Jumbo 1255

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A puzzle of about average difficulty, with nothing particularly obscure for seasoned solvers, though I felt there were rather more unobvious definitions and deceptive surfaces than usually crop up in the Jumbo, which made the solving process a bit more challenging and also satisfying.

Definitions are underlined, dd = double definition, cd = cryptic definition, * = anagram, {} = omission

1 Tasty sauce, striking (3-8)
LIP-SMACKINGLIP (sauce) + SMACKING (striking)
7 Cannon made a hole, reportedly, in cap (11)
MORTARBOARDMORTAR (Cannon) + homophone of BORED (made a hole)
13 Was a journalist satisfied to write about bunk? (9)
SUBEDITEDSUITED (satisfied) about BED (bunk)
14 Those taken to court for illegal activities (7)
15 Left wing touching front of aircraft, panic (5)
ALARMA{ircraft} + L (Left) + ARM (wing)
16 Bird heading for oven, one having stuffed part (6)
ORIOLEO{ven}, + I (one) in ROLE (part)
17 Throw cakes, not the first to go off (8)
UNSADDLE – {b}UNS (cakes, not the first) + ADDLE (to go off)
18 Family member piercing fabric (7)
NANKEENNAN (Family member) + KEEN (piercing)
20 Diarist isn’t seen puzzling, with jumbo being brought to life in book (13,7)
FRANKENSTEINS MONSTERFRANK (Diarist, i.e. Anne Frank) + (ISN’T SEEN)* + MONSTER (jumbo), where you need to read “being” as a noun
23 Story breaking the habit of an Asian composer (7)
SALIERILIE (Story) in SARI (the habit of an Asian)
24 Bitumen, a compound containing a measure of acidity (7)
ASPHALTA + SALT (compound) around PH (measure of acidity)
26 Loose horse at catching distance? (7)
28 Shelter in bed, close to fire (4)
COTECOT (bed) + {fir}E
29 Malinger at work? That’s novel (8)
GERMINALMALINGER*, to give Zola’s work about striking miners
32 A racehorse behind the leaders in sixth, naturally one’s beaten (5,4)
SNARE DRUMS{ixth} + N{aturally} + A + RED RUM (racehorse)
35 A party helping to produce love (9)
ADORATIONA + DO (party) + RATION (helping)
36 Exactly above the “eye”, did you say? (2,3,3)
ON THE DOT – literal interpretation once you have homophonised “eye” to the letter i, though surely above the i is above the dot too?
37 Covered by yarmulke, pillbox hat (4)
KEPI – hidden in yarmulKE PIllbox
39 I head for Satan in dark vision (7)
INSIGHTI, + S{atan} in NIGHT (dark)
41 Bloodstained club for American giant (7)
REDWOODRED (Bloodstained) + WOOD (club)
44 A difficult test match includes duck: I’m disgusted! (7)
TOUGHIETIE (match), around O (duck) + UGH (I’m disgusted)
45 Avoid responsibility by looking down on one’s personal depression? (11,4,5)
CONTEMPLATE ONES NAVEL – literal interpretation of a figurative expression, with a smack of crypticity if you read depression as the mental condition rather than the lint-gathering device in your tummy
49 State territory almost breaking into song (7)
ARIZONAZON{e} (territory almost) in ARIA (song)
50 Settle order for shallow cleansing receptacle (8)
FOOTBATHFOOT (settle, as in footing a bill) + BATH (order, as in Order of the Bath)
51 Scrape away with a nail file, finally (6)
ABRADEA + BRAD (nail) + {fil}E
53 Popular song capturing the character of Mozart? (5)
LIKEDLIED (song) around K (reference to the Köchel catalogue of Mozart’s works that assigns each work a K number). Domenico Scarlatti also has K numbers, though in his case the K is short for Kirkpatrick.
54 Horse I caught in front of a tree (7)
ARABICAARAB (Horse) + I + C (caught) + A
55 Third of puzzle to fill in brutal cryptic that’s hard to crack? (6,3)
BRAZIL NUT – (IN BRUTAL)* around {pu}Z{zle}
56 Ground wanting care, plants wetter? (8,3)
57 Venus, perhaps, prominent after flattening (7,4)
EVENING STAREVENING (flattening) + STAR (prominent). The “perhaps” is there because other planets (e.g. Mercury) are also sometimes called the evening star.
1 Punishment more exposed with this? (6)
LESSON – you would be more exposed with LESS ON
2 Extraordinary calibre on list up for promotion (6,9)
