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A very nicely constructed puzzle with some good surfaces and non-obvious definitions. I found this one harder – and more enjoyable – than average.

Definitions are underlined, * = anagram, {} = omission

1 Person blaming a junkie inhaling Charlie twice (7)
ACCUSERA + USER (junkie) around CC (Charlie twice)
5 Criticism which goes over actors’ heads? (7)
REPROOF – rep is short for repertory theatre, so a REP ROOF would go over the actors’ heads
9 Given reminder about point one’s ruled out of match (3-4)
CUP-TIEDCUED (Given reminder), around PT (point) + I (one). A (British?) term generally referring to the situation where a player who has appeared in a (usually knock-out) competition for one team can’t subsequently appear in that competition for a different team in the same season. The intention is to prevent, say, a cup-finalist signing (perhaps just on loan) all the best players whose teams have already been knocked out.
13 Terror maybe strikes Italy’s leader during visit (11)
RAPSCALLIONRAPS (strikes), + I (Italy’s leader) in CALL ON (visit)
14 Teed off with one’s shot being superior (6-5)
15 Greek in school partially confesses to iconoclasm (5)
STOIC – hidden in confesseS TO IConoclasm
16 Waterway swamps isle by a coastal area (7)
RIVIERARIVER (Waterway) around I (isle), + A
17 Structure that’s half round border, one requiring vehicle (9)
HEMICYCLEHEM (border) + I (one) + CYCLE (vehicle). Not a word I knew.
18 Catalans try this option, revolutionary separatists (8,8,5)
SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY – (CATALANS TRY THIS OPTION)* A clue and answer pleasingly combining two groups who are agitating for independence.
23 Electrician’s work is almost disaster after nitrogen escapes (8)
EARTHING – {n}EAR THING (almost disaster after nitrogen (N) escapes)
25 Metalwork in upper-class bathroom around dressing room (6)
ORMOLU – reversal (around) of U (upper-class) + LOO (bathroom), around (dressing) RM (room). Chambers: “Gilt or bronzed metallic ware”. I had thought that this word was a fairly frequent visitor to Crosswordland, but this seems to be only the second time it has appeared in a Times puzzle in the last six years. I wonder where I’ve seen it – it’s not like I subscribe to Metalworkers Monthly.
27 Occult bits of online film ending in séance (7)
ECLIPSEE-CLIPS (bits of online film) + {seanc}E (ending in seance). Perhaps not the most common meaning of occult – Chambers has: “To obscure, esp by occultation (astronomy)” and, for occultation, “A concealing, esp of one of the heavenly bodies by another”.
30 Official computing overhaul (5)
REFITREF (Official, i.e. referee) + IT (computing)
32 Solid gold’s put inside handle (4,3)
SORT OUTSTOUT (Solid) around OR (gold)
33 Close with tango beat where people dance (9)
NIGHTCLUBNIGH (Close) + T (tango, i.e. as in the NATO alphabet) + CLUB (beat)
35 On the airwaves, Nick ruled out drummers (5,4)
STEEL BAND – homophone of STEAL (Nick) BANNED (ruled out)
36 Maybe gridlock that is overwhelming motorway to go by (7)
IMPASSEIE (that is), around M (motorway) + PASS (to go by)
37 What will happen aboard the 11.13? (5)
EVENT – hidden in elEVEN Thirteen
38 Reveal criminal has drunk hotel port (2,5)
LE HAVREREVEAL* around H (hotel)
40 Like the serpent entrapping Eve, ultimately? (6)
SNEAKY – kind of an &lit, with SNAKY (Like the serpent) around {Ev}E (Eve, ultimately)
41 Recipient of wholly outrageous coat of ermine (8)
ALLOTTEEALL (wholly) + OTT (outrageous) + E{rmin}E (coat of ermine)
44 Ideas about grand scam to try on currency? A number will win here (10,4,7)
EUROVISION SONG CONTESTEURO (currency) + VISIONS (Ideas) + ON (about) + G (grand) + CON (scam) + TEST (to try), with “number” to be read in the sense of a song. You can’t knock a six part charade.
48 If a riot erupts, soldiers must be brought in with more reason (1,8)
A FORTIORI – (IF A RIOT)* around OR (soldiers)
50 Queen’s killer to arrest — might this cover one’s tracks? (7)
ASPHALTASP (Queen’s killer, i.e. the snake which Cleopatra supposedly used to aid her suicide) + HALT (to arrest), and a clever definition
53 Nothing left-leaning nobleman’s penned is drivel (5)
DROOL – reversal of LORD (nobleman) around O (Nothing)
54 Setting down awful fish (11)
55 African kidnapping sailor is opposed to authority (11)
LIBERTARIANLIBERIAN (African) around TAR (sailor)
56 Spot whales perhaps eating delta’s bit of vegetation (7)
SEEDPODSEE (Spot) + POD (whales perhaps) around D (delta)
57 Tell informer to knock a thousand off price (7)
NARRATENAR{k} (informer to knock a thousand (K) off) + RATE (price)
58 Nag wife to leave after brief show of affection (7)
HENPECK – {w}HEN (wife to leave after) + PECK (brief show of affection)
1 Tense peer, the last to be promoted (6)
AORISTARISTO, with the O moving up several places. Chambers: “A tense, esp in Greek, expressing simple past time, with no implications of continuance, repetition or the like”
2 Very good business leads for having great supply? (7)
COPIOUSCO (business) + PIOUS (Very good)
3 Dismiss group in church presenting coarse material (9)
SACKCLOTHSACK (Dismiss), + LOT (group) in CH (church)
4 Device to measure radius mathematician’s topped (5)
