAIRING = finding a partner
42 RONDEL – ELROND = Rivendell’s lord in Tolkein’s books, with syllables switched
44 OUTLAWRY – LOUT*, AWRY = wrong
46 WHIPPERSNAPPER – WHIPPER = dominatrix (!), SNAPPER = one (of) short (temper)
48 IMPRIMATUR – I = one, MUR = RUM = odd, reversed, around PRIMAT(e) = archbishop
49 KINDERGARTEN – KINDER = more considerate, then NET RAG = online newspaper, reversed
53 GROAN – GRAN = old relative, around O(ver)
54 INTERFACE – INTER = plant, FACE = go up against
55 ANCIENT – double definition
56 INELEGANCE – central letters in (f)INEL(y) (v)EGAN(s) (i)CE(s)
1 MANOR – MAN = crew, O.R. = men
3 EXTERIOR – (d)EXTER = right, (d)IOR = French fashion designer, both with the d(iamonds) removed
4 RABBI – RABBI(t) = to go on and on
5 PIMPERNEL – PIMPL(e) = spot, around ERNE = sea eagle
6 CHAP – C(aught), HAP = luck
7 CUTLET – CUT = nick, LET = sanctioned
8 ARCHIEPISCOPAL – ARCHIE = man, PISCO = Peruvian brandy, PAL = friend
9 RINGED PLOVER – RING = call, E(nglish), DOVER = port, around PL(ace)
10 CARBINE – CARE = be concerned around BIN = reject
18 PECCANCY – PEC = muscle, CAN = is able to, Y(outh)
20 OUTSKIRTS – OUT = gay openly, SKIRTS = female attire
21 CHARTREUSE – CHART = plan, RE-USE = recycling
23 COMPETENCE – COMPETE = vie, N(ew), C.E. = church
27 TRUMPED-UP – TRUMPE(t) = instrument, DU(m)P = tip
31 GRENACHE – GREN(ada), ACHE = longing
33 RECREATIONAL – RATIONAL = sensible, around E.C. = city area, and RE = concerned with
34 MAROONING – MOONING = showing bottom, around A and R(iver)
38 ROYAL ASCOT – ROYAL SCOT = train, around A
41 REPRIMAND – REP = salesman, RIM = border, AND = also
45 TOP-DOWN – TOP = spinner, DOWN = depressed
47 BUTTON – BUT = only, TON = NOT reversed
50 DRESS – D(u)RESS = coercion
51 THEIR – (birthrigh)T, HEIR = successor
52 URGE – hidden in (t)URGE(nev)

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  1. As usual, going to the club site to ‘review’ my submission, I found a blank grid, although this time it was pink and blank instead of white and blank. My score is listed as 590, and I’m perfectly willing to accept that I had a typo somewhere, even a pink one, but my handwritten copy doesn’t show any. Anyway: DNK PISCO, biffed from checkers and def and assumed its existence. I had the same favorites as our blogger, although I leaned a bit toward 24. I wonder if anyone is going to object to treating Rivendell as GK.
      1. No, I did these on my brother’s Mac, on Safari. (I use Firefox.) But my experience is that I can review only the day’s puzzles, and that once they’ve aged a bit, ‘review’ produces a blank grid.
    1. For me the summary review pane isn’t displaying properly: the cross in the top right-hand corner isn’t appearing so I can’t close it and see my answers.
      I tried the club on my work computer the other day, and the grid appears but I am unable to enter any answers.
      The variety of ways in which they have managed to bugger up this new site is really quite a marvel.
      1. I’ve found in the past that if I reduce the browser zoom far enough, the cross to close the result window then appears.
  2. Got this all correct, unlike 1282.. always dispiriting to get a careless typo in a jumbo, all that work wasted..

    Elrond probably IS general knowledge, I would say, now the films are around. I have never quite recovered from discovering that Elrond was also the baddie in the Matrix films…

  3. I used to have a computer game for my old ZX Spectrum that involved tripping around Rivendell collecting treasures and trying not to get wiped out, so that did come to mind fairly easily. I find I can’t get any zoom setting which allows me to see the full grid for jumbos, and duly ended up after 1:20:25 with a damned typo at 2d. UUINSPIRED. Curses! As Jerry says, most dispiriting. Otherwise an enjoyable puzzle. Thanks setter and SGH.
    1. The game rings a bell – it was predominantly text-based, right? I seem to remember that attacking Elrond was a sure-fire way to end up dead.
      1. It was pretty basic:-) Good fun for the time though. There were lots of ways to end up dead, but it’s too far in the past for detailed recollection. I seem to remember it taking quite a while to load up from the old cassette player!
  4. Got through this eventually but with several unparsed, mostly because I never got round to looking up the queries, for instance I didn’t find out that PISCO is a Peruvian brandy and ANCIENT is a type of flag. I’m still none the wiser what ‘printing’ is doing in 52ac. I think in future I’m going to make a rule for Jumbos, which I never time, that I shall look up queries as I go.

    Edited at 2017-09-16 06:40 pm (UTC)

  5. Thanks for excellent blog. I felt this was quite a tricky puzzle but I got there in the end. Favourite clues: MATTER EPIC OUTLAWRY. Needed your explanation for 27D but all understood now. Enjoyed the puzzle a lot.
  6. I got 46a but could not account for ‘dominatrix’,thanks SG,he he he,smut.Ong’ara,Nairobi.

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