3 Slanderer beating single drum (10)
4 Name location for hearing (4)
CITE – homophone of SITE (location)
5 Country invaded by one’s nation (9)
6 Rubbish bin initially put in place for mechanic (7)
GARBAGEB{in} in GARAGE (place for mechanic)
7 Church work feeding obsession in the country (9)
MACEDONIACE (Church) + DO (work), in (feeding) MANIA (obsession)
8 Old chief magistrate always standing to receive judge, finally (5)
REEVE – reversal (standing) of EVER (always) around {judg}E
9 Article penned by idiot formerly in sound agreement (9)
ASSONANCEAN (Article), in ASS (idiot) + ONCE (formerly)
10 Criminal traders in mob discussed possible ideas (12)
11 A worker’s assistant utterly rubbish for starters, he won’t get paid (7)
AMATEURA + MATE (worker’s assistant) + U{tterly} + R{ubbish}
12 One spotted hiding in wood, ominously (6)
DOMINO – hidden in wooD OMINOusly
19 Disease where I must support bone with stout dressing (4-4)
BERI-BERIBEER (stout) around RIB (bone), + I
21 Painter putting vacuous art in skip at bottom of drive (7)
MATISSEA{r}T in MISS (skip) + {driv}E
22 Cat in agony given drug, malodorous substance (8)
PTOMAINETOM (Cat) in PAIN (agony) + E (drug)
23 Asking questions of philosophy thus, credit timeless Greek (8)
SOCRATICSO (thus) + CR (credit) + AT{t}IC (or A{t}TIC)
25 Mount international operation backing hosts (5)
PINTO – reversal of OP (operation) that hosts INT (international), to give (Chambers): “(US) A piebald horse”
27 One’s lucky drawer? (9,6)
HORSESHOE MAGNET – cd, perhaps hoping to make you think of where you keep your clothes rather than something that draws
30 Formula repeated on first of prey as femme fatale (7)
MANTRAPMANTRA (Formula repeated) + P{rey}
31 Outrageous penetrating look — you can bet on it! (5)
LOTTOOTT (Outrageous) in LO (look)
33 A position, say, abandoned, in defection (8)
APOSTASYA + POST (position) + SAY*
34 Speech impediment in a fraternity of comedians? (7,5)
GAGGING ORDER – a number of people who make gags could be described as a gagging order.
38 Monotonous tone began in lost soul (5,5)
HUMAN BEINGHUM (Monotonous tone) + (BEGAN IN)*
40 The horse requires treeless racecourse, however (4,5)
THEN AGAINTHE + NAG (horse) + AIN{tree} (treeless racecourse)
42 Cruel in North America, one with no heart, say, turning up (9)
DRACONIAN – reversal of NA (North America) + I (one) + NO + CARD (heart, say)
43 Luton’s neighbour close to Bedford — not sure (9)
DUNSTABLE – {Bedfor}D + UNSTABLE (not sure)
45 Jumper for mainly outdoor sport (7)
CRICKET – dd, though the “mainly outdoor” seems an unnecessary bit of hedging (and, bizarrely, is at odds with all the usual sources which specifically state it’s an outdoor game)
46 Head-over-heels, me and a couple hug (7)
EMBRACE – reversal of ME, + BRACE (a couple)
47 Not entirely challenging short for old actress (6)
HARLOWHAR{d} (Not entirely challenging) + LOW (short), i.e. Jean Harlow
48 Canine cement, perhaps? (6)
SETTER – cement is an example of something which sets
50 Composer detailed in old money (5)
FRANCFRANC{k}. Take your pick from Cesar, Richard, and Eduard Franck (maybe others) for the composer.
52 Leaders of men are lacking in the country (4)
MALIM{en} A{re} L{acking} I{n}

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  1. For some reason I found this unusually straightforward, completed in one sitting which I seldom bother to do. Enjoyable though

    Re 45dn, you might be surprised at how popular indoor cricket is.. I certainly was

  2. Can’t remember much about this one but I seem to have completed it correctly in 58:11. Liked SNAREDRUM and HORSESHOE MAGNET. Thanks setter and Mohn2
  3. Thanks for the excellent blog. Very enjoyable puzzle, which I found quite hard. Favourite clues: HORSESHOE MAGNET and GAGGING ORDER. Maybe not look too literally at ON THE DOT – there is the phrase dotting one’s i’s and crossing one’s t’s.

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