RULERR (radius) + {E}ULER (mathematician’s topped)
5 Seek further profits from check clothing (8)
REINVESTREIN (check) + VEST (clothing)
6 Shut up group of Christians making change? (5)
PENCEPEN (Shut up) + CE (group of Christians)
7 Wrong clothing seaman rejected to survive (7)
OUTLASTOUT (Wrong) around reversal of SALT (seaman)
8 Dominant figure in newspaper is subversive (5,9)
FIFTH COLUMNISTFIFTH (Dominant, in a musical sense) + COLUMNIST (figure in newspaper). I knew the meaning of this expression but not the origin. Wikipedia: “Emilio Mola, a Nationalist general during the Spanish Civil War, told a journalist in 1936 that as his four columns of troops approached Madrid, a “fifth column” (Spanish: Quinta columna) of supporters inside the city would support him and undermine the Republican government from within.”
9 Bother to store many sheets with pottery (9)
CREAMWARECARE (Bother), around REAM (many sheets) + W (with). Chambers: “A type of earthenware first produced in the 18c, having a cream-coloured glaze”. Not a word I knew.
10 A tip from newspaper cutting still creates much unease (5)
PANICA + N{ewspaper} (tip from newspaper), in PIC (still)
11 It deters pest during school dance, in which piano is fast (6,9)
INSECT REPELLENTIN (during) + SECT (school), + P (piano) in REEL (dance), + LENT (fast)
12 Duty free from centre includes more rum, making you unsteady (7)
DODDERYD{ut}Y (Duty free from centre) around ODDER (more rum)
19 Land fish that’s caught in ship in odd places (7)
TUNISIATUNA (fish) around I{n} S{h}I{p} (in ship in odd places)
20 Unpredictable reactions to drug (9)
21 Where colours are spread without obstacle (7)
PALETTEPATE (spread) around LET (obstacle)
22 Aspire to move between sides as retaliation (8)
REPRISALASPIRE* in RL (sides, i.e. Right and Left)
24 Source of help welcoming student for further education? (9,6)
REFRESHER COURSERECOURSE (Source of help) around FRESHER (student)
26 UK’s open to changes, to be frank (9)
28 Tiring complaint about drink being sour (8)
EMBITTER – reversal of ME (Tiring complaint, i.e. Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), + BITTER (drink)
29 Inclination to insult boring part of speech (14)
PREDISPOSITIONDIS (to insult) inside (boring, in the sense of digging in to) PREPOSITION (part of speech)
31 Sex serving man going around Mediterranean city (3,4)
TEL AVIV – reversal of VI (Sex, i.e. the Latin for six) + VALET (serving man)
34 Foreign government gets new leader, a trouble-maker (7)
GREMLIN – {k}REMLIN (Foreign government) with the K changing to a G (gets new leader)
39 Installed candle-holder, drilling final piece (9)
ENSCONCEDSCONCE (candle-holder) in (drilling) END (final piece)
42 Part of match without a winner having incurred obligations (9)
OVERDRAWNOVER (Part of match, i.e. a set of usually six balls in a game of cricket) + DRAWN (without a winner)
43 Scratch cards vacuously rejected by mob (8)
SCRABBLE – reversal of C{ard}S, + RABBLE (mob)
44 Erstwhile chief Saint for Orthodox clergymen (7)
EXARCHSEX (Erstwhile) + ARCH (chief) + S (saint). Chambers: “A metropolitan bishop (Orthodox church)”, also “A bishop ranking between a patriarch and a metropolitan bishop (Orthodox church)”. Rang a vague bell but I was glad the wordplay seemed unambiguous.
45 Move confidently, putting raw eggs in a salad (7)
SWAGGER – (RAW EGGS)* An unusual anagrind (“in a salad”), but Chambers has as one of its definitions of salad: “A diverse or confused mixture”
46 Utter anything, up north, to turn cheat on (3-4)
TWO-TIME – reversal of EMIT (Utter) + OWT (anything, up north, i.e. a northern word for “anything”)
47 Speed of light beam’s taken in for scientist (6)
PLANCKPLANK (beam) around C (Speed of light)
49 Joke books from down under going quickly (3-2)
TON-UP – reversal of PUN (Joke) + OT (books), to give (Chambers): “(orig of a motorcyclist) travelling or having travelled at more than 100mph”
51 Take rapid steps to get ex-president back from America (5)
POLKAPOLK (ex-president, i.e. James K. Polk, 11th POTUS) + {Americ}A (back from America)
52 Chapter in scripture for a source of illumination (5)
TORCHTORaH (scripture) but with the A replaced by C (Chapter)

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  1. I’ve been wondering what my error was, since it’s all fine on my copy, but evidently I mistyped or skipped the R in DODDERY. A number of DNKs–CUP-TIED, TON-UP, HEMICYCLE, CREAMWARE. LOI PANIC. I biffed, to my surprise, 44ac on the basis of a couple of checkers, then spotted the definition. I also liked 37ac, a hidden of a different color. In medicine, stool samples are commonly checked for occult blood.

    Edited at 2017-06-24 12:21 am (UTC)

  2. I obviously struggled with this one, taking 2:12:04, but at least it was all correct. Didn’t know HEMICYCLE, CREAMWARE or AORIST, but worked them out. Quite a challenge. Thanks setter and Mohn.
  3. I thought this the most difficult jumbo for some months .. i tend to do these jumbos in odd moments and it took me a full week of odd moments before I finished!
  4. COD HENPECK for its natural surface.AORIST was my LOI and boy did it take me ages to crack!

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